Top 5 Best Organic Milk for Toddlers: Unbiased Review

Best Organic Milk for Toddlers

Best Organic Milk for ToddlersOne of the benefits that comes with feeding your kids with milk is that it comes with lots of protein, calcium and vitamin D which aids growth and provides better nutrition for the body.

Sometimes the type of milk we feed our kids isn’t quite good for their health as some of this milk contains additives, preservatives, growth hormones and antibiotics which can be harmful to your baby’s health.

However, the best milk recommended for your toddler is the organic milk as it doesn’t contain pesticides, growth hormones, additives and other harmful ingredients. The numerous types of organic milks available made it quite difficult to select the best and that is why we urge you to take a minute and go through this review as we show you the top 5 best organic milk for toddlers.

Reviewing The Best Organic Milk for Toddlers

5. Horizon Organic Low Fat Milk

Horizon Organic Low Fat Milk, Chocolate, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 18)

Considered as one of the safest organic milk products you can find, the Horizon Organic Low Fat Milk is produced without making use of growth hormones, antibiotics and pesticides compared to most low quality products out there and its safe ingredient makes it safe and fit for consumption.

However, one advantage that comes with having this organic milk is it doesn’t require refrigeration until when it is opened thanks to its stable shelf life. It is made using evaporated organic cane juice and low fat organic grade milk which doesn’t only make this milk safe but also makes it nutritious and that is why it is highly recommended for every baby out there.


1. Convenient and delicious

2. Ideal for school lunch

3. Great delivery service


1. Comes with a shelf life of three months

2. Comes in a 12-pack but is advertised as an 18-pack


4. Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula

Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula, 28 oz

This organic milk is derived from happy goats which graze on natural grass and were raised on family farms and you are rest assured that this milk for toddlers is free from preservatives, flavors, artificial colors, growth hormones and antibiotics therefore making sure that this milk is safe and fit for consumption.

One unique feature of this goat milk is its fresh taste, sweet and mild smell and it is also considered as a better alternative to homemade goat milk formula products. This milk is also highly nutritional as it contains about twenty two minerals and vitamins including iron, ARA, DHA and folic acid.


1. Completely nutritional and formula safe for infants and toddlers

2. Provides the body with the much needed iron

3. Helps to deal with diary sensitivity and acid reflux


1. Causes constipation when consumed by adults


3. Babys Only Organic Toddler Formula

Babys Only Organic Toddler Formula

This is a well known and approved organic milk for every baby out there as it is well developed to meet the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and it also comes with easy to follow instructions which makes mixing a breeze for you.

This organic milk is highly recommended for toddlers and it is also one of the safest products you would come across today as it contains no GMO ingredients but is organic purified. It also doesn’t contain glucose syrups which also help to ensure safe consumption.


1. Quite healthy formula compared to other organic milk products

2. Free of toxins which ensures safe baby’s health


1. Isn’t iron fortified as advertised

2. Tends to make babies constipate


2. Baby’s Only Toddler Formula

Baby's Only Toddler Formula

Safety is one major feature of the Baby’s only toddler formula organic milk as it is made from ARA and DHA which is gotten from egg yolks and it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like hexane or gluten which isn’t hygienic for your baby’s health.

This organic milk is highly recommended for any child living with lactose sensitivity and it is also considered as the ideal alternative to soy protein based on its rich ingredient formula.


1. Good formula which makes it perfect for your baby’s health

2. Ideal for kids with sensitive tummies

3. Feeding your baby with this milk helps to deal with constipation and excess gas


1. Product arrives late

2. Tends to give kids diarrhea


1. Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief

Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief

Being an organic product means that this milk doesn’t contain any genetically modified ingredient but is contains high levels of fatty acids which can be converted into ARA and DHA by the human body therefore making this milk safe and fit for consumption.

This milk doesn’t contain GMO ingredients, corn syrup, dairy or gluten which also helps to ensure added safety and it is highly recommended for kids with lactose sensitivities. Being organic again also implies that this milk is gotten from dairy cows unlike other products which are derived from antibiotics and steroids.


1. Making use of this milk for your kid guarantees no more acid reflux

2. Also doesn’t contain ARSENIC which makes it fit for consumption

3. Helps to bring an end to puking



After going through this review, we hope that you can now be able to settle for the best organic milk which will meet all your baby’s requirements and aid your baby’s growth and development.

You are rest assured that every organic milk listed in this review is safe and fit for consumption and do not contain ingredients that would be harmful to your baby’s health.

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