Best Pepper Sprays – The Best for Self Defense In 2019

best pepper sprays

One of the most popular form of self-defense is the use of pepper spray. It is designed to be easy and also compact and it is one which has been widely used by police departments in almost every country.

Recent statistics revealed that the use of pepper sprays by the police department led to the decrease in attacks suffered by police officers and pepper sprays are made to be very effective as their effect could last for as long as an hour leaving the eyes itching and burning therefore giving the victim time to escape.

No matter your type of profession whether you are a driver, fashion crazy person or even a runner, there is a pepper spray for everyone but one thing people must note is there is also a possibility that the person using the pepper spray could also get affected by its effect so one has to be very careful.

Furthermore, there are special kinds of pepper sprays for such scenario and they are referred to as the pepper gel sprays.

A Complete Guide of Selecting a Good Pepper Spray

best pepper sprays

If you are keen on having a pepper spray to move about with but don’t know what option to settle for then you have come to the right place indeed as we have the best and effective options selected from over 3500 products. They are the best for self-defense and would also keep you safe from harm.

Top 10 Pepper Sprays Buying Guide

1. Mace Brand Pepper Spray

best pepper sprays

Coming in about three unique quantities to select from, the Mace Brand pepper spray holds the top spot in this review for its effectiveness and several other unique features.

The combination of an ultraviolet dye and ten percent of the OC pepper formula makes this pepper spray very effective and also ensures it takes down whoever is planning to attack you and one feature most customers like about this product is its amount of sprays which is 20 and these 20 sprays actually involves about three bursts of contents each.

One can easily attach this pepper spray to a waistband or purse using its side clip feature and its price also makes it very easy to purchase.


  1. Effective stream spray pattern
  2. Contents are potent and effective
  3. UV dye makes identification of attacker easy
  4. Hits attacker directly


  1. Non-sturdy side clip
  2. Quite heavy than expected

2. Wrist Saver Pepper Spray for Runners

best pepper sprays

The beauty of this product is it is specially designed for runners and coming in about three various options and also being designed to be worn on the wrists also makes this pepper spray everybody’s choice.

This pepper spray would also feel comfortable when worn on the wrist thanks to its lightweight design while the space on the wristband provides extra storage option for your money and cards.

This pepper spray is well formulated to be quite potent and effective and the LED light feature on its spray bottle makes identification of this pepper spray easy. Having a moderate design, users also love to settle for this product as a result of its price tag and availability.


  1. Its neoprene wristband makes it easy to wear for runners
  2. LED light and pressure range makes this pepper spray effective
  3. Wristband has lots of space for storage


  1. Has a higher price compared to other products
  2. Has a lesser amount of spray

3. Guard Dog Security Pepper Spray

best pepper sprays

Featuring a pepper range of about 16 feet, eighteen percent of the OC pepper spray and a leather holster makes this pepper spray one that you would enjoy coming in contact with.

This pepper spray is designed to cut down on the wind blowback effect but one needs to use this security pepper carefully as it comes with a twist top which helps to get rid of accidental spray and guarantee user’s safety.

It comes in several color options so you can settle for that which truly attracts the eye and its price is also reasonable so one shouldn’t spend time in accessing this program.


  1. Easy clipping of the holster to the gun
  2. Has a good pressure range
  3. Features a very potent formula
  4. Variety of colors to select from


  1. Entire bottle content didn’t measure up to this
  2. Its leather snap failed to close up quickly and this help the bag going while

4. iworldsafetech Pepper Spray Zenith

best pepper sprays

Having a 14 feet pressure range combined with about thirty sprays, this is one of the classy and sleek pepper sprays which comes in a shiny pink color that makes it attractive and that is just not all as this pepper spray is designed in a certain way that its cap fits tightly in order to prevent the risk of accidents and reducing wind blowback.

Users would be able to use this pepper spray as it would perfectly fit into the hands and would spray equally from both angles and even though its content is potent, it isn’t so powerful enough but would leave an attacker decapitated.

It comes at a high price but looking at its features then you would think its worth it.


1.    Its design and size enables it fit perfectly

2.    Has plenty number of sprays

3.    The iWorldsafetech pepper spray would prevent wind blowback

4.    Would work great when sprayed from any worker


1.    Comes at a very high price

2.    Doesn’t come with a potent formula but this formula is capable of leaving attackers destabilized

5. Pepper Spray Keychain for Women

best pepper sprays

This particular pepper spray comes in about eight colors and what makes it quite unique is its ten feet pressure range and ten percent of OC red pepper concentration.

Users would always find it easy to identify an attacker using its ultraviolet dye design while its actuator which has a glow in the dark design also makes this pepper spray very easy to put to use.

There wouldn’t be issues of accidental sprays while making use of this pepper spray as its twist top makes sure that scenario never happens while being lightweight and portable also makes this pepper spray quite convenient.

Most women fall in love with this pepper spray immediately they place their eyes on it as they can easily attach this pepper spray to their bag or purse using this same keychain and even though customers tend to complain about its price, this pepper spray is packed with several amazing features that makes it worth the price


1.    Very compact pepper spray

2.    Its twist top helps to fight against unwanted sprays

3.    Ideal pressure range

4.    Worth the price


1.    The crystals on this pepper spray falls off with ease

2.    Lower shelf life compared to other pepper sprays on the market

6. Freeze +P Pepper Spray (NF)

best pepper sprays

This pepper spray has a flip top design and also has the combination of two powerful types of pepper compounds that is very potent while its ultraviolet dye is also effective in marking attackers.

One of this pepper spray contains four to five sprays with each having up to two seconds of burst and what makes this a good choice for every woman out there is the fact that it features a very potent formula that is capable of knocking off even the most ruthless attacker.

Meanwhile, users should be aware of its fragile bottle that requires handling with caution and care and this is quite a trusted brand as it is one used by police departments and other forms of defense service due to its lethal formula.


1.    Helps in defending against ruthless attackers thanks to a very potent formula

2.    Bottle would easily fit into small sized spaces

3.    Its ultraviolet dye makes sure attackers are easily identified

4.    Hits it target and also has a good spray pressure


1.    High price

2.    Fragile container


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7. SABRE Red Runner Pepper Gel

best pepper sprays

Sabre is also another brand anyone can rely on in making quality and effective pepper sprays and the Sabre Red Runner pepper gel is also formulated to be very effective but requires to be cautious when using it as a result of an extremely high potent formula.

Unlike other poor pepper spray products, the Sabre Red Runner pepper gel comes with a shelf life of four years and it also comes in about two color options to select from.

It sprays directly to the attacker making users worry less about wind blow attack and what makes this pepper spray unique in its own way is the directions and safety tips that it comes with which tells users everything they need to know on how to use.


1.    Features a hand harness that offers a strong grip

2.    Highly potent formula that even repels animals

3.    Long shelf life

4.    Comes with instructions on how to use


1.    Leaks if the trigger isn’t pressed harder

2.    Hand harness requires practicing on how to hold

8. POLICE MAGNUM OC Pepper Spray

best pepper sprays

Featuring about four sprays and two packs, the police magnum OC pepper spray is a reliable pepper spray that has made it to this review because of its non-flammable and non-toxic formula but despite being non-flammable and non-toxic, this pepper spray can deliver great amount of damage once it is sprayed on to an attacker.

It however comes with a keychain that makes it very easy to work with while its safety top protection helps in preventing accidental spills. However, this pepper spray is lesser in quantity compared to other pepper sprays that we have listed and its bottle is quite portable which ensures it takes up less space anywhere it is placed.


1.    Strong enough to knock out attackers

2.    Good shelf life

3.    Reasonable price

4.    Its keychain is small and useful during emergencies


1.    Less quantity would lead to less amount of sprays which might not be enough to ward off an attacker

2.    Its spray pressure decreases as time progresses

9. SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray – Police Strength

best pepper sprays

The Sabre 3-in-1 police strength pepper spray is one that holds the combination of high potency and affordability as it is formulated to be very potent and is also affordable at the same time.

Its spray nozzle has a pressure range of about ten feet and this bottle has up to thirty five amount of sprays. Having a compact design simply means this pepper would fit perfectly into any bag or purse and you can also attach it to your purse or bag using its clip design.

It is considered to be one of the most affordable or cheapest pepper sprays on the market while its instructional video shares more information on how it is meant to be used.


1.    Contains sufficient amounts of spray

2.    Its clip keeps it within reach

3.    Having a safety cover fights against accidental sprays

4.    Very affordable product

5.    Has a great spray range


1.    Its nozzle requires to be pressed tightly to spray contents

2.    Accidental sprays is still a possibility as its safety latch doesn’t fit perfectly

10. Fox Labs, 5.3 SHU Pepper Spray

best pepper sprays

The Fox labs SHU pepper spray is the last pepper spray we would have to talk about today and what makes this pepper spray very reliable is the fact that it features the same powerful formula that is being used by the United States military.

It contains about ten sprays and comes in a compact bottle that would easily fit into any bag without consuming high amount of space. However, there is something different about the spray pattern of this pepper spray as it sprays in a fog pattern to deliver a huge and devastating impact.

With the presence of a spray button, users are rest assured that there wouldn’t be problems of accidental sprays. This is a pepper spray with high potency and it is powerful enough to decapitate attackers with just one spray.


1.    Compact design makes sure this pepper spray fits great into any purse

2.    Very potent

3.    Same formula as that of the United States military

4.    Finger guard design hinders accidental sprays


1.    Settling for a much older product would get you a pepper spray with less potency

2.    Price is a little bit high

Factors to Consider when Shopping for Pepper Sprays

We have already showed you the best pepper spray options but let us also take a look at certain factors that must be taken into consideration before making a payment.

1.    Pressure range – a pepper spray with a good pressure range would definitely hit any attacker hard and also provide a constant stream or flow of contents

2.    Quantity – quantity also matters. It should at least contain about 3 -4 sprays as one spray might not be enough to put down an attacker

3.    Potency – this is certainly one factor that mustn’t be overlooked as pepper sprays must be very potent in order to take down an offender

4.    Ease of use – pepper sprays ought to have designs that would make them fit the hands and one that is lightweight would also be a great idea

5.    Price – price shouldn’t deter you from getting a pepper spray you want to get but always go for a product with high quality although cheap products might not be as effective as you desire

What to do when Pepper Spray Enters the Eyes Mistakenly

There is no need to panic because pepper spray entered the eyes as there is a high possibility that the offender or attacker is the one having more contents in his eyes so all you need to do is get a safe place to hide then try to get to a hospital where you can safely get rid of its effect with professional help.

Another option is applying milk on the eyes as it helps the itching and burning sensation to fade away but if there is a large amount of spray inside your eyes then the best option is to head to a clinic.


For people who walk late at night or always in the dark, they need to have a pepper spray always with them and we have selected the best which would work effectively in any situation. Also remember to pay close attention to the factors we have listed as they would be key in guiding you to making the right choice.

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