Top 10 Best Portable Radio 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Best Portable Radio

There are various and different options available when it comes to purchasing a portable and durable radio but design and performance are key factors to consider when you want to purchase a radio.

Best Portable Radio

However, Here is a list of the 10 best portable radio which we have put together to help you make the perfect choice when wanting to purchase a portable radio.

10 Best Portable Radio 

10. Sony ICF – F – 10 

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This radio features a small compact size, works with batteries and also comes with a convenient carry strap that makes it suitable to enjoy either at the beach, playroom, gym, picnic, Park or even at home.

It also has a ferrite bar telescopic swivel antenna which you can adjust for clearer reception and it also features a large 3.75 dynamic speaker which gives high and clear quality sounds.

This radio also comes with a large AM/FM dial scale panel display and it is very simple to use as it has a cylinder type tuning and volume control knob. Its standard size headphone input jack serves for additional speakers or for you to use with headphones in order not to disturb people around you.

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9. Panasonic RF – 2400 AM / FM 

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This big radio has a dial panel which ensures for easy tuning and it has a large band indicator with tuning LED as well as AM/FM separate dial scale. The silver front cabinet of this radio has a metal speaker net and the radio also features an easy to tune cylinder type tuning knob.

It comes with a 4 inch dynamic speaker which guarantees excellent and clear sounds as well as an AC/DC operation which includes 110V AC power cord.

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8. Sangean PR – D7 AM / FM 

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This radio is an ultra-compact portable AM/FM radio as it stands 4 ½ inch tall, 8 inch long and weighs 1.3 lbs and all its controls can be easily located and you can also see the time and frequency on display.

This radio possesses excellent selectivity and sensitivity that tends to attract distant stations while its tone is perfectly balanced to give you excellent sounds. This radio features an auto seek button which automatically searches for active stations and you can also fall asleep while listening to music as this radio can be set on a timer to turn it off after 120, 60, 45, 90, 15 or even 30 minutes.

This radio can also be operated with 6 rechargeable AA batteries while it has a headphone port which turns off the speakers.

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7. Sangean PR – D7 AM / FM

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This compact AM/FM digital radio is lightweight which makes it preferable for camping or home use and one of its unique features is that it has a humane wake up system which serves as an alarm which gradually ramps up the alarm volume unlike the snooze timer and abrasive jolt.

It also features large rotary volume control as well as ten memory presets and it is also powered by six AA batteries or by AC adapter which also comes packaged. The recharge batteries also get charged in the radio when powered by the AC adapter.

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6. iRonsnow IS – 088 

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This radio has an exciting 3 in 1 feature which includes a power 3 LED flashlights, compact AM/FM/NOAA and a cell phone charger and it also offers external recharge, solar and self-charge power options which ensures you and your family can rely on this gadget at any time.

It also proves to be a good survival kit during cyclones or when your cell phone’s power is off and it is very light, compact and easy to carry.

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5. Sangean WR – 11 AM/FM

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This radio consists of precise and soft tuning knob, a wooden MDF cabinet which gives this radio an elegant look, volume controls and rotary tuning and it also features a Vernier tuning.

It comes with an LED tuning indicator which guarantees that you get the best reception for any selected station and an external AM/FM Ant Sel switch together with 3 inch 7W full range speaker which has an enlarged magnet.

This radio also has an AUX-In jack which enables play your favorite songs from any portable electronic device as well as a record-out jack which helps for routing to your external device or recording equipment.

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4. Sony ICF38

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This portable radio is designed so you can take it anywhere you go and it is also guaranteed to work even in poor weather conditions and power outages. This radio has a stylish black color and features a large built-in speaker with power requirements of 60 Hz, AC 120V or DC 6V together with a headphone output of 1.

This product offers a one year warranty and it features a built-in handle which makes carrying this radio very convenient. It has an illuminated LED tuner that ensures quick searching of stations even in low light.

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3. Jensen CD – 490 

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This is a top loading radio that has an LED CD track display and CD-R/RW compatible and the addition of a programmable memory option, repeat one or all option, skip and search and forward and back options will definitely make you enjoy making use of this product.

It also features foldable carrying handle, stereo headphone jack, telescopic antenna and AM/FM stereo receiver. This radio has an auxiliary input which enables you connect to your digital audio players, iPods or MP3 to listen to your favorite songs.

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2. Sangean PR – D5BK AM/FM 

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This radio has a big 200mm ferrite antenna that ensures you get the best AM reception as well as dual 2.5 inch special stereo speakers together with a radio data system guarantees you have an outstanding portable receiver.

This radio is powered by six C batteries or can also be powered by an AC included adapter while its PLL synthesized tuning gives you a fade free and exact reception. It also features a 3.5mm Aux-In socket, stereo/mono selector switch, Backlit LCD, headphone, sleep timer that has a humane wake up system.

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1. Sony ICF – S10MK2 

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This radio is very durable and portable as it can fit perfectly in any pocket or jacket for convenience and its AM/FM tuner allows you to select from various radio music programs and talk shows.

It also features a built-in speaker that ensures you enjoy listening to your radio anywhere while its earphone jack allows you enjoy listening to your favorite music and talk shows privately. It also comes with a telescopic antenna, LED tuning indicator and a carry strap.

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