Top 5 Best Rated Top Load Washers: Unbiased Review

Best Rated Top Load Washers

Best Rated Top Load WashersHaving a high efficient top load washer is quite an alternative to traditional top load washers and basically there are top load washers that are also expensive than traditional top load washers.

Top load washers vary nowadays as there are some that are energy and water efficient which helps to save bills on electricity and water and this in turn helps in washing loads of clothes.

It also helps you identify the best and highly recommended top load washers today then take a walk with us as we reveal the best rated top load washers on Amazon.

Reviews Of The Best Rated Top Load Washers

#5. Avanti TLW09W Top Load Portable Washer, 1.0 cu. ft., White

Avanti TLW09W Top Load Portable Washer, 1.0 cu. ft., White

The Avanti top load portable washer is specially designed for convenient washing at home and of anyone who is extremely busy and one of the features that you would fall in love with is its rollers and three load size selections which guarantees easy and quick movement.

Its stainless steel material design makes it highly durable for long lasting use and it also comes with a pulsating button which gets rid of the need of an agitator. Washing with this top load machine washer is quite easy and convenient as it features several already programmed automatic wash cycles while other notable features include; LED status indicators and electronic controls for ease of use.


1. Quality design which makes operation convenient and easy

2. Quiet spin operation


1. Attaching the water hose to the faucet at times causes leakages

2. Two rear wheels which do not move smoothly


#4. Speed Queen AWNE92SP

Speed Queen AWNE92SP Electronic Button Control Top Load Washer

Specially tested, designed and built to deliver top washing performance, this top load washer from Speed Queen is another top rated product that you would come across.

And it boasts of a sixty per minute stroke combined with a 210 degree agitator which ensures proper water-laundry contact and thanks to its added rinse option, you are rest assured that your clothes are thoroughly rinsed before taking them out of the machine.

One notable feature of this top load washer is its spin tub that helps to get rid of dirt that linger on your clothes while its temperature settings ensures that your clothes doesn’t suffer any form of damage.


1. Never shuts down and never goes off balance

2. Never leaves clothes tangled and ensures your clothes smells clean


1. Poor customer service as they fail to handle customer complaints


#3. Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer

Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer

One of the benefits that comes with making use of the Speed Queen top load washer is it delivers remarkable clean results thanks to its 210 degree agitation with rinse and tub wash features and it also boasts of a 3.3 capacity that ensures it holds a large amount of clothes inside.

You won’t have to be worried about getting a replacement anytime soon as this top load washer is constructed using a stainless steel and commercial grade steel material that ensures long lasting use.


1. Efficient, sensible and friendly washing machine

2. Well constructed and easy to use

3. Well designed to stay balanced


1. Permanent/normal press cycle tends to destroy clothes

2. Hand/delicate wash cycles leaves your clothes soaked


#2. Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

You will not regret purchasing this Haier pulsator portable washer today as it boasts of a 1 cubic foot stainless steel construction that ensures it accommodates up to six pounds of weight in it.

You will also find out that washing with this top rated portable washer is quite easy and convenient as it boasts of certain features like LED indicators, electronic settings, three wash cycles and three water levels that makes washing a breeze.

This portable washer comes with a quick connect sick adapter and installation kit to make installation a breeze while other notable features include; smooth rolling casters, adjustable leveling leg, end of signal cycle and cycle status light.


1. Well designed to hold large amount of clothes

2. Quiet operation and washes clothes very clean


1. Only makes use of cold water else it starts making noise


#1. midea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. ft. Top Loading Portable Washing Machine

midea MAE70-502PS 2.07 cu. ft. Top Loading Portable Washing Machine

Durability was taken into consideration when constructing and designing this top loader as it features a stainless steel material construction and if you stay in a tight living corner or a small apartment where every space count then this top load washer is the ideal choice as its compact size allows it fit perfectly in any space.

Making use of this top load washer is quite easy and convenient as it comes with certain features like six water levels settings, six cycles settings and three water temperature combination such as the cold/cold, warm/cold, hot/cold which provides versatility when washing any type of fabric. And it comes well mounted on two wheels which ensures a smooth and easy roll.


1. Washes clothes very well and delivers a quiet operation

2. Easy movement to and fro the sink

3. Easy to setup


Top load washers are powerful equipments which handle heavy duty washing too and their innovative technology combined with versatility makes them widely sought after today.

The five best rated top loaders that we have mentioned in this review will bring you all of these benefits and you are rest assured that they will last long as they are highly durable.

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