30 Best RFID Blocking Wallet – Mens Leather Wallet Included

Best RFID WalletHave you heard of RFID skimming? It is also known as electronic pick-pocketing. This is when your data is stolen from your credit card or debit card electronically without your knowledge.

Here Is What You Need To Know About RFID

RFID also referred to as chips which contains an antenna and a circuit implanted into the plastic of your debit or credit card.

This chips is what transmits data to an RFID reader while the reader picks a waves that transmits the data stored on the RFID. I am sure you would love to read our updated article of 2018. This is the reason why you need a good blocking wallet that guarantees maximum security.

Top 10 Best RFID Blocking Wallet Reviews

30. Genuine Wallet Handmade Large Capacity ID Card Holder

best rfid blocking walletsRated as one of the best amongst most RFID wallets with the best quality, this well designed wallet is made using top quality cowhide leather which doesn’t just ensure durability but also offers it a stylish and elegant look. It proves to be a real eye catcher as it can be used as the perfect gift item to any lady during mother’s day, birthdays, wedding anniversary, Valentines and other notable celebrations.

Thanks to multiple storage compartments, this is one RFID wallet that would accommodate several cards, licenses and passports and also keep them safe using the RFID blocking technology. One impressive feature of this wallets is its push button closure which guarantees that this wallet is secured and items are safe from falling off or going missing.

29. NapaWalli Rfid Blocking Small Compact Bifold 

best rfid blocking walletsHaving a compact size means the NapaWalli women’s RFID blocking wllet would perfectly fit into any hand bag, purse or even the pocket. And it also boasts of the use of genuine leather material which ensures long lasting use. The longer you make use of this wallet, the more better it looks and feels.

Keep all your essentials free and safe from electronic and digital thieves as this well designed wallet boasts of an innovative RFID blocking technology which fights away electronic readers and scanners. It also proves to be one of the well structured RFID wallets on the market today thanks to its roomy interior which helps in keeping cards, bills, passports and licenses well organized.

It also comes neatly packaged in a nice look box which makes it to also be used as a gift item on any special occasion.

28. Itslife Rfid Blocking Compact Bifold Leather Pocket 

best rfid blocking walletsBacked with an advanced RFID blocking technology, the ItsLife women’s RFID compact pocket wallet is one that guarantees protection and safety of  your cards and licenses from electronic and digital thieves. It is made using prime leather material which doesn’t just feel comfortable and soft but also guarantees long lasting use.

For ladies who prefer moving about with a portable wallet or purse then this wallet proves to be the ideal option for use and it also comes neatly packaged in a good looking box which makes it the best multi-tasking gift anyone can ever offer to a lady.

27. Alpine Swiss Men’s Multi Card High Capacity Bifold Wallet 

best rfid blocking walletsDurability is a key feature of the Alpine Swiss men’s RFID blocking wallet as it boasts of genuine leather used in making it which promotes long lasting use. It is also tested and certified to be very effective in preventing digital and electronic crime as it boasts of an RFID blocking technology which keeps your cards, passports and licenses safe and protected.

This is one roomy rfid wallet that boasts of two oversized slots, ten card slots, bill section and an ID window so you can move about with any and everything. And it is a preferred option to most low quality aluminum RFID wallets found on the market today which are not very effective in preventing digital crime.

26. Itslife Luxury Wax Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet

best rfid blocking walletsMade using natural leather which feels extremely soft when touched, the Its  Life RFID women’s wallet is one that is designed to last for a long while thanks to the high quality leather material used in its construction. It also boasts of a multi-material layered designed combined with a multi-color design which ensures it matches any occasion.

It also proves to be the ideal gift for mother’s when they are celebrating birthdays, mother’s day, Christmas, thanksgiving, anniversary and more. It also feature a powerful internal structuring with compartments which would contain several cards, licenses and passports at the same time.

It is however neatly stitched and smooth which helps in extending product life and also ensuring long lasting use.

25. Mt. Eston

best rfid blocking walletsGive yourself that high level of assurance and security that all your belongings in your wallet are safe as the Mt. Eston RFID blocking wallet makes use of an RFID blocking technology which would protect our wallet from digital and electronic thieves. It is also one RFID wallet that boasts of having roomy interior storage compartments  which would accomodate your cards, currency, passports and more.

Made using high quality soft, smooth and fine pebble grain material, this RFID blocking wallet fromMt. Eston would last for a very long time. And it is also hand stitched perfectly so as to extend product life and withstand rough and rigorous use.

24. FIDELO Carbon FIber Minimalist Wallet

best rfid blocking wallets


The FIDELO RFID wallet is one that boasts of a 3K carbon fiber blocking signal which protects every valuable card, passport or even license from electronic and digital thieves. It is quite easy to make use of as all that is required is just to simply fill up the slots with every necessary card or ID then make use of the PINCH or PUSH method to gain access whenever  you wish to.

This wallet boasts of an ultra sleek design as it is compact but roomy enough to take up to fifteen cards at the same time  and its slim profile makes it fit perfectly into the front or rear pocket with ease.

It is hand crafted using the best of materials which makes it quite a durable and long lasting wallet and it can be used as the ideal gift item during graduation, birthday, valentine, father’s day, valentine and more.

23. ROCO MINIMALIST Aluminum Slim Wallet

best rfid blocking walletsTheft has taken a new dimension today so you should also take a new dimension in protecting your wallet valuables by using the ROCO minimalist RFID blocking wallet that is designed to prevent electronic thieves. It also boasts of a unique aluminum material used in its construction that doesn’t just makes this wallet flexible but also makes it a long lasting product.

Despite having an ultra slim design, this is one RFID wallet that would contain all of your identity cards, licenses, credit and business cards thanks to its roomy storage compartments. And for its fancy and fancy looks, most people prefer placing this wallet in the rear or front pocket thanks to its compact and elegant look.

Superior stability and strength are some of the features this ROCO minimalist RFID wallet is know for and thanks to its simple design, users would find this wallet quite easy to make use of.

22. Bryker Hyde Executive Bifold Top Flip

best rfid blocking walletsUsing an advanced BRYKER HYDE RFID technology, this Bryker Hyde executive bi-fold rfid blocking wallet is designed to keep every valuable item or belonging safe from digital thieves. It is also one that guarantees long lasting use as it only doesn’t feature high quality leather material in its construction which promotes long lasting use but boasts of quality stitching that extends product life.

This is a well structured rfid wallet as it boasts of two ID windows which are placed at a good place where anyone can easily take a view or access them while its divider work effectively in separating your bills, receipts and money.

Users would find this wallet quite easy to access both its front and back pockets and thanks to its lightweight design, you won’t even feel any object or any item in your pocket or purse or bag.


21. Zoppen Multi-purpose Passport Wallet

best rfid blocking walletsDesigned to meet standard travel priority, the ZOPPEN multi-purpose RFDI blocking wallet is one that guarantees standard protection from electronic thieves as it keeps all your wallet items safe from electronic scanning. It is also designed to keep valuable items well organized thanks to its pen holder, key holder and several storage slots.

This is also one travel wallet that aids users in traveling smart as it allows you move about with essential documens and store them inside a convenient bag. It is also quite fashionable and stylish as it comes with a sleek style that would appeal to your fashion taste or style.

20. VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch

best rfid blocking walletsBeing durable, lightweight, resistant to water, breathable, comfortable and more are some of the key features associated with the Venture 4th RFID blocking neck wallet which would offer your cards and passports and licenses maximum safety and protection. It makes use of an RFID blocking technology which works effectively in fighting off unwanted and illegal scanning of our wallets and its valuables.

This neck wallet boasts of a flexible storage design as it comes packed with several storage compartments which helps in keeping all of your cards and licenses and passports well organized. It also comes with a fastener, hook and strap which ensures it stays perfectly fit when worn around the neck .

This neck wallet can be used by both women and men thanks to its unisex design. It is one that is also built to last as it is made out of high quality material which are resistant to tear and water which contributes immensely to extending and promoting product life.

19. Buvelife Credit Card Wallet

best rfid blocking walletsFeaturing a soft hardware, soft inner material and also the use of top quality materials in construction, the BUVELIFE credit card RFID wallet is one that is solidly designed to last for a very long time. It also boasts of a huge storage capacity as it comes with about thirty six slots where one can easily store business, bank and ID cards with ease knowing they are well protected from illegal electronic scanning.

One impressive feature of this well designed RFID wallet is its zip around design which offers maximum protection for our cards and ID’s so information isn’t leaked or they fall of and go missing. It also boasts of a lightweight design which makes it quite easy and convenient to move around with anywhere you go.

These wallets are very stylish. sleek and fashionable which makes them suitable for both men and women as well as for any occasion. It also comes in various colors so you can easily find the one that best suits or matches your taste.

18. Aerb RFID Blocking Sleeves

bst rfid blocking walletsMade using high quality materials, the AERB RFID blocking wallets is one that would last for a long while as it is designed to be resistant to water and tear which helps in extending product life. Maximum protection and safety is guaranteed when talking about this wallet thanks to its RFID blocking technology that keeps your cards and licenses safe from illegal electronic scanning.

Having various color stripes doesn’t just makes this a good looking wallet but also makes it extremely attractive and catchy when it meets the eyes. It is considered to be quite functional as it boasts of both horizontal and vertical openings which fits cards and licenses perfectly.

17. YALUXE Small Compact Leather Wallet

best rfid blocking walletsDespite having a slim figure, the YALUXE womens rfid blocking wallet is one that is designed to hold your cards and your cash and still use up less amount of space in your bag. It is designed using an advanced rfid technology which helps in blocking away signals that are major threats to your cards and licenses.

This is considered as one of the most functional and structural rfid wallets that anybody would come across today as it is structured to have about several card holders, a coin pocket and a bill section. It is compact and also able to accommodate up to six cards and thirty pieces of currency.


16. Leopardd Mens Wallet

best rfid blcoking walletsMade using quality napa cowhide material, this is one RFID wallet that has a comfortable, smooth, soft and silky feel which is why it is quite loved and popular among customers. It also boasts of an extremely slim figure which enables users move about with it comfortably or even slide it easily into a purse or bag.

Enjoy relaxation, safety and peace of mind while using this LEOPARDD men’s RFID wallet as it would keep all your identity cards and licenses safe so you don’t have to worry about electronic pick pocketing. This wallet comes nicely and neatly packaged in a cool looking box which makes it the best item to gift any man on his birthday, wedding or promotion.

15. SERMAN BRANDS Bifold Genuine Leather

best rfid blocking walletsHandcrafted using high quality leather grain material means that this wallet would last for a lifetime, have a sleek and stylish look as well as being extremely comfortable to move around with. It is widely loved and used nowadays as it boasts of a smart pull tab design which offers users quick and easy access in and out of this wallet.

Searching to protect your debit cards, credit cards, drivers license and other valuable identities from electronic scanning then this is the right wallet to rely on. It is however quite necessary to note that this wallet doesn’t provide  shielding against transit passes, employee badges, hotel key cards as they operate within the 125KHz frequency.

It is quite roomy as it comes with several storage compartments even a place for storing photo ID while its money clip design helps in holding your cash safely.

14. Zhoma Holder Security Travel Wallet

best rfid blaocking walletsEnjoy quality peace of mind when walking or traveling knowing that your valuables in our wallet are protected using the ZHOMA RFID blocking wallet which is designed to fight back electronic scanning of your wallet. It is also designed to last a lifetime as it  is made out of genuine leather material which ensures users don’t have to worry about getting a replacement anytime soon.

One impressive feature of this well designed RFID wallets is its zip around accordion design which doesn’t only keep items well organized but also maintains safety of your money and cards. And this zip around accordion style also offers users easy access in and out of this wallet.

Whether you are in a shopping mall or at a crowded airport where you are surrounded by strangers, there isn’t any cause for panic while using this wallet which is designed to keeping your items safe. It is also lightweight and functional as it boasts of several storage spaces in keeping items and valuables safe.

13. Travelambo Front Pocket

best rfid blocking walletsThis wallet is aimed at improving personal security as it comes with an RFID wallet technology that used in blocking out electronic signals when someone passes by and it helps in keeping vital cards and licenses safe and protected from theft.

Durability was also taken into consideration when designing this amazing security wallet as it is made out of high quality leather material that promotes long lasting use. It also proves to be quite functional and roomy as it boasts of about six different card slots where users can conveniently store their essential cards and valuable identities.

There is however a  major setback when it comes to using this wallet as it cannot block out signals on some hotel room cards, access cards and some identity badge which tend to operate withing the 125KHz frequency zone.

12. Dante Real Leather Zip Large Travel Purse

best rfid blocking walletsMade using high quality leather material, this is one RFID wallet that would still feel luxurious and even look better after years of use and it is also one that users would find comfortable to move about with either by wrapping round the wrist or putting it in a bag.

Privacy and safety are quite necessary nowadays due to the rise in electronic theft so this wallet is designed using an RFID blocking technology that keeps all valuables in your wallet safe. It is also considered to be one of the functional RFID wallets available on the market today as it boasts of several compartments that helps in storing essentials and valuables.

It is specially designed for women and proves to be the ideal gift on mother’s day, Easter, Christmas,  Birthdays and other celebrations.


11. Buffway Wallets for Men And Women

best RFID blocking walletsDesigned bearing a modern day traveler in mind, the slim minimalist leather RFID blocking wallet for women is one that women would find extremely quite easy to move about with compared to the regular heavy and bulky wallets. It is portable, lightweight and slim which makes traveling with it light but also effective in protecting licenses, passports, credit cards and other valuables.

This RFID blocking wallets boasts of several compartments to store any valuables that you move about with and its RFID technology keeps all essentials well protected while shopping, exploring or traveling. It is a unisex designed wallet meaning it can be used by men and women while its genuine leather construction promotes long lasting use.


10. Trifold 8 Slot RFID Wallet with ID Slot

 Trifold 8 Slot RFID Wallet with ID Slot

Made using top quality leather material, this Tri-fold RFID 8 slot wallet is well designed to protect you from digital crimes and it is lab tested to guarantee that you are safe and protected from electronic theft. The product is an amazing RFID wallet for traveling as you can carry your credit or debit cards easily.

One advantage of this RFID wallet over other wallets is each slot comes with an RFID shielding meaning your credit card, driver’s license, debit card and building access are all safe and using this wallet allows you show your ID through a given space without taking it out.


9. FlyHawk Leather Wallets

 FlyHawk RFID Blocking Leather Wallets

Protect yourself and your personal belongings from electronic and digital thieves using this quality RFID wallet which is well designed to shield your finance, personal information and credit score thanks to its RFID blocking technology.

Not only is this wallet designed to be security conscious but it is also functional as it comes with front pockets where you can place cash, cards and other valuable items.

It is made to last as it boasts of durable leather material which eliminates tear and guarantees long lasting use.


8. MaxGear Stainless Steel Card Holder

Best RFID Blocking Wallet

Specially designed to block RFID signals from your ID cards, passport, credit cards and driver’s license. This wallet guarantees that you don’t fall a victim of digital and electronic pick pockets and it is considered to be a durable product as it features quality stainless steel material construction which guarantees long lasting use.

You can move about with this wallet in your pocket as it doesn’t feel bulky and it conveniently carries about your everyday cards. Specially designed to hold metro cards, business cards, access cards, driver’s license, gym cards or ID cards, this wallet locks tighter to prevent accidental dropping of contents.


7. RFID Passport Sleeve For Men

RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men

This wallet comes with lots of space where you can store several cards and all this slots are RFID protected so you don’t have to worry about digital thieves.

It features a great and stylish look combined with protection against wear and tear makes it one of the best wallets you can find today and it also boasts of a quality lining which is made using safe materials that won’t damage contents of the wallet.

It is a durable wallet thanks to the material construction it was made with.


6. MaxGear Wallet Protector

Best RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

Using this card helps to prevent unwanted RFID scanners using its RFID protection card holder which blocks access to scanning of driver’s license, debit cards, credit cards and many more.

Specially designed to accommodate various cards such as credit cards, medical cards, driver’s license or ID cards, this wallet is made using quality stainless steel materials and top quality aluminum materials which makes it strong and durable.

You can also move about with this wallet easily as it comes in a portable and lightweight design that makes it convenient to move about with.


5. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet

The Chelsea slim card sleeve wallet major duty is to provide protection against electronic pick pocketing therefore it makes sure that your cards are safe from digital theft. It is made of top grain Italian leather which guarantees that this wallet won’t get damaged easily.

Despite having a slim profile, the Chelsea slim card sleeve wallet comes with enough space for your cash and card as well as making sure that all contents are safe and thanks to its smooth and slim design. The chelsea slim wallet will perfectly fit into any pocket as it features a special design which allows it to hold up to ten cards.


4. Motion Trend Men’s RFID Wallet

Motion Trend Men’s RFID Wallet

The Motion Men’s trend wallet guarantees that your cards stay protected thanks to its RFID protection technology which helps to combat electronic thieves. It is made using top quality grain leather material which guarantees durability and long lasting use.


3. BRK Slim Stainless Steel Holder Wallet

Best RFID Blocking Wallet for Men and Women

This wallet is perfect as a gift for your relative, friend or even your colleague at work. You will love the look and design of this wallet as it boasts of a stylish and sleek look while the stainless steel metal design provides protection against water.

This wallet guarantees that you won’t be a victim of RFID thieves anymore as it provides protection against unwanted scanning of smart cards, credit cards and driver’s license.  You can now travel without worry as this wallet provides protection against digital thieves.


2. Rfid Protection Secure Mini Wallet

Rfid Blocking Secure Mini Wallet

This wallet features three front card slots, zippered pouch for storing notes, coins or cash and a driving license or ID card slot at the back and it is also regarded as the best wallet to combat electronic pick pocketing or RFID theft.

Made using top quality leather material, this wallet is well designed to offer protection to your EMV chips and magnetic stripes from wear and tear and it is ideal for everyday use as it also helps to protect against unauthorized BLE, NFC and RFID scans as well as protecting your valuable items from strangers.


1. Leopardd Napa Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet

RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men

Its standard and sleek size guarantees that it would perfectly fit into any pocket as it features no annoying or sharp edges and it is also made to last as it boasts of a genuine leather construction which guarantees long lasting use and durability.

This wallet also features more than enough space where you can save other necessary items and you can also get it for your friend, relative or colleague as gift.

What RFID Really Means

RFID in simple terms is a short acronym for radio frequency identification. This term talks about technology in which digital data found in RFID tags are easily picked up through radio waves just by using a reader. This technology is similar to barcoding but there are certain advantages that comes with using an RFID system over devices that makes use of the barcode system.

Talking about advantages, RFID data tags can be easily read away from the line of sight but barcodes must be read only when an optical scanner is properly aligned.

How RFID Works

The RFID is listed under the authentic identification and data capture technology and these methods involves identifying, collection of data and the entrance of the collected into a computer system with less human support or no human intervention.

RFID contains three vital components such as an RFID reader, smart label or tag and an antenna and in order to be very effective, the RFID method or technology makes use of radio waves.

RFID tags or smart label have an antenna which works effectively in sending signals to the RFID reader which sometimes is considered to be an interrogator. Here, there is a conversion of the radio waves into efficient data.

What RFID Blocking Means

RFID blocking in recent times has risen  fast compared to other technologies as it can be found in purses, bags, wallets and even in some clothing items. This technology involves using the RFID technology in protecting cards, licenses, passports and other essentials but the question going around nowadays is “is RFID blocking necessary”?.

The ideal answer to this question is actually NO and one needs to have a second thought before settling for a product with RFID technology. This is due to the fact that factual RFID theft cases are non-existent, credit cards are used on fewer occasions and these products with RFID technology do nothing but boasts of high protective abilities.

There are various ways of stealing valuables and information from you that you should be worried of such as ATM skimmers and telephone scams. It is quite important that you learn to manage your credit card password and also check credit cards reports  instead of settling for an RFID blocking product.