Best Running Shoes for High Arches – 2019 Reviews

Best Running Shoes for High Arches

One problematic issue most runners are faced with today is the issue of high arches and although this condition can be managed, it can also go on to be a problem if it isn’t properly tackled. This foot condition would surface if the arch and ball of the foot carries heavy load and this condition also leads to other negative effects that could hinder a runner’s performance.

This foot condition is the known cause of straining and pain but it can also go on to cause more serious problems like plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, shin splits and also rupturing the ligament. The presence of high arches does not make the foot flexible and it fails in absorbing impact when running.

A Complete Guide On Finding The Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Best Running Shoes for High ArchesDue to all these reasons and more, it is very important to find a specific shoe that would be suitable for runners with high arches and if you are desperately in need of one then you should look no further as we have all the information you need right here.

How to Identify the Presence of High Arches

This particular foot condition rarely shows symptoms but sometimes these symptoms might get to build up and surface but with age. Some of its symptoms include;

  • Clenching of the toes
  • Inflammation of the toe and heel tendons
  • Lower back and hip pain due to poor foot support
  • Foot balls are always painful
  • ankle injuries, aches and pains

Now let us take a look at the 20 best running shoes for high arches

Finding the Best Running Shoes for High Arches

1. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Odyssey 

best running shoes for high arches

Even though this shoe might not be as stylish as expected, it is still one that would help athlete or any user perform at his peak as it offers support and stability to anyone with high arches. An extra and enticing offer is it comes in a host of colors so one can find that which suites his or her taste. If you are a runner with high arches or have over pronation then this is the best option for you and having a triple density midsole also makes sure better cushioning is being delivered.

If a running shoe is comfortable or easy to where then there is no way one can perform at the top of his game and that is why this shoe is so important as it is easy to put the feet in and makes sure the feet is relaxed and comfortable. This sneaker is firm and this also helps in making the feet feel stable while running.

2. Saucony Ride 10

best running shoes for high arches

This is a latest shoe model from the Saucony brand and this is a shoe filled with a large amount of cushion. They would hold up for long and withstand wear from running long distances. This shoe comes with a power foam midsole that offers the feet the right amount of cushion that it needs and users would also be rewarded with an increased energy in return thanks to its Everun top sole. Its flexibility also contributes to why the feet feels comfortable inside this running shoe.

Its ability also to offer tons of support is what makes it a great choice but every shoe has its downside. The insole in this shoe isn’t well fixed as it tends to slip to the sides while running and its outsole fails to have a firm grip when running on wet or water surfaces. It would support and fit the feet very well which helps in putting a stop to the challenges and pains that comes with having high arches. ‘

3. Brooks PureCadence 6

best running shoes for high arches

Having high arches requires using a shoe that would offer optimal support and stability and that is what the Brooks Pure Cadence 6 running shoe is designed to do. It is one that would provide extra cushioning so as to help in supporting the feet and also making it stable while running and some features like being lightweight, having a wide toe box and also being extremely comfortable are what makes this shoe every female runners choice.

This shoe combines support sole technology and Brook’s Bio Mo Go technology which delivers optimal protection and they are also effective in getting rid of or preventing pains and challenges that comes with having high arches.

Having a wide toe box means there is enough room or space for the feet to spread and flex and this shoe is designed to last and would also make the feet comfortable which is what every runner needs if he wants to stay at the top of his game.

4. Brooks Mens Launch 5 Shoe

best running shoes for high arches

This is an upgraded version of the brooks glycerin shoe and this time, this shoe would offer adequate comfort and support to feet with high arches. One important addition that was made to this shoe is its plush transition zone which aids the heel to toe transition and having a breathable, lightweight and sporty design are what makes this shoe attractive and catchy. Furthermore, this shoe has an outsole made using high quality rubber material that offers protection and makes this shoe durable while its stretch air, four way mesh makes sure there is an adequate flow of air to keep the feet dry and cool.

Being easy to use is what most customers consider and get attracted to this shoe as they are what one makes use of everyday in training or workout sessions. So if you enjoy wearing them and they are comfortable and also able to deliver a perfect fit then they are just the right choice for you.

5. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 14

best running shoes for high arches

The Mizuno women’s wave inspire 14 is another reliable running shoe for women with high arches as it is able to look at the problem your feet is having and provide you with a breathable and comfortable running experience. It is one that is aimed at providing the feet with a well cushioned, stable and comfortable ride. If you suffer from over pronation and high arches then this is the best choice for you and having an upper air mesh design allows great airflow to keep the feet cool and dry.

Durability is such an important factor to consider when looking at running shoes for high arches and this shoe isn’t less in quality as it proves to hold up great and prevent holes from forming on this shoe. It feels and fits the feet great which is why it is a good option for runners of all levels.

6. ASICS Men’s GEL-Kinsei 6

best running shoes for high arches

Another shoe for high arched runners is the ASICS men’s gel kinsei running shoe and this is one specifically designed for only men. Reducing the possibility of picking up injuries, providing comfort and enhancing running efficiency are some of the impressive qualities of this shoe and this shoe also comes with the popular ASICS gel cushioning technology which ensures that the feet is in good shape and well taken care of everyday. You should consider going for this shoe if you have high arches and run long distances as the comfort it offers is unrivaled.

Absorbing shock and reducing stress is also what users stand to gain by settling for this shoe and regardless of your running skill or level, this is just the best choice for you and it is also the best for your training sessions and race sessions.

7. Nike Men’s Air Bella Trainer

best running shoes for high arches

Simplicity is a great feature of this shoe as it comes with no unnecessary or extravagant design. It is also one that is very affordable but that clearly doesn’t mean it is of low quality as it still maintains the high quality build that is associated with the Nike brand. This shoe is extremely lightweight which tends to add extra boost to ones speed while running and there is also proper ventilation thanks to the holes in its toe box region.

A lightweight but yet durable sole makes this shoe the best option for running on treadmills, roads and tracks and several users have praised this shoe saying it is one they can easily slip the feet into without having to crush their heel.

8. Brooks Women’s Ghost 10

best running shoes for high arches

Having high arches needs shoes that would be able to provide a great level of cushioning and that is why this shoe is such an excellent choice for runners but this one is specifically designed for females. The difference in this shoe is its high cushioning ability that would make the feet feel extremely comfortable while running. Featuring crash pads simply means there would be more smooth runs and also easy transitions and there is also lots of room in its toe box region that allows the feet additional space to flex.

Not being bulky but yet being comfortable and sturdy are what makes this shoe relevant on the market and it would offer you smooth runs which you would be proud of. Its functionality is one that beats imaginations and you can never go wrong by settling for this shoe whether it is being used for training, running or just for standby purposes.

9. Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3.5 Shoe

best running shoes for high arches

This is an upgraded version but yet still has its ample space in the toe box region. It still retains its lightweight feeling and is also able to provide the support that high arches needs. If you are into zero drop shoes then this is just what you might have been looking for and its breathable upper design also makes sure the feet stays comfortable while running. Being lightweight, responsive and also able to provide great cushion is what makes this shoe every runner’s choice.

There are numerous benefits runners would gain by slipping their feet into this shoe and improving efficiency and speed is also one of such benefits. Whether you want this shoe for training or for backup, they can be trusted as they are durable thanks to their premium material build.

10. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5

best running shoes for high arches

This is another ASICS footwear to make this review and this time, this is one great option for running on harsh trails and roads and it is able to do this as it comes with plush underfoot design that is capable of providing the feet with the right amount of cushion that it deserves. With this shoe, users don’t have to be worried about the feet being attacked by outdoor elements as the resilient materials used in the making of this shoe ensures adequate protection and it also comes with an inner lining which also allows for greater airflow and also delivers comfort.

This is however a very popular shoe and one that would meet all running and track needs. Despite having all of these features, this shoe surprisingly goes for a very affordable rate which is why it is such a popular choice for most runners.

11. Brooks Men’s Beast 14

best running shoes for overpronation

This is also one that is highly respected and also a great option if you have high arches. Even if you have neutral pronation then this is also one running shoe you can count on as it is able to provide the feet with neutral arch support. Its ability to offer great cushioning is what makes it worthy of making this list and as a result of this high level of cushioning, there would no longer be feet aches and pains even after walking or running for long.

However, customers complained that the shoe is a little bit narrow than expected and they also claimed that a got shoes which are not of the same size.

12. Brooks Womens Glycerin 12

best running shoes for high arches

This is also another best running shoe if you suffer from high arches but this time, this is just for the female folks. Its combination of a 3D print overlay and a comfortable upper design makes it a great choice and also a reliable one and runners would be able to put in their best performance as this shoe is able to support the feet, provide a snug fit and offer great cushioning which ensures optimal comfort while running.

This shoe is packed with lots of amazing features that makes it stand out from the rest. It features moisture wicking elements in its construction that would repel heat and make sure the feet stays dry while running. It is generally a good choice for female runners with high arches.

Customers also complained about how annoying its snug fit could be

13. ASICS Men’s Kinsei 4

best running shoes for high arches

Yet another impressive footwear from ASICS, this is also another great option for runners with high arches and this incredibly designed shoe is aimed at providing superior cushioning and optimal support when running. Runners would no longer feel pain when running as this shoe is effectively in absorbing shock and the foot would also remain fresh and dry as it has a breathable upper design that allows superb flow of air.

The inner insole that can also be removed still provides adequate cushioning for the feet and the presence of sticky materials on the sides of this insoles fights against slipping. In conclusion, this is a choice runners with high arches would not regret having as it would certainly boost their performance.

14. Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 5

best running shoes for high arches

No matter how good you are at adapting as a runner, if you have high arches then you certainly need a good shoe that would help with your feet condition. If you have been searching for one then you should look no further as the Mizuno Men’s Wave Prophecy 5 is a great choice for you and this is also because Mizuno is a trusted brand that is known for its manufacture of high quality and impressive sports shoes.

One feature which isn’t found in every shoe is an infinity wave plate that makes sure from the heel to the toe is properly and well cushioned and there would also be an increased level in comfort as this shoe utilizes an U4icX sockliner that provides the feet with unmatched comfort all day long. It is superior than most brands in the same category and also very responsive.

15. New Balance Men’s MT510

best running shoes for high arches

If you are into running on trails or you just feel like taking a walk down the streets you would certainly need a good pair of shoe for that especially if you are the type that has high arches and this high quality and impressive shoe from New Balance can be your best buddy when walking as it is packed with great features that would make walking or running an enjoyable experience. Its high quality material build is something that cannot be rivaled and also contributes to why it makes its way to this review.

It has a vibram sole that provides the feet with great grip and traction when walking or running on trails and one unique attribute of this shoe is its N2 low to the ground cushioning system that makes the shoe more comfortable all through the day.

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16. Altra Men’s Provision 1.5

best running shoes for high arches

This is a well cushioned shoe and one that would help in dealing with the aches and pains that comes with having high arches. Having an impressive foot shape combined with extra room in its toe box region means there is lot of space for the feet to spread and relax more and this is more like a blessing in disguise as this helps to boost runners speed and stability so as to help him reach his goal.

The flexibility and comfort that this shoe brings is one feature that rates it high above several other shoes and other notable features of the Altra Men’s Provision 1.5 Running shoes include low impact outsole technology, air mesh, well contoured foot bed and more.

17. Saucony Men’s Ride 7

best running shoes for high arches

Earlier in this review we talked about the Saucony Ride 10 running shoe and how it helps people or runners specifically with high arches and here we have another high quality product from the same brand and this is the Saucony Men’s Ride 7 running shoes which doesn’t just help out with high arches but also helps when dealing with plantar fasciitis. Its high level of cushioning is what the feet feels extremely comfortable and a power-heel grip also ensures extra comfort when running.

The Saucony Ride 7 running shoes has several excellent features and durability is one of them as it is made out of original and high grade materials that makes it resilient and long lasting. It is one that you won’t spend much to purchase as it comes at an affordable and decent price.

18. Hoka One Clifton 2

best running shoes for high arches

As a result of its high comfort levels, great features which makes it durable and reliable, this is just another running shoe for high arches. Running with this shoe offers users a comfortable and smooth ride and it is one that would help in getting rid of foot fatigue associated with running long distances thanks to its effective shock reduction ability. This shoe however comes in several colors so finding one that suites your taste shouldn’t be a problem.

However, customers complained about its rubber outsole as they believe it isn’t durable and also complained about its snug fit.

19. adidas Men’s Explosive Bounce

best running shoes for high arches

Of course everyone knows or is familiar with the adidas brand as they are one of the best or leaders in making great clothes and shoes and the Adidas Men’s Explosive Bounce running shoes still has that Adidas trademark in it that makes it a high quality one combined with several other exciting features that makes it a great and reliable choice for runners with high arches. It repels heat and helps the feet stay dry thanks to its impressive breathability.

One crucial feature of this Adidas running shoe is its torsion system which boosts the integrity of the midfoot and having a lightweight design simply means runners can long run distances or walk for long without feeling any pain.

20. New Balance Men’s Hierro V3

best running shoes for high arches

There isn’t any better shoe that would improve your performance or help deal with the challenges that comes with having a high arch when running on off road trails like the New Balance Men’s Hierro trail running shoes.

Of all of its features, one that seems so unique and outstanding as it comes with an AT Tread outsole that which provides the feet with the best traction possible. It is also capable of providing superior arch support when running long distance miles.

Final Words:

You have the list of the best running shoes for high arches now in your possession and all that remains is for you to pick a suitable option for you. Do not ignore any detail that we have talked about as it would be pivotal in helping you make a good choice.

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