Best Running Shoes for Overpronation – with Top 20 Reviews

Overpronation isn’t a type of foot injury but if not paid close attention to might end up becoming a bigger problem in the future. Most people find it difficult to tell if their feet overpronate and one way of figuring that out is by observing the inner arch of the foot while in a standing position.

The inability of the inner part of the sole to make contact with the floor shows sign of overpronation but you shouldn’t be worried if you find yourself in such situation as a stability shoe would be helpful and also ensures the foot doesn’t overpronate if you are an athlete.

Best Running Shoes for OverpronationListed below are great running shoe options which have a great build and packed with limitless and ageless designs that would help in tackling the issue of overpronation one way or the other.

Criteria Considered In Evaluating These Shoes

We didn’t just go to the market and pick up any shoe we come across to show to you but certain criteria were carefully considered and these shoes were assessed on how best they can help deal with overpronation. Here are the criteria;

  • Comfort – comfortable shoes enables runners run for long distances and no matter how much a label might claim a shoe is comfortable, if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable then that shoe isn’t suited for you. Correcting overpronation while running is difficult so making use of a shoe that would enhance comfort is a welcomed idea.
  • Support – people suffering from overpronation require using shoes that are able to offer them lasting support specifically lasting arch support on its sides.
  • Stability – this is quite different from support and shoes with stability often tend to have a high degree of responsiveness and also being able to keep the foot in a secure position. This helps in preventing injuries.
  • Outsole – shoes for overpronation needs to have a rugged and durable outsole which has a firm grip and opposes throwing a runner off balance which could lead to injury.

20 Best Running Shoes for Overpronation To Buy

1. Brooks Womens Addiction 13

best running shoes for overpronation

In order to be safe when running, the Brooks Womens Addiction 13 running shoe is one that promises to deliver adequate stability motion control and support.

This brand is also trusted and reliable when it comes to dealing with overpronation as it is also able to deliver better cushioning alongside with all the support that the feet needs.

This shoe is worth the slight heavy price tag that it carries as it would make the feet feel comfortable and stable.

It is one that would last for a long period thanks to the high quality of materials featured in its construction process and whenever you decide to lace up this shoe around your legs, just be rest assured that it would go a long way in helping you build up and improve on your performance.

2. Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox 4

best running shoes for overpronation

This high quality shoe from Mizuno is one that would also offer users high levels of cushioning, support and stability and this makes it a much better choice if you suffer from over pronation.

It is one that is built to fit your feet width so as to avoid causing any form of pain and customers love this shoe a lot because of its ability to deliver a secure, solid and flexible fit. It also utilizes a Fan Wave technology which is very effective in absorbing shock.

Durability is another eye catching feature of this shoe as it features top quality materials in its build that makes sure it lasts for long. Their price is not so high but after considering the benefits they bring and also their features then you would agree that they are of great value.

3. New Balance Women’s w940v3

best running shoes for overpronation

If you are into running and your feet over pronates then you need a good and reliable pair of shoes to suite your cause and that is what the New Balance Women’s w940v3 running shoe is designed to do as it would offer the feet superior support, great cushioning and also absorb shock which comes together to make the foot feel comfortable while running.

Not only does it make the feet feel comfortable but it is also effective in fighting off unwanted injuries.

These are shoes designed to hold up when used in long distance races and they would also last as a result of the high quality material construction and being lightweight and also being breathable means the feet would not be attacked by heat while running.

4. ASICS Women’s Gt-1000 5

best running shoes for overpronation

Being able to provide the foot with all the support and stability that it

needs especially if the feet over pronates is one exceptional feature of this high quality shoe and they come at a very affordable rate which also contributes to why these shoes are extremely popular on the market.

No matter how long you run, this shoe would hold up nice as its high quality material build makes it tough and able to withstand external outdoor elements.

Having a stitched down toe cap design also makes this shoe last long and no matter how stressed these shoes are or how tough or rough you use, they will hold up well as they are already engineered to handle any form of use or beating.

5. Nike Women’s Lunarglide 9

best running shoes for overpronation

This is a product that is undergoing constant upgrading which also makes it a very popular choice and if you are interested in having a smooth ride then this is the right shoe you can call on as its well cushioning system combined with other notable features doesn’t just make it popular but also but makes sure it serves the purpose it was designed for.

Enjoying better comfort and also enjoying adequate traction is a major boost or upgrade to this product Pulling its shoe lace over the right places simply makes sure there is a presence of a tight and secure fit and a more higher version of this shoe witnessed a durable and reliable construction which also supports why this shoe last longer.

6. Saucony Omni 16

best running shoes for overpronation

Something about the Saucony brand is they never fail in making high quality and decent shoes and if you are an over pronator then the Saucony Omni 16 shoe is all you need.

This shoe is wide enough to contain even the toe of any man as well as even wide foot and in certain places is support strategically placed so as to improve adequate weight distribution, absorb shock and support the foot.

Their high level of durability is what makes them very popular among other running shoes combined with the quality cushion that they offer. They are able to put together an impressive performance thanks to their level of technology and also high quality material build.

7. Brooks Mens/Women’s Adrenaline

best running shoes for overpronation

When dealing with overpronation, one shoe that you can actually rely on is the Brooks adrenaline shoe for both women and men and this is one that features a solid construction where it is able to offer optimal support and stability whenever you run.

This shoe is still made to be lightweight and the only thing anyone with the issue of over pronation should be considered about when settling for the Brooks women and men Adrenaline shoe is its average mile time.

Being lightweight simply means you can run distances with these shoes on and you are also sure you would run on several terrains as it comes with Flextra outsole which has a firm grip and leaves each step well energized.

8. ASICS Women’s GEL-Foundation 12

best running shoes for overpronation

Providing adequate cushion to help combat stiffness, foot pain and also fatigue is what the ASICS women’s gel foundation 12 running shoe is capable of doing and that is why it is such a good choice for women in particular suffering from overpronation.

The simplicity of this shoe is one that makes it simply unique and even though this shoe is simple, it has carries that unique and impressive quality the ASICS brand is famous for and it is determined to help you reach your aims during trainings and workout sessions.

Their special features and nice design makes them a very good choice for runners with over pronation and what more could you ask for as this shoe doesn’t need much to spent before acquiring it. It comes at a very decent price and can be used everyday thanks to its high quality material build.

9. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 14

best running shoes for overpronation

Every athlete suffering from over pronation is constantly seeking shoes that they can find stability and support in and the Mizuno women’s wave inspire 14 running shoe is one capable of doing just that.

Featuring high quality EVA and AP midsoles, this shoe is capable of improving an athlete’s performance and the amount of stability it provides contributes to why it is effective in controlling over pronation.

It also comes with an outsole that would enable runners run comfortably on all kinds of terrains whether it is track, gravel, road or wet terrains.

What the manufacturers had in mind when designing this shoe was to make a shoe that was extremely versatile and also one that would fit the foot perfectly. It has a moderate price but for its amazing features, it is expected to go for a much higher price.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4

best running shoes for overpronation

Most review online believes this is one shoe made by ASICS that has the highest level of stability and if you are searching for a shoe capable of providing athlete with additional support especially when  handling issues of over pronation then the ASICS women’s gel excite 4 running shoe is a preferred option.

It is one that comes with a segmented crash pad which greatly reduces pronation itself and absorbs shock.

If you also intend to improve or work on your goals then trust this shoe to help you get there as it boosts runners mileage just by making every pain in the foot go away.

Its durability is also something to be excited about as it is made using impressive and high grade materials that makes sure you don’t bother about looking for another shoe as it would hold up well and last longer.

11. New Balance Women’s W940V2

best running shoes for overpronation

New Balance are known for making high quality footwear and this is one shoe specially designed for women who have foot problems like over pronation.

Its tough and sturdy design is what makes it possible for this shoe to provide all the support the leg needs and durability is also another feature that is common with the New Balance brand as this product features top quality material build which prolongs product life and enables it withstand tough and demanding use.

This shoe comes in about two colors so finding a suitable one for you shouldn’t be so challenging and even though this shoe is designed to be lightweight, it provides support and is also built to be strong which makes it a good option when tackling over pronation.

12. ASICS Women’s Gel-Kahana 8

best running shoes for overpronation

This is another quality shoe from the Adidas company and this shoe proves to be the best in providing support each time you decide to go on the run.

Providing adequate comfort and also being high in quality without compromising the durability of this shoe is what makes this shoe earn so many positive reviews online.

One rare feature of this shoe which isn’t present in most shoes is its synthetic leather material that forms a supporting frame which keeps the foot in a secured position so as to avoid over pronation.

It is made out of a strong and fine material that helps it resist early damage therefore making it rise up to any task that is being thrown at it.

Having mesh patches ensures that there is adequate flow of air and excellent breathability so as to keep the feet dry while its pull up design at its rear makes this shoe even more convenient.

13. Brooks Womens Ariel ’16

best running shoes for overpronation

You would need shoes that would be able to extend a hand of support and stability especially if you engage in running and walking for long miles and for females in particular, this is one shoe that you can trust as it would offer the feet stability in running and every other activity therefore making this shoe ideal for everyday use and also a good option for over pronators.

This shoe features mesh and synthetic materials more and this makes this shoe very durable thanks to the high quality synthetic materials in its build while its mesh design enhances breathability to keep the feet dry.

Every vital spot of the midsole has ideal amount of cushioning which helps in comforting and helping the feet relax and a unique attribute of this running shoe is its segmented, full length crash pad that makes the transition of the heel to the toe very smooth.

14. ASICS Gel-Superion Women’s

best running shoes for overpronation

If you are a woman and you engage in running or you have active lifestyle but yet still have to deal with over pronation then you might consider giving the ASICS gel superion women’s running shoe a chance as it would help you put a very impressive running performance and also bring stability and balance to your game.

Its sole is designed specifically to suite women who deal with over pronation and still indulge in an active lifestyle.

In terms of durability, this is one that beats other products on the market as the high grade materials used in making this shoe enables it to remain resilient and endure rough use.

This shoe also features a mesh design that makes sure there is constant flow of air to help the feet stay dry at all times. It also has excellent padding at its tongue and collar which also makes the feet feel comfortable while running.

15. New Balance Women’s Zante V4

best running shoes for overpronation

This shoe is built specifically to bring relief and support to female runners with over pronation issues. Its overall construction is aimed at providing enough stability while running.

If you know you have been ending up with shoes which get worn out from the inside then this is just the best option for you as it is made with original and premium materials that makes it resist unnecessary damages and wear. The presence of an ABZORB cushioning system boost properties that are resistant to compression and also increases comfort.

Its midsoles are built to absorb shock and this makes every running event an enjoyable one and it comes in about six different colors so you can select that which would match your personality.

16. ASICS Metarun Men’s Running Shoe

best running shoes for overpronation

The ASICS brand claims that this shoe also holds a top spot in all of their shoes that is aimed at helping to deal with over pronation and reactions by customers after the release of this shoe in 2017 has confirmed the previous statement also claiming that the shoe features matches its price tag.

The ASICS metarun running shoes for men makes use of the famous ASICS technology in providing well cushioned stability and despite being lightweight, it is one that would make the feet feel comfortable.

This isn’t just any shoe for running but one that would hold up well as it is made out of top quality materials that makes it durable and extends its lifespan and in conclusion, if you have the money to splash on this shoe then go ahead and do just that as this shoe has what it takes to compete with other ASICS shoes and other footwear brands.

17. Saucony Guide ISO

The Saucony ISO guide running shoe is also another impressively built running shoe from the Saucony company and this time, this shoe is combines the ISOfit technology which makes it top class and also able to compete with various running shoes on the market and its midsole comes with an Everun cushioning system which allows for a great energy return while running.

If you want a controlled and stable ride then this is just the right shoe for you and this is also the reason why it is such a great choice for over pronators as it helps them to cover long distances when running.

This shoe is built to be comfortable, adaptive, supportive and also offers you all of the benefits you require from a running shoe but its only downside is the fact that it requires break-in periods.

18. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9

best running shoes for overpronation

When this shoe was first made, it only had the ability to offer optimal stability but the presence of a midsole design has made it move towards the neutral.

If you suffer from over pronators and require a shoe that would offer you support then you have found the right shoe for that and one rare attribute of this shoe is its BioMoGo DNA which forms a well responsive and a highly cushioned midsole combined with a little technology which doesn’t just make this shoe flexible but also ensures it offers maximum stability.

Having a mesh upper design also ensures better breathability meaning there would be a great flow of air to keep the feet free from sweat and its outsole is made using durable rubber that has a firm grip therefore making it easy to run on any terrain.

19. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Odyssey

best running shoes for overpronation

This shoe has a moderate stability value, a fast feel and is also lightweight which is why it is considered to be a good option for runners that have over pronation feet condition and it is able to provide stability thanks to a quality EVA midsole therefore ensuring that all your moderate over pronation problems comes to an end.

Its comfortable, snug and flexible fly mesh upper design combined with a heel lock design makes this shoe fit perfectly and also tends to wick moisture away and if you are hoping to transit easily to a neural shoe then this is a great choice for you.

Customers however complained of its 12mm drop claiming it is little bit much for fore foot that are lower stacked.

20. ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation 13

best running shoes for overpronation

Offering superior cushioning and stability is what the ASICS men’s gel foundation 13 running shoe is all about and it features a spEVA foam which goes on to form a midsole combined with a gel cushioning system below the fore foot and the heel which in turn delivers a well cushioned ride.

A very crucial design of this running shoe is its multiple guidance system technology which is aimed at enhancing stability and support and thanks to its 10mm heel drop, this shoe is certainly one that would help in dealing with foot issues like overpronation.

Its impressive mesh design is quite breathable and also supportive and it also has an inner that is capable of wicking moisture which ensures that the feet don’t smell as a result of sweat.

Its major downside is the fact that its toe box region has little space and it feels a little bit stiff on the sides.

Final Thoughts:

Recent studies have proved that excessive training can lead to muscle imbalance then overpronation and this is because too much stress hinders particular muscles from doing what they are meant to do.

It is important for athlete to note this fact that sometimes mental endurance is may be higher than one’s physical ability so getting good amount of rest is of great importance.

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