How to Pick the Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances

Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances

While walking, each step taken tends to impact or have a say on the feet and that impact extends quite further as it moves through the ankles, lower back, hips and the knee.

One fact that everyone ought to note is the fact that if the shoes you are putting on isn’t offering you the heel and arch support that you need then the feet is definitely going to lose its range in motion and would suffer pain.

Walking with poor quality sandals or flip flops tends to have negative effects on the foot but this shouldn’t be the case anymore as there are now several sandals that are capable of absorbing shock and providing the foot with the support and comfort that it deserves.

A Complete Guide on Finding the Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances

best sandals for walking long distances

You can trust our best sandals for walking long distances updated list and reviews which will offer you great sandal options that come with designs to attend to your foot needs. Let’s check them out;

15 Best Sandals for Walking Long Distances To Buy

1. Chaco Z/2 Classic

best sandals for walking long distances

Despite having a similar appearance with most sandals on the market, this is still a sandal of high quality and impressive features as it can be easily adjusted to any suitable style and it also comes with a unique jacquard knit upper design which makes it possible for this sandal to take the shape of the feet.

Taking the shape of the feet ensures superior arch support and thanks to its toe loop design, this sandal is also able to offer exceptional forefoot control. If you are an environmentally conscious fellow then you would certainly love this sandal as it is made out of one hundred percent vegan material.


  1. Fully and easily adjustable sandal
  2. Its rubber outsole has a non-marking design
  3. Luvseat midsole provides superb cushioning and comfort
  4. Durable rubber outsole


  1. Feels heavy a bit
  2. A little bit difficult to adjust according to some customers

2. Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

best sandals for walking long distances

Featuring a mix of durability and comfort, the TEVA TIRRA women’s sandal is one that every woman ought to have in her collection of she is a fan of high quality footwear and this is also a sandal you can trust to offer you unmatched levels of arch support thanks to its EVA well contoured foot bed design.

Wearing this sandal and also taking it off is made simple thanks to the addition of a simple hook and loop closure and the foot stays protected at all times as the TERRA TIRRA women’s sandal comes with well cushioned shock pad which is capable of absorbing shock.

Its nylon shank material construction also ensures optimal stability as well as providing support regardless of the terrain.


  1. Perfect for water use
  2. Durable
  3. Nylon shank material build also increases durability
  4. Well contoured foot bed delivers arch support


  1. Large sizes

3. ECCO Men’s Yucatan Sandal

best sandals for walking long distances

For all men outdoor fun lovers out there in search of a reliable sandal, here is the ECCO men’s Yucatan sandal which is designed solely with the aim of offering unrivalled comfort and with this sandal, users have absolutely nothing to be bothered about as this sandal isn’t just designed to be flexible but is also capable to deliver an impressive traction on any surface.

If you want a sandal that would compliment both your style and performance then this is the ideal choice for you as it is made with an original leather and stretch fit materials which enhances its performance, adds some style and also makes it durable.


  1. Has a durable and flexible design
  2. Also features a supportive leather material
  3. Packed with exciting features like a RECEPTOR technology and PU midsole


  1. Not an easy to afford sandal

4. Birkenstock Arizona Women

best sandals for walking long distances

When wanting to go on outdoor summer strolls, you would definitely need a sandal that the foot would feel comfortable in and this trendy sandal for women is one that would provide you with the comfort you need.

This sandal features a cork footbed which is effective in providing not just superior arch support but also making sure that this sandal fits perfectly.

There is also the presence of a raised toe bar design which makes sure there is adequate flow of air, provides a natural grip and also stimulates exercise. You can equally wear this sandals to any occasion as it features a minimalistic and suede lining design.


  1. German made sandal
  2. Offers superb arch support
  3. Comes with a cork foot bed that delivers a firm fit
  4. Made using genuine leather material


  1. Not ideal for water use
  2. Expensive product

5. Teva Women’s W Hurricane Xlt2

best sandals for walking long distances

This is actually a good idea if you are looking for quality sandals for use on the go. It is a sandal that has earned nice remarks and views for its traction and comfort therefore putting it in a good position to be purchased by any woman looking for a sandal she can feel comfortably in all through the summer.

Having a nylon webbing upper design ensures that this shoe can be worn even near water or on water surfaces and this is because this sandal would be able to dry up fast and also retain moisture too.

Wearing this sandal won’t be a problem unlike in other low quality sandals as it comes with a three point closure system which also makes sure it delivers a perfect fit.


  1. Has a hook and loop closure which makes sure it fits perfectly and avoids twisting
  2. Has a water friendly design
  3. Its outsole is resistant to abrasion


  1. Sizes runs larger than expected
  2. There is also a tendency that its front strap may rub

6. Vionic Women’s Tide II

best sandals for walking long distances

Made using synthetic and woven materials, the Vionic women’s Tide II is one that is built to be durable and also features several exciting features and speaking about features, this sandal features an impressive TPR outsole and EVA midsole.

The addition of an orthaheel technology makes sure this sandal gets rid of heel pain and its biomechanical design also tends to support the foot and hug the arch for additional support.

If you constantly suffer from tired feet then this is all you need as well as people suffering from plantar fasciitis as it helps to bring relief. It has a lightweight design that also makes one wear for long and is suited for water and outdoor walks.


  1. Gets rid of certain foot pain like plantar fasciitis
  2. Dries off water with ease
  3. Toe post is well padded
  4. Has an EVA foot bed that cushions the feet


  1. This sandals runs wider than expected

7. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

best sandals for walking long distances

This is one you can count on when going outdoors as the KEEN men’s Newport H2 sandal combines both protection and comfort in one therefore making sure the foot is comfortable and relaxed at all times.

Its toe design is well covered and unlike other soles that are commonly found in most sandals, the KEEN men’s Newport H2 sandal has a razor sipped sole which provides superior traction on any surface therefore making it the best for outdoor use.

It is also safe from PFC materials and can be easily washed using a machine.


  1. Safe as it doesn’t contain PFC materials
  2. Offers the toe maximum protection at all times
  3. Easy to wash using a machine
  4. Razor sipped outsole provides adequate traction


  1. Its size runs smaller than advertised

8. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

best sandals for walking long distances

You can count on this sandal to pound the pavement all through as it features a lightweight construction which would go easy on the foot and ensure the foot is comfortable and compared to most sandals which rarely fits the foot on the market, the KEEN women’s whisper sandal is one that would perfectly fit the foot thanks to its elastic cording design.

The foot will enjoy long lasting comfort as it comes with a well cushioned foot bed and one feature of this foot which makes it widely loved by users is its cleansport NXT technology which effectively controls odor while its upper can be washed with a machine quickly.


  1. Designed in the United states of America
  2. Has a secure fit
  3. Has an in-built odor control technology
  4. Easy to wash


  1. Also runs small in sizes

9. Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk

best sandals for walking long distances

This sandals have a stylish and casual build that makes them the perfect choice for walking and even though they also have a slight sporty look, they are designed to offer printed straps which makes sure it fits and also a well textured foot bed that helps to cushion the feet.

Making the foot feel comfortable is what this sandal aims at doing and thanks to its secure and lightweight fitting, one can count on this sandals when embarking on strolls or any other outdoor activity. It comes in several colors so you can find that which perfectly suits you.


  1. Durable rubber outsole that provides the best traction to walk on any surface
  2. Lightweight design enables one walk for lengthy periods
  3. Its cushy footbed makes the feet feel more relaxed


  1. Lesser features
  2. Stretches more than normal

 10. Teva Men’s M Original Universal

best sandals for walking long distances

Here is a go to sandal you can count on during the warm months. It is designed with polyester webbing that dries quickly combined with a leather upper material that makes this sandal quite durable.

Users would be able to select any color of their choice from the numerous colors that it comes with and one amazing feature of this sandal is the fact that it comes with well-padded straps which makes sure there isn’t any sudden occurrence of blisters or irritation or even rubbing and this makes sure one walks for long while wearing this sandal.

No matter the city, trail, path or even at the beach, users are rest assured that they can count on this sandal anytime and any day.


  1. This sandals fits comfortably
  2. The perfect outdoor sandal
  3. Has no issue with sizing
  4. Stylish especially when worn with plain black socks
  5. Can be worn anywhere


  1. Customers claimed different sizes got delivered
  2. Heavier than expected

11. KEEN – Men’s Rialto 3 Point Sandal

best sandals for walking long distances

The KEEN men’s RIALTO 3 point sandal is what every man out there would enjoy having as it is designed solely with the aim of providing optimal support, protection and traction which is why it is such a good choice for walking on pavement and asphalt as well as for hiking purposes.

One can easily obtain the fit he desires as this sandal comes with easy to adjust ankle strap, heel strap and forefoot strap and this also helps in ensuring additional support while walking. Its straps comes well-padded so there isn’t any case of blisters.

Customers also attested to the fact that this sandal would offer great arch support therefore making many believe it is one of the greatest sandals ever made.


  1. Offers great arch support
  2. Can also be worn with socks
  3. Offers comfort
  4. Fits great too
  5. Keeps the feet cool


  1. Has a loose fitting

12. Skechers BOBS Women’s Desert Kiss

best sandals for walking long distances

One factor that always shows when talking about high quality sandals is the fact that style isn’t sacrificed for comfort and that is what the Skechers BOBS women’s desert kiss sandal is all about as this sandal wouldn’t only make the feet look good but would ensure that they look and feel comfortable too.

Users would be able to walk several miles while wearing this sandal and its availability in about four different colors makes it easy for one to find that which is perfect for her.

Even when walking on grass and stone, the feet would always feel comfortable as this sandal comes with a flexible sole and foam foot bed and many reviews online all agree that this sandal is super comfortable, very cute and would also earn you nice compliments from friends.


  1. Can be worn when going on trips or flying out of the country
  2. Good looking shoes and also comfortable
  3. Designed to offer great support
  4. Great quality
  5. Earns you good remarks


  1. Some customers still doubts its quality

13. Cobb Hill Women’s Hollywood

best sandals for walking long distances

If you want a sandal that would be perfect both for walking and working then the Cobb’s hill women Hollywood two piece sandal is just all you need but this is strictly for the female folks and not for men.

This sandal is designed in such a way that it helps to increase height and it can be paired with formal wears so you can actually look great and feel comfortable when going on strolls.

In addition, it comes in four colors so you can easily select that which attracts the eyes. Having a Velcro strap means this sandal would fit nicely.


  1. Gets rid of pain thanks to the support it offers
  2. Comfortable and good looking
  3. Stays true to size
  4. Enables user to walk long miles and distances


  1. The hook on the Velcro strap isn’t properly positioned

14. FitFlop Womens The Skinny Z-Cross

best sandals for walking long distances

One common or noticeable feature in most flip flops nowadays is the presence of microwobbleboard which is found in the sole of these sandals and one benefit of having this feature is it ensures that there isn’t any form of pain being felt underneath the foot.

This feature alone makes this sandal a good choice for walkers and settling for a sandal with a good heel strap simply means you would obtain a great stride while walking. Whether it is for work or for traveling, this sandal would definitely rise to the occasion and its toe post design also provides protection for the toe.


  1. Recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis
  2. Has a great styling and design
  3. Feels extremely comfortable
  4. Its strap has an attractive color
  5. Also perfect for people suffering from foot arthritis


  1. Strap is quite tight that it tends to tear the skin

15. Reef Fanning Mens Sandals

best sandals for walking long distances

Designed by professional surfer mick fanning, this is the type of sandal that features an EVA foot bed which tends to cushion the feet as well as provide arch support and being water friendly simply means one can wear this sandal comfortably across water surfaces without being afraid of it getting damaged by water or slipping.

There is a certain funny feature that this sandal comes with and that is having an in-built bottle opener which can be used in opening up drinks especially at the beach or after walking long miles or distance.

If you also want a budget friendly sandal then you have the right choice here as it can be gotten at a very affordable rate.


  1. Comes with an original rubber sole
  2. Also features a bottle opener
  3. Offers support and comfort all day
  4. High quality material build


  1. Has a narrow toe design which could cause some pain

Type of Sandals

Even if a sandal looks and feel great on your feet, there is a high possibility that it might be a different case on another leg but before settling for any sandal, get familiar with the kinds of sandals that we have today;

  1. Open toe sandals – there are the preferred option if you intend walking close to water surfaces likes lakes and rivers
  2. Closed toe sandal – would be great when going on hiking or if you are the type that does a lot of work

Tips on selecting a good sandal

There are certain tips that you should pay close attention to before purchasing any sandal today and these tips include;

  1. Quality of sandal
  2. The type of surface you intend wearing this sandal
  3. Ability to offer comfort and support

Final Words

Most walkers usually have to choose between trail sandals or walking sandals regardless if they are taking a long or short walk and having this in mind, it is very important that one finds a footwear that would not compulsorily require wearing with a socks and also offers an ideal fit.

It should be able to have great motion control, offer stability and also provides the right amount of cushion that makes it ideal for longer walks.

This review features several popular brands which are known for making high quality footwear so you know you are actually picking or making your choice from a very healthy review.

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