Top 10 Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys 2018: Unbiased Reviews

best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

Are you having a hard time in getting a special gift for your special 5 year old boys? A lot of interesting and exciting games are available right now but here are the best 10 you can select from to make sure your kids have immense fun and also keep their body and mind active and these toys are selected based on hot selling picks and customer reviews.

best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys

10 Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys 

10. Creative Builder Set 

This game is fun as it encourages your child to learn basic motor skills, be creative, learn designing, counting, Coordination, logical and sorting skills. This materials used in making this toy are non toxic materials and are safe for your kids to play with.

It also comes with a durable and toxic storage box which helps in teaching your kids to tidy up their own toys to make the room tidy and clean. Other kids can join your kid in playing with this toy and that also improves communication skill, social skill and teamwork.

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9. Osmo Coding Game

Osmo coding game helps improve logic skills and problem solving skills in your kids and it is also guaranteed to help your kid adapt and succeed in a fast increasing digital world.

Your kid will definitely find this game fun, creative and easy to approach and one of its advantages is that it works with all iPad mini, all iPad 2 and up, iPad Pro 9.7 inch, all iPad air.

It is easy to play with and all your kid has to do is just place physical blocks together to enable him learn easy computer fundamentals as well as creating sequence of command.

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8. Osmo Genius Kit

This toy is ideal for your kid as this award winning hands-on game helps to improve problem solving skills in your kid as well as enhancing foster creativity. It features five different games which will certainly keep your kid occupied for hours.

They include Numbers which helps in improving their addition, multiplication and addition skills, creative problem solving skills through Newton, improve words through puzzle games, boost their drawing skills through masterpiece game and also helping to expand their visual thinking through Tangram.

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7. Slinky 60100 Walking Spring Toy

This toy was developed in the USA, recommended for kids of five years and over 300 million have already been sold worldwide. This toy stretches like an accordion and can be used in walking down staircases and bouncing too.

This toy is made of metal that ensures long lasting jiggly and wiggly fun and it comes neatly packed in a box. This toy can be used as a gift, party favors, grab bags, stocking surfers, prizes and Easter baskets.

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6. My First FlyBar

This toy will certainly thrill your kids and would also help keep their body and mind active as well as helping them develop balance and strength, coordination, hand – eye skills and can be used outdoors or indoors.

Not only is this toy designed for toddlers but for adults too as its foam pogo bungee jumpers are created from durable materials which ensures that this product would last and this toy makes use of a flexible, strong bungee in replace of a fixed frame.

This toy also guarantees the safety of your child and no damage to the floor as its soft foam base ensures that the floor suffers no scratch or scuffs.

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5. Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer 

This toy guarantees hours of excitement and tons of laughter with the tech gear multi voice changer and your kid can experiment the science of sound using the electronic voice synthesizer that features ten different voice modifiers.

It consists of side levers used in adjusting amplitude and frequency and they help in creating hundreds of various sound combinations. Some of the special effect that comes with this toy includes colorful flashing LED lights and a voice amplifier and it also comes with one 9 volt battery.

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4. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr Talking Microscope

This toy helps your child study exciting scientific images and your kid would also learn facts about twelve fascinating bugs as well as testing their knowledge of each creepy critter in exciting quiz games.

This toy features a talking microscope that has five times focusing magnifier, twelve slides and light that allows easy viewing. This toy introduces an important scientific tool as well as helping your kid explore the scientific world and this toy also requires 3 C batteries.

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3. WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

This truck is a 20 inch long truck that features six semi metal cars and also a space large enough to house up to 28 cars. One of the amazing features of this truck is its front cab can also turn and is detachable and this truck also features construction cones and signs.

The size of this truck is 20 – length x 6 – height x 3.5 width inches and it also has a handle which kids can use in carrying the truck with cars inside.

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2. Orbo Kids Smart Watch 

This multi-functional gadget offers lots of educational benefits to your kid and your kid will the games that are installed in this gadget like time master, built in camera, talking hippo and lots more that will keep them entertained for a long period of time.

This watch provides your kid with the foundation for reading time and it displays time using either the digital or the analog clock and with just a tap, the penguin which is also referred to as the time master reads minute and hours abroad.

The three games helps to enhance musicality, sharpen reflexes and memory in your kid and exciting features like the voice recorder, photo effects and speech imitating hippo promises to give your kid hours of endless fun.

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1. Kid Galaxy Amphibious RC Car Morphibians Killer Whale

Your kid would get maximum excitement from playing with this ride and you kid can ride this powerful RC amphibian 4×4 Car on any terrain either pavement, mud, grass, water, sand and dirt and your kid can also splash through puddles with the aid of a paddle wheel that rips through the water.

This is certainly an easy to control gadget as pushing both levers backwards to move the car backwards while the car moves forward when you push the levers forward. In order to operate multiple morphibians vehicles, each vehicle must function on the same frequency and this toy requires 3 AAA and 2 AAA batteries to operate.

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