25 Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys: Educational Toys And Presents

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

Don’t Buy any toy for your boys until you see this review of the best toys for 6 year old boys

Is it difficult in getting your 6 year old boy a Christmas, holiday, birthday or any other occasional gift? Then there are lot of toys for this age range

Kids in first grades are expected to own different set of toys that would improve them when it comes to making meaningful associations as well as aiding them digest what they actually learn in school and at this stage of their lives, toys play a huge role in helping them develop certain skills.

It is quite necessary to note that in selecting toys, toys that would help consolidate what they learn at school as well as providing more fun for them should be taken into close consideration but parents should also have it at the back of their mind that toys cannot take the place of formal education but only helps in making learning quite easy and enjoyable.

Best Toys for 6 Year Old Boys

Considerations In Selecting The Best Gifts And Toys For Six Year Olds Boy

A little boy at age six should be either in his second or first year at school and when considering the best gifts and toys for him, it would be a wise move to consider toys and gifts that would help to improve or boost him academically or even get toys that might also helps him in improving on a certain skill.


Toys and gifts for six year old boys could be quite a challenge to consider as at that age they start dreaming of becoming someone influential in their lives which could be their dad or even their brother or someone in the military so it is also necessary to figure out what they like or what has got their attention as this might also play a major role role in helping parents make the right choice.

25 Gift & Toys For 6 Year Old Boys To Buy

1. Scientific Explorer – Science Toys For Six Year Old

25 best toys for 6 Year Old BoysThe scientific explorer mind blowing science kit is designed towards helping every growing boy out there to learn more and explore the fundamentals of science ranging from the use of basic science tools or even balancing chemical equations and young, growing boys would also be introduced to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) which would be instrumental when exploring, going to engineering, constructing and also experimenting.

Growing boys would be introduced to certain harmless chemicals like corn starch, vegetable oil, three color tablets, baking soda and citric acid while other supplies that comes with this science kit includes; two sticks, pipette, two cotton swab, three plastic cups, activity guide and two measuring scoops.

2. TOP Gift Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids

25 best toys for 6 year oldsThe TOP gift compact shock proof binoculars are designed towards aiding learning and providing fun at the same time for growing boys and learning to identify and meeting new objects outdoor has never been more fun than using the TOP gift compact binoculars. This well designed binocular would provide kids with crisp, sharp and clear images and would also offer them moments that would live with them all through their lives.

Durability is one key feature that was taken into consideration when designing this top quality kiddies toy as it is made using high quality materials that are highly resistant to shock just in case they accidentally hit the floor and thanks to its magnifying ability, kids can actually adjust this binoculars in order to match their eye distance and this also makes this binoculars suitable for watching birds, hunting, learning and many more.

3. Newisland Big League Blaster Gun

25 best toys for 6 year oldsYour kid can become the superhero he wants to be just by having the NEWISLAND big league blaster gun which comes with darts and a dashboard that would provide so much fun for your little king and this toy is designed to be solid and durable as it boasts of an improved and unique structure, tough colored plastics which are also resistant to damage when dropped accidentally.

Targeting and shooting is so much fun playing with the NEWISLAND plaster gun and whether the family intends going on a vacation trip, camping or any outdoor adventure, your son can also carry this toy along as it has a lightweight designed which makes it quite easy and convenient to move about with.

4. Stomp Rocket Stunt PlanesBirthday Gifts

25 best toys for 6 year oldsSpecially designed by aeronautic engineers, the Stomp rocket stunt planes are designed to aid your little boy in performing cool and amazing rocket stunts and this is also one toy that would enhance imaginative thinking and motor skills in every growing kid out there as it teaches them to run, jump and stomp when launching these stunt planes.

This toy comes with a glider plane that is designed to fly as high as one hundred feet, a looper plane that is designed at carrying out giant loops while its wildcat plane is designed to carry out amazing and interesting tricks. Playing with these planes would teach boys out there how to pilot planes into a tail wind or head wind while its angle of flight can be easily adjusted using its easy to adjust launch stand.

5. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad – Great Christmas Presents For 6 Year Old Boys

25 best toys for 6 year oldsIntroduce your little boys to cool colors and also get them to improve or work on their motor skills using the CRAYOLA LIGHT-UP TRACING PAD as it teaches every growing kid out there to learn how to identify and trace color scenes and kiddies would find this toy can easy and fun to play with as it boasts of an attractive and shiny LED design which makes tracing colors quite easy for kids.

This tablet has an ultra thin design which makes mobility quite convenient and easy as well as slipping it easily into any backpack and one interesting feature or benefit that is attached to playing with this high quality toy is it comes with everything you need to trace and after tracing, hundreds of images can also be downloaded online.

6. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

25 best toys for 6 year oldsIs your child seeking or pushing to own his tricycle then the FISHER PRICE HARLEY DAVIDSON tough trike is one that comes with all the amazing and essential features to make this trike the first and best for your growing boy and this tough trike is aimed at boosting learning and motor skills as it comes with a clicking key which makes riding on this trike look like a real life trike ride.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed when riding on the FISHER PRICE HARLEY DAVIDSON tough trike thanks to its comfort ride seat which is designed to provide a high level of comfort while riding and young rider would enjoy riding on this tough trike and be able to ride anywhere indoors or outdoors thanks to certain amazing features life big foot pedals, easy to grip handlebars, stable and wide base as well as built and rugged tires.

7. VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

25 best toys for 6 year oldsGet your kids ready to rock and roll with the VTech KidBeats Kids Drum Set three cymbals and three drum pads which boasts of a special sensory development that ensures the production of a unique tone and this toy is aimed towards boosting learning and creative playing in your little king as kids would enjoy playing along to nine melodies in pop, dance and rock songs.

This toy is often considered to be an educational toy as it drumming with this drum set makes kids feel like they are drummers in the real world and kids can learn to drum in about four various exciting modes such as the follow among, numbers, letters and free play drum modes.  However, each drum comes with a bright and attractive LED light that doesn’t just make this drum set attractive but also tends to keep your growing kid engaged for hours.

8. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC

25 best toys for 6 year oldsBATMAN TO THE RESCUE……… Help your child to create and write his own story with the FISHER PRCIE IMAGINEXT DC super friends BATCOPTER toy as this toy is aimed at helping him become the superhero he wishes and dreams to be and one interesting feature of the FISHER PRCIE IMAGINEXT DC super friends BATCOPTER toy is its landing gear which is specially designed to pick up villains away from the ground.

Offering kids a fun and cool way to hunt down and capture villains helps in improving on your kids imaginative and creative skills as well as making them active while they play and some exciting and cool features of this BATCOPTER toy are its spinning blade, claws and rotor which are quite pivotal or instrumental in carrying out amazing rescues and saves……. BATMAN ALWAYS SAVES THE DAY.

9. Marky Sparky Doinkit? Darts

25 best toys for 6 year oldsIgnite the spirit of sportsmanship and also boost coordination in your kids by getting the Marky Sparky Doinkit Darts which comes with well designed and powerful darts that would stick firmly in place but not capable of harming kids or even the wall and despite being lightweight, this well designed darts and board are made using high quality high quality materials and magnet that makes it indestructible.

Parents can easily pick a cool spot and hang this dart board on the wall using its dark hook and there are several benefits attached to playing with this dart and board as it is focused specifically at improving ,motor, aiming and targeting skills in your little boy. These darts are specially designed to fly accurately which also helps in hitting its target and it is highly recommended for kiddies aged six and above.

10. Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack

25 best toys for 6 year olds Do you have a growing boy that is a lover of cars? then this is the right toy to surprise him with as the HOT WHEELS 9-CAR gift pack is designed to provide kiddies with the same high octane joy that they see in movies and featuring abou tnine different cars, each with its own unique theme, amazing decorations and remarkable details which would always catch the eye, this toy proves to be the best and ideal gift anyone can offer a six year old boy on any occasion.

There is a certain level of spirit of sportsmanship that comes with kids that play with this toy as they tend to offer their friends cars to play with and these cars are also made to be durable as they boast of quality and original materials used in construction which makes them withstand rough and rigorous use.

11. Elite Outdoor Kids Games

25 best toys for 6 year old boys

This game can be played with either rope rings or plastic rings and it proves to be a fun and interesting game for your kid and his friends. The game requires several players in which each player will choose a line from which he will throw.

The first player throws the ring at the wooden pegs and the second player does the same and they will continue playing until all the rings have been thrown. Each peg has separate amounts of points and at the end of the game, points are counted and the player with the highest number of points is declared the winner. This toy also comes with a carrying case that serves for easy carriage and storage.

12. Melissa & Doug Construction Worker

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This product is 23.8 inches high and is made from a high quality construction fabric which is also durable. This item helps to improve role play activities and enhance learning skills in your kids as your kid dresses up like a construction worker and also pretends working with well designed tools and hat.

This product also features accessories like a name tag for pencil personalization, goggles, saw, hammer hard hat and a tool belt. These accessories are wipe-clean accessories while the costume can be washed in a machine for easy maintenance.

13. Scientific Explorer POOF-Slinky Magic Science

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This toy has been appreciated by parents for its educational value and educational activity-based science kits for kids as well as the excitement kids derive from playing with this toy. This toy helps to improve skills, develop critical thinking, encourage exploration and inspire imagination in kids through interactive activities and experiments that make playing and learning fun for your kid.

This toy teaches the science behind magic with the use of baking soda, red cabbage, zinc sulfide, color tablets, polyacrylate copolymer and citric acid. It also comes with an activity guide, a clear tube wand with two caps, four test tubes with stand, star stickers, a purple star and also recommends adult supervision.

14. VIAHART Brain Flakes

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This toy is a new construction toy which expands your kid’s imagination thinking as well as improving spatial thinking. This toy guarantees hours of endless fun as each jar comes with 500 discs and in addition to brain development, this toy also enhances dexterity and coordination in kids and helps in keeping their body and mind active.

The discs are made from tested and safe polyethylene and they can stick together as well as separate easily for all levels of motor skills. Polypropylene is used in making the cap of the jar and the use of polypropylene is a new and modern addition to the world of kid’s construction toys.

15. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

25 best toys for 6 year old kids

This smart watch is perfect for young kids and it can be used to record videos and take pictures and that also helps in improving their photography skills. This watch features a touch screen where they can explore creativity using frames, filters and fun photo effects and this smart watch also teaches kids the time by allowing them choose between analog and digital displays.

It also features a voice recorder which allows your kid to play with five voice changing effects and also enables them to record their own voice. It also comes with a micro USB cable used in uploading videos and photos and this watch isn’t suitable for bathing or showering.

16. Galaxy Remote Control Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This product has several gifts in it and they include two remote controls, two driver play figures, two RC cars and each toy functions independently as well as fully functionally designed for bumping. This game offers maximum for your kids as they race around opponents and bump into opponents to eject the driver.

This toy is easy to open as one control is used to turn and another is used to move forward and it also features a cackling laugh that plays whenever your driver is ejected. It is also designed to ride on medium carpet, hardwood floors and tile surfaces.

17. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This game is a solid wood set and features easy to master and impressive tricks and they also boost motor skills, help develop hand – eye coordination and confidence in kids. The professional magic tricks are ideal for young and beginning illusionist.

This toy also comes with magic number prediction, cylinder squeeze, vanishing coin, vanishing zone, disappearing ball, secret skills magic coin box, Egyptian prediction and money maker which will certainly amaze your kid.

18. WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This toy requires 3 AA batteries to power. One of the interesting features of this toy is it has fire truck sound and also stylish LED flashing 3D lights. This bump and go ride is designed to run on smooth surfaces and the fire engine of the ride will change directions and run once it bumps in to something.

This toy also shouts “out of my way”, “fire alarm” and “let’s go” which will certainly thrill and excite your kid.

19. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

25 best toys for 6 year olds

This product features over 30 components used in creating 101 electronic projects. The toy requires no soldering and also includes slide switches, music integrated circuit, snap wires and a speaker and each piece is color coded and numbered to help identifying them.

These components when combined form circuit boards just like the ones found in radios, televisions and other electronic devices and it also comes with an easy instructional manual that teaches your children how electric circuits work in everyday devices. This project also includes a voice controlled lamp, light police siren, sound activated switch and a musical doorbell.

20. Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard

25 best toys for 6 year old boysFeaturing aerodynamic fins, this toy comes with darts that are designed to fly smoothly and accurately to hit their target and not hit the walls and these darts boasts of high quality design which ensures that they do not rollover, falloff or even slide around each other. Playing with this toy helps in encouraging hand to eye coordination as well as boosting level of concentration.

Not only is the game good for just children but most adults also derive pleasure in playing this game and it also proves to be the ideal gift for six year old kids and above during birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and other celebrations.

21. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends


25 best toys for 6 year oldsImagination sets in when playing with the FISHER PRICE IMAGINEXT DC SUPER FRIENDS BATMOBILE AND CYCLE toy as batman lights up immediately your kids push a button and this is one game that is designed towards boosting creativity in your little kid as it shows them how to launch fire disks at the enemy while playing with this well equipped toy.

This is a fun way of keeping your kid engaged as he can choose to ride with batman in his bat mobile or ride with robin on his bike and kids can also go on several adventures with the superheroes in order to save the day.

22. Yalis Magnetic Darts 12 Packs

25 best toys for 6 year old boysSafety was taken into consideration when designing the YALIS magnetic darts game as its regular sharp point is made using a magnetic top that makes it gets stuck to the target board with ease.

And this also ensures that no harm comes to the wall and also to your kids while playing with this toy and durability is also another essential factor that was taken into consideration when designing this high quality toy as it is made using durable plastic materials which promotes product life.

These darts are also designed in such a way that they fly accurately which also helps them in hitting their targeted mark.

23. Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

25 best toys for 6 year old boysThis is a fun loving toy that would keep your kiddies engaged and occupied for hours as it would provide them with hours of highway fun and this is one fun loving ty to play with as it involves a  car carrier truck designed to store about 28 cars as well as hauling around construction cones  and construction signs.

This is the ideal toy gift for kiddies aged six to ten and it also boasts of a rotating cab which enables kids to turn around with ease while its handle at the top makes it easy to life cars inside the truck..

24. LEGO Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase 10740

25 best toys for 6 year old boysThis toy for kiddies aged four to seven year old is one that would enhance imaginative thinking and improve on your kids creative play as it involves initiating a fire rescue attempt anywhere in the city and one advantage that comes with settling for this well designed and high profile toy is it  is built to be compatible with other LEGO construction sets so as to help enhance imaginative and creative play.

Kiddies would find it easy to play with this toy as it comes with an instructional manual to guide them through the rescue process and this package comes with everything that your kid needs such as a carrying case to move about or store this toy conveniently, female and male fighters as well as every other necessary tool.

25. Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag 150-Piece

25 best toys for 6 year old boys

The designing of this toy is such a huge boost to every parent out there as now, their little kings and princes can be able to work on or improve on his building skills as this toy is dedicated towards helping your little one enhance his open ended play as well as his creativity and imaginative play. With over a hundred blocks, there is a high level of assurance that your child would be able to build tall towers, design good looking castles as well as designing other funny looking creatures.

With this toy, constructing and bringing new ideas to life is a possibility and its blocks are quite bright, attractive and colorful which wouldn’t only gets your kid’s attention but also guarantees that he would engaged for a longer period of time. It also comes with a storage bag where parents can easily stash these blocks after fun time and play time for better and convenient storage.

How To Pick The Right Educational Presents For 6 Year Old Boys

The development of any six year old boy will speed up rapidly when he gets to his first grade or second grade in school and at this stage, he yearns to learn more and widen his knowledge so when it comes down to selecting the right toy or gift, be sure you pick the right gift or toy that would quench his thirst.

But it is also wise that you shouldn’t neglect the value of fun when picking the right gift or toy for your six year old boy as less fun means he would spend less time with this toy or gift.

It would be beneficial if you can get your six year old boy toys or gifts that would help in enhancing his motor skills or any toy that would prompt him to trace, draw, identify colors and objects and sounds would do just great. The following factors would help in picking the right toy or gift for six year olds. However, other factors to consider when picking the right item are listed below;

  • Social improvement
  • Literacy
  • Physical and mental development
  • Portability

Educational Gifts And Toys For Six Year Old Boys

When on the hunt for the ideal toy or gift to give your six year old son then  you should consider giving them an educational toy or gift. Learning tools are quite fun to play with and are never boring and there are numerous entertaining toys and gifts that would help your six year old boy in improving on his motor and cognitive skills.

Ranging from STEM toys to spelling games to scientific kits, the link below would take you directly to amazon where you would find several amazing educational gifts and toys that would be suitable for six year old boys.

See them here


It is also necessary that parents should interact with other parents and also read reviews so they can identify the necessary gaps to fill when considering the best toys or gifts to offer to a six year old boy as this would also hep in getting gifts that would be of great help and immense benefit to your little boy.

This also helps as you would no longer be buying the same kind of toys repeatedly but would be introducing your boy to new and innovative ideas.




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