Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet – Top Rated with Reviews

best walking shoes for flat feet

If you are a victim of flat feet then i’m sure you can tell how challenging and disturbing the condition can be sometimes. The plain truth is having flat feet is a common and normal foot condition in most adults but you should also know that there are recommended shoes for flat feet which offers so much more than just offering a perfect fit.

The arches have the job of absorbing shock while you walk and in doing this, the arches also need to be supported so as to avoid suffering from severe sores and aches in the nearest future.

A Complete Guide On Selecting The Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feetbest walking shoes for flat feet

It may seem or sound quite easy to find a suitable walking shoe for flat feet but do not be deceived as this task is also quite challenging as a result of countless walking shoes on the market all claiming to be the best for flat feet. However, the following factors would help in settling or making a good choice when carefully considered;

  • Durability
  • Wide toe box
  • Comfort levels
  • Material used
  • Arch support
  • Supportive heel design

The Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet To Buy with Reviews

1. Brooks Men V-Strap

If your feet has a low arch then you need a walking shoe with lots of support for low arches and it would interest you to know that the brooks men addiction v-strap walking shoe is a good solution for you. This shoe is well cushioned, comfortable, provides adequate support and is also secure so you can walk freely and it is made out of a high quality leather material which makes it last longer than other shoes in its category.

Not only is this shoe suited for walking but it would also be of great use when it comes to running and one feature that makes this shoe stand out is its ability to control motion and provide the required support for low arches. It comes in white and black colors which you can wear with any casual attire.

2. Saucony Progrid Women’s ST2

If you are the type that walks or runs for long miles then you just have found the right shoe for use as the Saucony Progrid women’s ST2 walking shoe is the right choice for you and even though this footwear brand isn’t as popular as some familiar brands, it is still a good choice for people with certain feet problems. This problem also involves people with low arches and durability is also one notable feature of this shoe as it high quality leather material construction ensures it doesn’t die off anytime soon.

Whether you have a minimal or moderate pronation, this shoe is also the right shoe for you and the amount or level of cushioning that it brings is what makes the feet feel absolutely comfortable. Let’s also tell you that this shoe is the best in controlling or absorbing shock.

3. Spira Women Classic Leather

This brand made this shoe just for the female folks and it is only for every woman out there with a flat feet. The level of comfort that it offers is one distinctive feature that this shoe has and this shoe is made to provide superior cushioning and also make the feet feel very comfortable. This shoe is reliable and durable as it is made using original leather material and the fact that this shoe is durable is something that satisfies customers as no one would be happy to go back to the market to shop for another shoe after buying one that didn’t last.

Providing a comfortable environment for the feet while walking is one aim of this shoe and you can trust this shoe to get rid of low back aches and feet aches.

4. Propet Men’s Stability Walker

When it comes to controlling the motion of every flat feet, stability is all that matters and one shoe that is capable of delivering that desired stability is the Propet men’s stability walker shoe. Specially designed for men, this shoe is one that is proven to provide relief and solution to several feet problems including diabetes and when you check its reviews and remarks online, you would also find out that a lot of people have one good thing or another to say about this shoe.

Its leather material build is what makes it durable and there would be no more aches and pains in every step taken as this shoe would take full control of motion and provide the feet with the desired stability. It comes well cushioned so the feet can feel relaxed and comfortable while walking.

5. Newport Instride Lace up Sneakers

The issue with having flat feet is you have to make use of a shoe capable of providing you with stability and support. Only few shoes are designed to help people with flat feet control their motion as well as provide the feet with support and stability and the Newport Instride leather sneakers is one of such shoes.

Having an extra depth ensures that this shoes fits all types of flat feet so as to offer the best support and comfort and not only is this shoe going to offer control, stability and support but it is also going to help prevent certain feet conditions like hammer toes, bunions and swelling of the feet.

One attribute of every good walking shoe is it should be able to provide relief and protection and also eliminate aches and pains and fatigue. You would find out that every pain and ache would disappear once you start walking with the Newport Instride leather sneakers.

6. Easy Spirit Punter Women’s

Today is actually your lucky day if you are in search of a good shoe that would be suitable for flat feet as the Easy Spirit women’s punter athletic shoe is all you need. This is more than just a footwear as it is capable of providing unmatched level of stability and support which would help in absorbing shock when walking. This is also another shoe you can count on when running and hiking as it helps in minimizing and eliminating foot aches and pains.

Wearing this shoe guarantees a superior level of cushioning and comfort as its inner design features an inner sole that provides a soft ad cloud-like feeling each time you walk. Being lightweight makes it the perfect shoe for athletes.

7. New Balance Men’s MW411v2

Having a flat feet also comes with having tired feet with pains and aches and if you suffer from all these then now is the time to do something about it. The New Balance men’s MW411v2 sneakers is the right option for you as it is designed to offer users adequate stability and support as well as providing protection against twisting of the ankles. The material used in making this shoe and the grip its sole is what contributes or combines to provide a stability when walking.

Its rubber soles are durable and resist wearing off easily while their classic and stylish designs are what sets them apart from most low quality sneakers that you would come across when shopping. It is also good in the circulation of air so as to enable the feet feel cool and relaxed while walking.

8. New Balance Men’s 928v3

This is one shoe that definitely has to make this list. It is versatile and is packed with numerous attributes that gives it a right to earn a place in this list. Whether you are suffering from wide feet, back pain, under pronation, hammer toe victims, knee pain victims among others then this is just the only solution that you need as this shoe comes with several features that helps in enhancing or boosting ones walking experience.

It would extremely healthy to walk with this shoe if you have diabetes and it also comes with a roll ball which prevents unnecessary ankle twisting. Durability and breathability are also other important aspects of this shoe that makes it earn good remarks among customers.10

9. Vionic Walker Classic Shoes

People living with flat feet would be able to tell you how disturbing and painful it is living with such foot condition. If you have decided to take that burden off your feet then you can trust the Vionic Walker Classic shoe to come to your rescue as it comes with a durable inner sole that provides adequate cushioning and comfort while walking or running. It is also a good choice when dealing with bunions, pronation and other feet related issues.

Its impressive motion control is what distinguishes it from other similar brands and its durable mid-sole is also reliable in absorbing shock. If you also have ankle pains, back pains and knee problems then this is also a good solution for you.

10. Saucony Grid Omni Walker

This is a budget friendly shoe and one for people with issues of moderate over pronation. It is able to provide support and comfort for flat feet thanks to the mid-foot and sole bridge design that this shoe has and another exceptional feature of this shoe is its SRC crash pads found in the heel region that helps in absorbing shock and providing extra comfort.

People who have used this shoe have also testified that it makes them feel like they are walking on clouds and that the feet feels comfortable in this shoe.

This shoe is also stable and durable and this is because of the high quality leather material construction. It is also breathable as it encourages proper circulation of air so as to prevent heating of the feet while walking.

11. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

If you want a shoe capable of providing support and comfort especially if you have flat feet or you are into walking for fitness then the brooks women’s ghost 11 is one that you should always look out for when shopping.

It is one that is designed just for women alone and it doesn’t require any form of break-in period as it delivers adequate comfort and support.

If you currently suffer from heel or toe pain as a result of wearing narrow shoes then get this shoe which has several width to suit wide feet and it is also a good option for runners. It is a nice looking shoe and one that would rhyme when worn with any casual attire.

12. Brooks Men’s Beast 16 Shoes

If you are a man suffering from a high degree of over pronation then the Brooks men’s beast 16 shoe is the ideal choice for you. This shoe is also a great choice for any man suffering from having a wide feet and tend to spend most of their time either standing on their feet or walking.

What makes this shoe loved among most customers is the fact that it comes in several widths which ensures it accommodates even the biggest or smallest feet.

Meanwhile one major downside of this shoe is the fact that it weighs heavy compared to other shoes that are more lightweight but every customer has appreciated the stability, support, and comfort that this shoe brings.

13. Brooks Women’s Ariel 18 Shoes

This is more like the female version of the Brooks Men’s Beast 16 shoe that we just finished talking about and if you are a woman suffering from flat feet and over pronation then waste no further time and go for the Brooks Women’s Ariel 18 shoe. Being lightweight is another advantage for people with flat feet as it helps them to feel comfortable when walking long distances and the amount of cushioning and support that it offers makes it the perfect choice for every woman who spends most of her day on her two feet.

Its comfort is described as cloud-like by customers and it also provides amazing arch support and these two features are what sets it apart and makes it superior over other shoes.

14. Saucony Echelon LE2

Here is another exceptional shoe from Saucony which would be suitable for people with flat feet and even though this shoe is made to be lightweight, it is also very durable and provides lots of support. Its sleek look and athletic design makes it very attractive and the fact that it has additional room in its toe box region makes it a good choice for people with corns, bunions and other feet related issues.

An excellent feature of this shoe is its PowerGrid mid-sole which distributes pressure evenly, helps in absorbing shock and also keeping the foot stabilized while walking. This is also the best choice for most people with flat feet who want a shoe that has an athletic and not an orthopedic look.

15. Asics Men GT 1000 6

The combination of function and form is what the Asics brand is known for and if you are currently suffering from having a flat feet then this shoe is all you need as it proves to be helpful and effective in dealing with such cases as well as having a sleek and stylish design in both the women and men designs. The feet would not feel heat while walking with this shoe as it features an internal liner and mesh upper design which makes sure there is adequate flow of air.

The arch support and padding that this shoe brings is more than enough to get rid of pain and provide comfort as long as you wear this shoe and it comes in a stylish and eye catching accent that makes it very fashionable.

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16. Propet Women’s W0089 Walking Sandal

If you are a woman with flat feet then you should try this sandal out as they are comfortable and also prove to be supportive even when running.

They are ideal sandals you can wear during the summer without suffering from heat and even though this might be a sandal, it however comes with some shoe parts featured at specific places. They are quite affordable and would look beautiful when combined with summer dresses or skirts.

The aim of designing this sandal asides from helping out with heavy feet is also to offer ladies that stylish look as well as making the feet feel comfortable while walking and additional comfort is also seen in its opened toe region and closed back region.

17. New Balance MW928v2 Men’s Shoe

Even though this shoe is designed specially for physical activity, they earned their place in this review due to their ability to provide the much needed comfort when walking long miles and one feature customers can’t stop talking about is its well cushioned mid-sole that makes the feet feel extremely comfortable all day long.

When going on long walks, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about as its padded tongue and collar also provides support and additional comfort.

They come in black and white colors and this model is just too perfect as it holds the combination of comfort, performance, quality and beauty which makes it a very good choice for most people.

18. Reebok Women Skyscrape

This shoe features a supportive comfort technology which is aimed at delivering optimal comfort to the feet and weighing just about five ounces, this shoe is extremely lightweight and also has what it takes to enhance stability and support.

Its ability to provide ample protection and also absorb shock is due to its quality and durable sole which is also tasked with providing the feet with suitable traction to walk on most surfaces. This sole also provides stability and firm grip to the user.

Unlike most walking shoes that tends to lose its shape or color when washed, that isn’t the case with the Reebok brand as it can be washed easily without being bothered about it losing its shape or color and one doesn’t necessarily need to wear this shoe with a socks as it features a padded foam collar that makes the ankle region quite comfortable.

They also come in several attractive colors so you can pick any of your choice.

19. Aleader Slip on Women’s Water Shoe

If you want a suitable shoe for water activity then Aleader brings you this shoe which has ample ventilation thanks to its durable and breathable mesh upper design that enables air to flow in and keep the feet cool and warm and users don’t have to be bothered about being attacked by outdoor elements as this shoe also comes with a water grain outsole which doesn’t just provide the right amount of traction but also makes it convenient to walk on slippery and wet surfaces.

One thing everyone must note about the Aleader brand is that their shoes do not need extra protection or care therefore making it very easy to maintain and together with all of its other important and vital features, this shoe can be gotten at a very cheap price which is also another notable benefit of settling for this shoe.

20. ONEMIX Lightweight Men’s

Having a mix of a comfortable, breathable and a lightweight design makes this shoe one of the most sought after walking shoes for flat feet today and when dealing with flat feet, a shoe that is able to render stability and support is what is required and that is what this shoe is all about as it comes with an anti-slip foam cushioned foam which makes the feet stable and provides support each time you walk. Its interior is made using a breathable material that keeps away bad smells from this shoe.

Furthermore, the ONEMIX lightweight men’s running shoe has a 3D cotton woven upper design which also makes way for more flow of air to keep the feet cool and warm and it has an aesthetic look which is somewhat stylish and striking therefore making this shoe suitable not just for walking but also for other sporting and casual events.

Advantage of Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

The elimination of discomfort and pain is the major reason why health official advice people with flat feet to get a suitable shoe for walking and not just any shoe they come across. Here are some other reasons why these shoes are a good choice;

  • gets rid of back pain as they keep the spine well aligned
  • provision of comfort and cushioning when walking
  • prevents twists and keeps the foot in a stable state
  • eliminates foot fatigue that is brought about by walking long distances


Here you have the list of the best 20 walking shoe for flat feet and now it is up to you to make a good choice. Ensure that you go for a shoe that would cater for all your needs and also meets all of your requirements.

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