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Woodworking vise

Here we have shared an amazing review on best woodworking vise.

When working on a workbench we can usually have screws and fasteners of the equipment. But the problem is that sometimes these do not have the strength or ability to hold the material with which we are going to work, which leads us to look for alternatives between the screws for workbench offered by the market.

A vise is a manual tool formed by two jaws, a fixed one that is fastened to a workbench and another mobile by means of a screw. Also popularly known as Walrus in some Latin American countries it serves to effectively hold pieces on which we have to work. And where we need the pieces are perfectly fixed so that the work we do will be perfected to achieve the best finishes.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Woodworking Vise

These products maintain a high resistance and easy operation to save you effort when working. Since not all jobs are the same, neither are the measurements of all the screws. To be able to work properly, it is advisable to keep in mind the measurements of the materials you are going to use to find a product with adequate clamping capacity.

In passing do not forget to check that the jaws are suitable for these materials, giving you the support you need at all times. Fixing the material on the screw is important. But even more important is to fix the screw on the work table, because if you do not, both screw and materials will end up uncontrolled.

This fastening can be done by means of a rotating sergeant system, which adjusts the screw on the table, or by means of conventional screws and nuts. Depending on what you need, bet on one model or another without forgetting that for highly demanding jobs the best models are usually with sergeant included. The last important element has to do with the construction of the screw.

A good screw must be solid and resistant, for which it is convenient to see the construction materials of it. In this section, we must look for high-quality material since they are the materials that usually give us a better performance and have a greater resistance when using them.

This aspect makes the difference between a normal screw and a good screw so be sure to check it. As with all hand tools, there are countless models and brands in the market. And when we go to buy it is difficult to know the differences or which are better or worse.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, we have many blogs where they are talked about and they are ranks of comparison that makes this task easier for us. Apart from having many opinions of other buyers who are also a good reference for choosing between the best hand tools. So at this point, we will see the different characteristics that we can in these work banks in order to buy the one that best suits our needs.

The first decision or filter that we will have to select in order to choose between the different models of bench screws is the type of guide that the tool will carry. The guide is the part of the tool that joins the two jaws, the fixed and the mobile.

The bench screws with a round guide are more reinforced than a square guide, the spindle being more protected against filings, especially when working with metal parts. Actually, the vice with round guides is an evolution of the first square guide models. In the square guide jaw which is movable moves through a portal (hollow square) located on the back of the fixed jaw.

The mobile jaw has a bridge that covers and protects the entire spindle at the top and slides between the parallel guides of the fixed jaw. There is some slack between the spindle and the guides that we can see as we press the same, seeing that the jaws are not perfectly aligned until closing.

The round guide is the evolution of the model of the square guide where the mobile jaw also moves inside the fixed, but unlike the square has a hollow cylinder that protects the spindle more efficiently.

For selecting the best woodworking vise we have mentioned some:

1. Wilton 63144 Heavy-Duty Woodworking Vise

Wilton 63144 Heavy-Duty Woodworking Vise

The Wilton 63144 screw is a precision model equipped with a jaw width of about 4 by 7 inch, with which we can hold the screw directly on any compatible surface with the maximum opening 10-inch.

You can also fix it on any surface with two conventional screws. The model has jaws width with 4 by 7 inch with a protective covering of the contact area and has the dimension of about 18 x 8 x 6 inches, perfect for the most fragile pieces.

The product has a weight of 30-Pound and a high-quality manufacturing that allows us a nice glide when it comes to holding any material. A model of quality and a pleasant glide with which to work comfortably and pleasantly.

2. Eclipse EWWQR10-NA Quick Release Woodworking Vice

Eclipse EWWQR10-NA Quick Release Woodworking Vice

Magnificent Eclipse brand tool, robust, excellent price, little side slack. With a maximum opening of 10” jaw width and 4” throat depth. I consider that for almost 95% of the tasks that we may need to perform we can do with this model. Great price-quality ratio. The great opinions product which has the truth is that it has not disappointed anybody with the useful work, on the contrary, very surprised by the price it has.

Those who had seen in average quality hardware that was not small, this for less, you have the same benefits. From a brand of manual and electrical tools well known in the world of woodworking. And really robust and with good finishes. 100% recommendable.

The model also contains brief launch cause which opens and closes the vice quick without the usage of the primary screw. The Eclipse with model number EWWQR10-NA is one of the most popular woodworking vises among professionals. The vise is made of Gray Cast Iron and has 39 lb. net weight. With an immense closing force, the Eclipse EWWQR10-NA is a powerful tool.

It has a considerable polarity among professionals and amateurs in the construction business. Its total and attractive point is the immense closing force it possesses. Of reliable and powerful nature, being manufactured from one of the largest brands in the market. The width of the jaw is 10”.

By means of a turntable, the vise can be turned to the optimum position at any time. While the model contains a safety point where the fused tommy bar will be bend before the vise become over-stressed.

3. Performance Tool W3901 Hammer Tough 6-1/2″ Woodworker’s Vise

Performance Tool W3901 Hammer Tough 6-1/2" Woodworker's Vise

The Performance Tool W3901 model maintains the design of traditional workbench screws with the classic anvil format, which helps us to maintain all kinds of materials while we work. This product is fixed directly on the surface of our work table so that the materials do not move during the work.

This model has a durable powder coat finish with chrome plated handle and spindle, with which we can move the screw in the desired direction to work with the best comfort. Its solid iron construction makes this product a high-quality piece that will accompany you for a long time without losing its qualities or its efficiency. It has a continuous screw with steel guide bar for having a smooth operation.

In addition, the woodworking model contains a pre-drilled hole with 6-inch jaws opening which are used for attaching wood facings. It is a heavy duty durable design which increases the longevity of the model. Moreover, the model also contains a 2-3/8 inch throat depth.

4. Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working

Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working

The work working vise Yost M7WW Rapid Acting is a new and different piece, which we can use both on traditional tables and as part of the brand’s drilling systems. A product made of lightweight high-quality aluminum that offers a high resistance when working.

The assembly system is very simple, with quick lever opening and closing of the vise, so that you have enough space to accommodate materials of all types and sizes.

The model has a quick clamping system so that you can tighten the product on the material with little effort or complications, being perfect for use both on iron and on any non-ferrous material. The model mounts flush for the working of benches. This Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working vise is the bestselling product.

The most economical and best-selling in style. With a regular weight of 21.0 pounds, it is a screw of average quality, but reliable. The width is 9.0 inches, with height 9.0 inches, size 7 inches, and its length is 18 inches. It has dimensions of 8 x 8 inches.

It is a model of best quality at a low price that it is worth considering your purchase. Moreover, the Yost makes use of a buttress thread for the main screw. This thread style provides smoother operation and better clamping force. The cease stop on the vise prevents the vise from being opened too some distance.

5. Pony 27091 9-Inch by 7-Inch Medium Duty Woodworker’s Vise

Pony 27091 9-Inch by 7-Inch Medium Duty Woodworker's Vise

Due to its low price, this Pony vise is also among the most popular products. This screw is for duty home, shop or professional use. This makes it one of the cheapest and most popular.

It has a light weight of 1 pounds and its price-quality ratio is compensated. The width of the jaw is only 7 inch and the interior width is 55mm. The dimensions of the product are 16.2 x 8.2 x 6 inches.

At a price of approximately $57.00, it is the cheapest vise screws. For professional use we would recommend it, but for all fans who want to do small domestic repairs, who can take advantage of this model. It is designed to mount to the face of wood workbenches.

The top edges of the jaws are generally introduced flush with the bench top. It’s going to mount to the face of any wood workbench, however, a few paintings benches can also want to be changed via mortising out part of the bench face or including timber shims to permit jaws to be flush with the bench pinnacle.

The jaws have drilled holes for attachment of timber facings which allows you to guard your work (timber faces no longer blanketed). The front jaw features a strong steel dog inside the front jaw which, whilst used along with a bench prevent, lets in oversized paintings to be held securely on the bench top.

The vise operates smoothly with acme thread important screw and dual manual bars of plated steel. Functions a 7-inch jaw width and nine-inch maximum starting ability. Castings are grey iron with orange baked tooth end.

6. Irwin 226361 Woodworker’s Vise

Irwin 226361 Woodworker's Vise

A unique model in its best design, making it characteristic of a regular closing and quite modest. On top of this, the practicality is redeemable when placing the pieces, allowing greater mobility in your area. All this makes it one of the best you can get. The Irwin brand is famous for its innovative products (such as tool cases).

This Irwin 226361 vise is also no exception. This best model allows a more versatile use than conventional models. If you care a lot about the precision and strength of closing it might be better to opt for another model, however, there are many good opinions about the Irwin 226361 as it is a model that allows you to place the pieces in any position.

The size of the product is only 6-1/2-Inch. It weighs only 6 pounds and has the dimensions of 7 x 3.8 x 8 inches. With a price of approximately $20, it is a highly recommended purchase product.

The square body seating is easy beneath the bench mounting, and the model helps for installing wooden cheeks for the protection of workpieces. While the 6 ½ inch jaw capacity of the model is perfect for light duty woodworking tasks, in addition, the model has toe- in toward top jaws which help to ensure the grip on the workpiece.

7. 6-1/2” Woodworking Vise with Bench Dog

Woodworking Vise with Bench Dog

The Olympia Tools woodworking vise is one of the best models in the market. Bolt with characteristics of a cast iron construction with 30,000 PSI tensile strength with the powder coated finish, also economic and something generic. It weighs about 4.2 pounds and it would be the best and most used piece by apprentice fans.

It is able to mounts to face of the workbench to hold woodworking and assembly projects. The size of the model is 6-1/2″. It has the dimensions of 3.8 x 8.8 x 11 inches. You could say that it has the best-countersunk holes for securing to the workbench. However, at such a best price, the quality/price ratio is fair.

It is highly recommended for use. Jaw tour is guided by using dual steel rails, evenly distributing contact between jaw and workpiece, to maximize grip and save you floor harm. Set up options consist of positioning flush with bench pinnacle, for quick and consistent alignment between workpieces.

8. Yost L65WW Hobby Wood Working Vise

Yost L65WW Hobby Wood Working Vise

Apparently very similar to the Yost M7WW Rapid Acting Wood Working, this vise represents the “light” version of this brand. Ideal for DIY matters. It weighs around 6.0 pounds and has the dimensions of 7 x 5 inches. It has 6.5″ Jaw Width and 110kg clamping force which makes it a little less efficient than the other model.

This is also reflected in the price $30.02. It is a solid and reliable product and has good evaluations in the woodworking vise products. It is perfect for DIY. This vise is made out of rugged grey iron. The woodworking vise model contains a 6-1/2” wide jaws with a 4-1/2” jaw opening configuration.

9. Groz 39011 Rapid Action Woodworking Vise

Groz 39011 Rapid Action Woodworking Vise

Screw classic appearance, like most of the manufactured by this brand, with an average weight. As a relevant fact, the model Groz 39011 is a very robust and strong tool, which makes it safe and reliable for many.

The Groz brand manufactures more classic vises compared to other brands such as Yost or Olympia Tools. However, this model is quite robust and strong. The dimension of the product is 18 x 9 x 9 inches.

The product is manufactured of Stainless Steel with the weight of 17.85 pounds. These vises function a unique rapid-motion mechanism. To tighten the vise you switch the take care of in the traditional way however as soon because the handle is growing to become within the opposite path, the screw is engaged and the front jaw slides freely.

This layout proves pretty beneficial in a repetitive work state of affairs for containing different length portions. Fabricated from near grained gray cast iron with as it should be machined housings for easy sliding motion and genuine parallel motion freed from facet or cross-motion.

Vise jaws are ready with a “toe-in” characteristic such that once absolutely closed, the jaws meet handiest on the top to provide even clamping on the entire intensity of the paintings piece. The metal most important screw has buttress threads for easy, correct and responsive adjustment.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up

So important is the quality of the manufacturing materials, choose the type of woodworking vises to mention above and choose the size of the jaws. As it is the perfect fixation to the table or bench.

We will need a good work table where we can leave the vise fixed because it will have to withstand the forces and tensions caused by the tightening and clamping of parts.

Poor quality of the table or bench can cause movements to occur in it which causes imperfection in the finishes. Even that it breaks that holds the manual tightening tool and we change it.

So we have to observe this point well in the place where we are going to place it. First the quality of the support and then with enough space to work, tighten the adjusting screw of the jaws, and be able to perform the work comfortably.

The jaw is the parts that will hold the pieces on which we are going to work. And in the market, we find different gauge widths, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, and 250 mm. For general works at least it is to choose the one of 150 mm. If they are temporary DIY jobs or we are fans of cycling and we will use it to change or fix the puncture of a bicycle wheel.

Or minor jobs with bicycle parts 125 mm jaws can go perfectly well. If your budget or pocket allows the 200 or 250 mm is a rod, are more resistant and heavier, and allow us to do all kinds of jobs, but have a much higher price. Always having the option if you are short of budget then the above mention best price manageable screws of a woodworking will help you.

Unfortunately, the best woodworking vise is of cast iron since it is the iron or forge which is very resistant material, and that being well greased and protected from the oxide lasts many years. But as we discussed when we talked about the best brands of wood stoves there are many types of the foundry. Depending on the amount of silica of the same we have mentioned more or less resistant products also.

Just as if its manufacture is by mold by electrolysis, since in the mold it is more usual to have bubbles and that the castings are not complete. Causing them to break before. Today forged steel assures us a priori a higher average quality than cast iron unless we know the origin of it. Since a good casting can be equal to or even better than forged steel.

But with the forged steel we do not have the risk that we have commented that the casting is with mold or that it takes a quantity of silica to cheapen the pieces. And as when we buy we do not know the origin of this smelting, the tendency, and general opinions is that the best bench screws are cast iron instead of forged steels.

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