Best Working Shoes for Flat Feet – Top Rated with Reviews in 2019

Before you step out of your house every morning and head off to work, there has to be quite some things that you ought to be getting right.

If the kind of work you do involves mathematics then make sure you don’t forget your calculator, if you are a medical doctor, ensure you don’t forget your stethoscope but whatever work or field you find yourself in, make sure you are always working with the right pair of shoes.

However, finding the right footwear could be very frustrating even though you want something that would provide the feet with desired arch support or you need something that would soothe your flat feet and with fewer information available today, it is very likely that one would find it very challenging to find a suitable working shoe for flat feet.

A Complete Guide on Finding the Best Working Shoe for Flat Feet

Best Working Shoes for Flat Feet

We have actually set the ball in motion already as we have some great footwear packed with great features that would be perfect for a flat feet. Let’s say you want something to compliment your official, classy and suave look then you have come to the right place as we bring you the best working shoes for flat feet.

The market is filled with different kinds of shoes that would be perfect for various people with flat feet but to get to meet the best, we bring you this top list of the best working shoes for flat feet which contains shoes for both the male and female folks. Come and take a look and we guarantee you would find one that would suit your feet and also your lifestyle.

The Best Working Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

Dansko Men’s Wyatt Loafer

best working shoes for flat feet

If you are in search of a work shoe that would be perfect for your lifestyke then the Dansko men’s Wyatt loafer is just what you need and this isn’t just a joke as it comes endorsed by the medical association.

Its exterior is made to be durable and this is because it is made using an original leather material which makes sure it doesn’t fade anytime soon and coming with several interesting features like impressive stitching, an oxford rivet and also a moc toe design, this shoe is designed or built to have a fashionable and stylish look.

If you have sensitive foot then this is also a good shoe for you as it would offer the foot all the cushion it requires while having a well-padded tongue and collar makes way for a cozy fit.

The conclusion of all this simply means this shoe would take better care of your foot than any other shoe on the market and not to forget its polyurethane midsole which is added so as to help get rid of friction and abrasion.

Dansko Women’s Patti Flat

best working shoes for flat feet

For every woman who spends a great number of time working everyday needs a footwear that would care for the foot and make the foot feel comfortable and this comfort isn’t gotten from wearing high heels and slippers most of the times.

They might look fashionable and fancy but in actual sense, they do not help you or the feet as the foot needs less elevated angles and something that would offer more support. The Dansko women’s Patti flat shoe would come to your rescue as it helps to care for fatigue and tired feet.

The physical appearance of this shoe shouldn’t discourage or fool you as this shoe is designed to be the envy of most other shoes on the market and every element you want your shoe to have is present in this shoe such as a waterproof membrane and nubuck uppers that are resistant to stain which comes together to keep the feet dry.

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On

best working shoes for flat feet

Every modern man knows exactly what he wants or expects from his work shoe and the ECCO men’s Helsinki slip on shoe is a good shoe to spend your money on as it is designed putting every man’s needs and cares into consideration.

Whether you intend going for a picnic, on a stroll or even for use at the office then this shoe is just what you need and one unchallenged feature or fact of this shoe is it has an intrinsic design that cannot be found in other men shoes.

Having a quality and impressive build makes this shoe quite difficult to ignore and most people have expressed their surprise at how breathable this shoe is despite being made with high quality leather material.

This is because this shoe has an inner textile lining keeps sweat away from the foot and the addition of a comfort fiber system boost the circulation of air inside this shoe.

Alegria Women’s Khloe Slip-On

best working shoes for flat feet

The combination of an ultimate comfort and simplicity is what the Alegria women’s khloe slip on shoe is all about as even though this shoe has a gentle build, it is tough enough to support a woman’s leg all through the day.

That doesn’t mean this shoe isn’t fun too as even though it is designed to be extremely functional, it also has some amazing intrinsic features that makes wearing it more fun. You can count on this shoe to come through in any event or activity thanks to its impressive foot technology.

Its exterior is made with high quality leather material that doesn’t just last long but is also easy to keep clean compared to other low quality shoes while the addition of some natural embellishments also makes this shoe appealing to the eyes and that is the kind of stuff most women likes.

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Dress Oxford

best working shoes for flat feet

When talking about shoe manufacturers that know exactly what their customers or buyers expect from them, KEEN is actually part of such manufacturers as they are dedicated towards meeting the needs and requirements of the customers.

As such, they have designed the KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Dress Oxford work shoe which is designed to enable every man deliver his best at work and also feel comfortable simultaneously. This is why this shoe is quite popular and also every man’s favorite today.

The Keen Utility men’s OTC dress oxford shoe has a tough and slip-resistant outsole which makes it a perfect choice when walking on slippery surfaces and no matter the kind of surface, whether it is muddy, snow or greasy, this shoe would maintain uprightness and keep the feet in a controlled and stable position.

Its interior features a KEEN cush bed that would cradle the foot and help it feel extremely comfortable.

Dansko Women’s Fawna Mary Jane Flat

best working shoes for flat feet

Dansko is the right brand that knows what every woman wants out of her shoes and the Dansko women’s Fawna Mary Jane flat shoe is one that features a stylish design but yet has a casual feel.

The design of this shoe makes it stand out away from thousands on the market and this is one shoe every woman can count on to help get rid of knee and foot pain like plantar fasciitis as it helps in providing arch support.

Feeling pain in the limbs after sitting, standing and walking all day isn’t good for the health of the foot and making use of a poor quality shoe would also get things complicated.

Fortunately for every woman out there the Dansko brand has taken all their needs into consideration and come up with this excellent shoe which would a great addition to any woman’s shoe collection.

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KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip On Work Shoe

best working shoes for flat feet

The KEEN brand is every man’s favorite as they can trust it to design a shoe that would make the foot comfortable and also assure that they wouldn’t feel any form of pain or even break a limb. For this reason, whenever KEEN designs a shoe and sends it to the market, there are lots of men desperately wanting to have the same shoe.

Getting yourself the KEEN utility Men’s PTC slip on shoe would make you understand why this shoe is such a high quality and impressive product and even though this shoe works very hard as described, it also looks good and stylish.

One excellent feature of this shoe is it is resistant to water making the best choice to wear under the rain and also not getting you bothered about the feet getting wet.

It also has the combination of a memory foam and KEEN cushion PU design which is quite effective in absorbing shock and offering excellent arch support.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

best working shoes for flat feet

Making use of the right shoe for work is one important way of keeping the shoe healthy and nowadays there are certain jobs that demands the use of special tools but making use of the right shoe ensures that the foot would receive all the care and support that it needs at any given time.

The Merrell men’s encore gust slip on shoe is designed to be perfect both on the outside and on the inside and one reason why every man can absolutely rely on this shoe is due to its ability to improve work performance and offer the best traction when walking and working.

The coupling of all these essential features with a gentle touch is one factor that this shoe possesses but is found wanting in other shoes and if you intend protecting your foot from pains and aches that could be caused by uneven and rough terrains then you should not hesitate in settling for this shoe today.

It also comes with air cushions that absorbs shock.

Dansko Men’s Wayne

best working shoes for flat feet

At the mention of the name Dansko, there is this rush of excitement and anxiety as everyone knows that this brand doesn’t stop to impress people with its high quality and impressive shoes and guys are often irritated at the fact that they spend time bending down just to tie some shoe lace.

If you find yourself in this category then the Dansko Men’s Wayne slip on shoe doesn’t come with a shoe lace and can be worn and taken off with ease. It is designed specially for the modern and hardworking man.

Wearing this shoe simply means you can go about your daily activities without having to be bothered about how the feet feels as this shoe is effective in getting its job done. Its job is to care for the feet while the combination of a casual look and incredible design makes it difficult to look away from when shopping for a good working shoe.

Its padded collars and gore elastic features also helps in delivering that touch of comfort and class.

Trotters Women’s Danelle Dress Pump

best working shoes for flat feet

Having unique designs and also having trendy features are the main characteristics of any feminine shoe on the market but a woman who works hard every day needs more than just trends and designs.

No matter how attractive a shoe look or how beautiful its design is, if you can’t perform your duties fully and comfortably in it then you might consider going for a more suitable shoe right away. One shoe which has the unique blend of sophistication and comfort is the Trotters Women’s Danelle dress pump.

This shoe is crafted out of genuine leather material and also has a stylish feel and this shoe also comes with beautiful counter details which makes sure it is quite different from the rest.

You would certainly have a good working and comfortable experience whenever you wear this shoe thanks to its stable heel, impressive build and shock absorbing surface.

What is a Flat Feet?

Just as the name goes, a flat feet means the absence of arches which therefore results into the sole of the feet coming in contact with the ground totally. Recent statistics have revealed that about twenty to thirty percent of the world population suffer from this problem and if you find yourself in this category, don’t feel odd because there are lots of people with this same problem just like you.

Causes of Flat Feet

Flat feet could be caused by several or numerous purposes and some of them include;

  1. Nerve damage
  2. Wearing shoes with less support
  3. Wear arches and arthritis
  4. Family history
  5. Aging process in man
  6. Certain medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes and obesity

How is Flat Feet Diagnosed?

A flat feet can be diagnosed only when you pay a visit to the doctor and he gets to do it the old fashioned way which involves wetting the foot and then trying to stand on a smooth surface like heavy paper or concrete. Leaving more imprints leaves the feet more flattened but there are other medical professionals whom can just tell if you have flat feet by mere observation.


This review we brought to you is a good place to start if you want a good working shoe for flat feet and when trying to find a suitable one, always remember that cushioning, stability, comfort, support and absorbing shock are important features that you must look out for in every shoe.

Furthermore, a good working shoe would enable you work and stand for hours so go ahead and pick any that would be ideal for your lifestyle and would also give you that fashionable look.

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