Cute, Funny & Romantic Bae Quotes For Him and Her – Love Quotes And Sayings

Cute, Funny & Romantic Bae Quotes For Him and Her

Our Cute, Funny & Romantic Bae Quotes For Him and Her comes in handy to say to bae to make his or her day wonderful and memorable. You can also trust these quotes after a fight to get you guys back on track once again.

It’s the bane of many lovers outside there, being able to feel that surge of love for someone you care about but having so little to express it well because of the poverty of language or not just knowing exactly to say the words.

Cute, Funny & Romantic Bae Quotes For Him and Her

You are then left to wish your heart could take the stead of your mouth so you can really say how much you feel forgotten that someone. Well, be sure to know that you are not alone in your struggles because a lovely quote or something magical words aptly written or spoken can be the open sesame you need.

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BAE- the coined words alone are magical and if you are to put three or more magic into your words stoked with the magic and love and affection from your heart then you have found the right place. What better way to make them feel special as much as you feel for them than this.

Cute, Funny & Romantic Bae Quotes For Him and Her

  1. You are the only one for whom I can get down for
  2. There’s nothing more I’ll pick over you if I was given a choice to make
  3. You make my tomorrow so brilliant to look at through your eyes
  4. You are are like my lyrics to my heart song
  5. You are everything my life needs
  6. My love for you is heavenly
  7. I get so happy when I get to think of you
  8. You, my bae are not just above all else, you are my all
  9. You are to me like the taste of bliss
  10. You will always have a special place in my heart.
  11. When I get a text from you, I stop everything just to read it.
  12. You are my first thought in the morning and last thought before I fall asleep.
  13. When with you it seems like the whole world is just a small space and I feel most loved
  14. You make feel happy because I know I mean something to someone
  15. The reason why I cannot put three thoughts together without a smile is you
  16. You are the one good thing to make all the other bad thing forgettable in my life
  17. When I’m with you, it’s like standing with an army
  18. I’ve been in love with you all my life that I can’t find in my heart room to hate you.
    You have that much power over me
  19. I promise from now till I go six feet under, no one will ever love you as much as I do.
  20. You’re the oxygen to my lungs.
  21. You are everything worthy of laud and love and it’s why I laud  and love you so much
  22. It’s amazing what a gaze from you can accomplish
  23. Its inexplicably how I feel for you, the height is like heaven to earth, the width is like here to the horizon
  24. Your love to me is like the touch of magic
  25. There are men and there are lovers but you are are my all in all because without you I cannot be myself
  26. You make me happy like my happiness is impossible without you
  27. Your smile to me is like a welcome to dreamland
  28. Like a fool in love, you make me want never to fall out.
  29. When I’m next to you, I feel like the while world can just pass away and I’ll still be safe in your presence.
  30. It doesn’t matter the problem, your are worth laying it down all for
  31. You are by miles the best thing to happen to my life
  32. Before you came, my life was just a walking through the motion but since you, I’ve never felt more alive
  33. You to me are everything I could ever need
  34. I thank whatever deity there is for bringing me you because that was a changing event of my life
  35. As long as I have cause to, I’ll love you till its my last breath I breathe
  36. You are my everything and without your love, I’m nothing
  37. I love you like there’s nothing like love without you
  38. My life is proportionally inclined with yours because when you are happy, so I am and vice versa l
  39. When I hear you call name, suddenly the words feel like Lungardium Leviosa because I can feel on top of the world
  40. You are the one good thing I’ll sleep be happy to have fortuned from my bland life
  41. Without you I’m like a sail without wind
  42. You are the only thing in my life worth to lay it all down for
  43. Before you came, I could have given anything else for the kind of life I led but ever since you, I love the life I lead
  44. With you everything is like on cloud nine yet without you I feel a cloud in my chest
  45. I cannot make it a day if it is not because of you.
  46. You are my sinew, my wellspring, my happiness and my love
  47. What we have was a beautiful love story.
    But unlike all others, ours is like a fairy tale retold with never a dull moment
  48. I can’t help but feel heaven must love me so much each time I look at you
  49. I’m so lucky to have you because you are my happiness
  50. I love you not because of your sexiness or cuteness although I love you for that too but more importantly because all you wanted was my happiness
  51. I love you because all you ever did, you did because you thought of us
  52. Having you in my life is one of the best things that ever happened to me.
  53. I love you for always loving me and showing me that I matter much to you
  54. No matter the distance, you are all I can never do without
  55. If I love you is never a question, it’s how much because I love you in ways I can’t express
  56. Before you came into my life, twas a murky place and then you turned it into a palace, that to me is magic.
  57. It is your love who lifts me up and gives me wings when I cannot bring myself to go on
  58. Life is when I’m loving you and death is being without you.
  59. Loving you for the rest of our life is something I will ever cherish
  60. Maybe there will be another you in the future but to me you are irreplaceable
  61. The reason for me was and is you and without you I’ll be lost
  62. You are the reason why every time my mind wanders to a happy place
  63. When I’m with you, it suddenly feels like nothing can be wrong.
  64. You caught my attention when you walked by but then when others saw just another sexy girl, I saw my future
  65. You stand from the crowd not because you are the sexiest but because you are the best
  66. I often wonder if I never met you how my life would have been because you are what my life now is about
  67. You make me disbelieve even until now that you are already mine because you are unbelievable
  68. I swear I will never forget the night that I saw you.
    You took my breath away
  69. You know exactly how to keep me at bay when in my darkest days
  70. You always were my backbone and without you my life would not have taken the shape it took
  71. You are by far the most important thing in my life because you are my numero uno
  72. You make me seem like I would not last a day without you
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