60 Personal, Deep Questions To Ask Your Best Friend (Interesting Read)

We have listed 20 Deep Questions To Ask Your Best Friend and also about 40 personal and good questions as well. Check them out

It’s no surprise it was once said that friendship are to be chosen than brotherhood because a friend you only love by Will, but a brother you are supposed to love even before you meet.

Since time immemorial this word friendship, between countries, workers, and in the society has been the bone of togetherness because the theme common in all true friendship is love and Love as Time we know is boundless.

Though there are friendship yet best friends are made by time and not wishes, by care and not mere wanting because it is like a plant that needs watering and doting on to grow, with caring words and empathy being the water.

All friendship carry with it their special connection though all with one theme yet each friendship has its own tale, it’s own flaws, it’s own shortcomings but be cheered a true friendship provided both are willing to sweat it out to make it work, it’s own together forever too.

deep Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

So that said here’s a list of words to ask that friend of yours

Good Questions to Ask Your Friends

1. What are the qualifications you find before choosing a friend

2. What is/are your pastime(s)

3. Do you feel pressured sometimes by your friends to blend in

4. How was your first kiss and your first relationship like

5. Would you ever date a girl of a different faith from yours

6. Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship before

7. Have you ever felt you would be happy leading another life different from yours

8. Have you often felt so alone though amongst crowd, and why?

9. Have you ever questioned your beliefs and why?

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10. Have you ever thought that probably if you were born to different parents you’d be practicing a different faith now

11. Do you often feel you owe it to yourself to try too much in a relationship because you feel you are not enough

12. Have you ever had stray thoughts of frustration that sometimes verges on suicide

13. Have you ever been in a one way relationship and how did it turn out

14. Have you ever had a crush that you liked but could never bring yourself to tell her how you feel

15. What do you regret most in life

16. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you have changed

17. If you were dying today, who would you want to see last

18. Have you ever ever gotten to the point of you questioned the existence of God and why

19. Do you feel like if you were reborn you’d live your life a different way next time

20. Have you ever had a reason to hide your true self just to please someone

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Deep Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

1. Have you ever felt your parents would have been prouder if their son wasn’t not you

2. Have you ever in this archway of your mind wish bad to someone. What did they do and what was the reason

3. Have you ever felt like praying to God but cannot bring yourself to do it because you doubt he even heard you

4. Have you lusted over another woman that was not yours

5. Have you ever wished you would be happier if you had had a different parent

6. Have you ever felt so frustrated because you feel life just hates you

7. Have you ever felt so helpless but you just fake a smile to hide it

8. Who would be the first person you’d call if trouble comes

9. Do you always feel like you need to talk to someone and they should just at least listen to you

10. Do you believe in Fate or that you alone can  determine that

11. Do you think if you could go back in time you’ll change many things, and what

12. Have you ever felt you did little when you should have done much and did much when you should have done little

13. Have you ever had thoughts that you’d be ashamed if anyone gets to know of them? How frequently?

14. Do you often feel to wipe some people off your life, how much?

15. If you were given the opportunity to meet new friends and excuse the old ones, would you take it

16. How has your crop of friends really shape your life

17. Do you feel your community have had an improvement or not I’m your outlook on life generally

18. Do you often feel you wish you were part of something bigger or you are satisfied with life generally

19. If you die today, what will you be happy to have experienced

20. If you had had a wish, what would you wish for with it

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Personal Questions to Ask Your Friends

1. Have you ever been bullied before that you couldn’t bring yourself to tell anyone and how much did it affect you

2. Have you ever been in a clique before and felt so off being among

3. What is the most shameful thing you have ever done in the name of love

4. Do you ever feel held back by your status or background in life

5. Do you often feel you would have made a better person if you never knew something or someone

6. Do you think if you were more well-to-do you’d do away with the friends you have now

7. Do you ever felt the need to try so much to please everyone so as to never have a foe

8. Have you ever told a lie because you think if you had said the truth a girl wouldn’t go out with you. What was it

9. What is the one thing that you feel you can never outgrow

10. Do you ever wish you could go back in time to relive your childhood again

11. Is there anything from your past that haunts you till this day

12. How many times have you done something you ordinarily will not do in a bid to make someone love you and what

13. Do you ever feel some people will be better off without you in their life

14. Have you ever felt so helpless that but yet were to proud to ask for help

15. Do you ever feel regretful of something in the past but are afraid that if you tell someone they’ll feel unpleasant towards you

16. Who is that one person you think you can tell anything I’m the world to

17. What is the one thing that you feel you can and will not trade anything else for

18. If you were to be reborn, would you choose a different parent

19. If you were to be privileged to decide your fate, would you write a different story or be proud of the life you’ve led, and the man you have become

20. Who or what is that person or thing you felt so strongly for but found out yourself later that it was only a passing craze

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