80+ Fun Girlfriend Tag Questions To Ask Her

Girlfriend Tag Questions

Enjoy your time with her by using any of these 80+ Girlfriend tag questions.

In a relationship, it is behooved that both parties develop interest in each other more everyday and while you may be stunned to ascertain some relationships although years have spanned yet they have not develop that level of closeness, you and your girlfriend night just be the same.

Girlfriend tag questions, barring the reason in it, it is also fun to do with your girlfriend and could foster a certain amount of closeness between you two as she gets to know you more even if she failed in the bulk of the questions.

Plus, it’s a game and someone once pointed out that it takes a lifetime to know someone, don’t hate on her if she doesn’t pass these test to your satisfaction but just tell her more about you and she to you too, that way your relationship becomes better for it.

Girlfriend Tag Questions

Here Are 80+ Fun Girlfriend Tag Questions

1) Describe me in one word

2) If you draw up a list of people I love the most, do you think you’ll make top 3

3) What are my hobbies

4) What is my favorite meal

5) Where did we first meet

6) What was the first word I said to you

7) Where was our first date

8) How old am I

9) What’s my middle name

10) When was our first kiss

11) Where was our first kiss

12) How do you know when I’m angry but don’t show it

13) Who is my favorite actor

14) Who is my favorite actress

15) What is my favorite song

16) What is my mother’s name

17) What do you think makes me my happiest

18) What made you love me

19) What do you think made me love you

20) What do I like about you most

21) Where did I first work

22) What turns me on

23) How many girlfriends have I had before you

24) Who is my celebrity crush

25) What would I rather be doing on a Friday night

26) Basketball or Football

27) Soft Drinks or Beer

28) Meat or Fish or Both

29) What vice do I hate most

30) What virtue do you think I prize most

31) How many kids do I wish to have

32) Have I ever been drunk

33) My body goals

34) Best high-school moment

35) My kind of girl

36) Shy or Proud

37) My most memorable day

38) My favorite novel

39) My favorite series( movies)

40) The one place I’ll love to visit

41) My gift to you on your first birthday of our relationship

42) Nocturnal or Diurnal

43) If I had a pet? Which

43) My favorite club (Football or Basketball)

44) My place or yours

45) My favorite spot

46) My hideout

47) What I hate most about myself

48) What I like most about myself

49) How much was my first pay

50) Worst day of my life

51) What do I do first thing in the morning

52) Where would I go if I was stressed out

53) Who would I turn to if I was vexed

54) PDP or APC

55) Favorite color

56) Favorite time of the day

57) Favorite inspirational speaker

58) The one thing I’ll never let go of

59) If I had a wish, what would it be

60) Who’s the proudest day I have ever been

61) How long have we known for (not dating)

62) On a scale of ten, what do you think my love for you will rate

63) My favorite weekend activity

64) If I would be married right now, who do you think will be my best man

65) My favorite childhood game

66) My mother’s maiden name

67) Have I ever been sacked

68) What do I do when I want to celebrate

69) Routine or Spontaneous

70) Futuristic or Live-in-the-moment kind of guy

71) What do I like least about us

72) Who talks more between us

73) Am I hard to please

74) What tickles my fancy

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75) Paint or Write

76) Optimistic or Pessimistic

77) Political views

78) Dream car

79) My phone no, offhand

80) Dream job

81) Inspiration or Perspiration

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