66 I Hate Myself Quotes (Personally Written When Life Was Tough)

i hate myself quotes

Here are 60 I Hate myself and my life quotes written all for you. Find the love in the hate

I hate myself quotes are not to flood your page with dark quotes but rather in this world of facades and living the lie, what makes sense when we cannot take it anymore is to tell to the world the amount of hurt we feel inside.

Though people tend to see us as being a weak vessel when we bare ourselves because we are left to the pity of people who naturally would expect us to be at our strongest and best.

I Hate myself and my life quotes

Life has not all the answers to the questions we could and often do raise, so it’s left to us to ask for help, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be afraid sometimes and it’s especially more okay to not hide the inner fears and hatred we have for ourselves because only then can help arrive.

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66 I Hate Myself Quotes

  1. If only we saw beneath the surface, you’ll see I’m all broken bottles and shards that
  2. If only people saw more to me than meet their eyes but alas all they see is what I show
  3. If only they knew the inner me, they’ll know I’m but a broken record
  4. All there is to me is what I hate
  5. Wish I could change
  6. In my life is heartbreak and pain and I don’t know if I can take it again
  7. What’s life when every breath you take is rife with strife
  8. Face down eyes on the mirror
  9. All I see is the coldness of valor, left by years of trial and failure
  10. I only wish I could see a new sun not painted by the river Styx, a new dawn not marred by the goddess Nyx
  11. If wishes were horses, I wouldn’t want to live as me
  12. There’s but voids and darkness in this world I have come to know
  13. What’s life when death is so sweet an option
  14. If only there is something worth it after this life but could hell be worse than this
  15. In my life is only the dregs of darkness painted in gloom
  16. My life’s like a seamless dress without form
  17. Lend me reason why I should live further because my life is nothing to be joyed about
  18. What makes one wants to live beyond now, what makes life worth it
  19. It leaves but an indelible mark being me and I only wish I feel like what I feel more everyday. See these questions to ask your bestie
  20. My life’s too short to spend time living happily because there’s only tears and distraught
  21. What eyes have seen they have seen but if only they see more than this gulling smiles
  22. My life’s like a painted sky sullied with red and black
  23. There’s only death and hell in my life, there is only gloom and doom
  24. Once I was just me and my pain and now it’s just more pain and pain
  25. Please help save me from this yawn in my soul
  26. What there is to me is what darkness is to the night
  27. I only wish I hate myself less than I do now because I hate that I hate you so
  28. I cannot wait to see the end of this suffering called life
  29. Immortality is a curse especially when that life is mine
  30. I wish there could be a day off from living myself, I’ll pay the price of it
  31. Only if I could see a future worth it than I envision but all I see is darkness
  32. Not until I met with life I knew what to suffer entails
  33. Unending, a suffering so great is what it takes to be me
  34. What’s life when every plot you make is fraught with hurts and despair
  35. My life’s a bitch driven by toils and fears
  36. If only we saw each other as souls but alas in this world of lies we don’t
  37. I hate it here, there’s only lies and more lies each day to mar our souls
  38. My life is marred by the unwillingness of Harmonia to visit me
  39. I’ve given to death and destruction what peace and bliss rejected
  40. I’ve given myself to pain and death
  41. If only I had what it takes I’ll go back to my birth and warn against my coming to this world because I rue that very day
  42. I cannot hope for a better day than hoping to see one where I see life no more since each day is rife with strife
  43. If I didn’t know better I’d say I am but an entity against the villainy of the elements of life
  44. What’s life when all there is to me is to me is fears and worries and despair
  45. Someone save me from up above
  46. My hate for this world strengthens the more by the second
  47. I would there was a potion to end my pains but there isn’t and all I feel is the pain that pile each day
  48. How much more than me can life get to be sated to cause despair and fear to my soul
  49. I cannot tell how hard it is being me but I only wish you seize on that just for a day
  50. One day I’ll find peace from this world
  51. One day I’ll find rest for all this pain and suffering
  52. I wish I could fly from my woes but alas they are too profuse to fly from
  53. One more day and life without my woes would not be complete
  54. Trials and tribulations cannot even begin to sum my hate for this life
  55. I look at what I have become and to yesterday it doesn’t pale but measures in strength because everyday only takes it turn on me
  56. If I could understand life better I’ll understand where I wronged to suffer this consequences
  57. I want to give my best but with life all I get is what’s left of the worst of me
  58. Help me! Help me!, that’s all the inner me asks all the time even if my answers to the “How are you” question is “I am fine”
  59. Where do the World go to be by themselves because I withdraw into myself because that is the only solace I find but still I find no deeper peace
  60. All is but a toil to weigh me down, all is but a menace to the question I seek, Is there a reason for my living
  61. I ask but there is no answer, What’s the essence of my life when all I feel is pain?
  62. One direction to the crossroads of my fate and here lies my despair because it’s been bought by pain
  63. Give me life and give me strife, Give me death and give me liberty
  64. Destruction is the prevalent in my soul
  65. O! life, what a sanguinary sting you give me.
  66. I would that my life was like rhythm and blues but alas I have no clue as to how I could see tomorrow

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The purpose of writing these i hate myself quotes is not to really hate yourself but see reasons why you should even love yourself more.

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