List of Best Sister Tag Questions – Fun and Interesting Questions

Certain fun questions can be asked when spending time with your sister and even though they might sound silly, they are also interesting. Interested in figuring out these questions? This List of Best Sister Tag Questions is all you need.

Sometimes we get so bored from the routines of daily life at home and some fun with anyone would be welcomed, friends, cousins, siblings, twins, or your sister your whom you spend majorly whole life with?

Sometimes it’s not always nice having to go over the daily chores seeing the same faces everyday especially makes it more boring but you’ve got no choice than try to make it count with the same people.

List of Best Sister Tag Questions

Try the sister tag game! It’s basically easy yet intriguing as a series of questions which you ask your consanguineous sister in the eyes of the camera for the very purpose of uploading it on YouTube to get the audience to have a feel on the good side of everyday life of your bonding with your siblings.

It starts you begin with your questions after the camera is set and instigate the sister tag by asking flurries of questions about virtually anything concerning yourself so that you may ascertain exactly how much they know about you.

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And you can take turns each sibling asking questions to the other sibling, this is really a fun way to get to know about each other’s whims, personality, dos and don’t especially since siblings have one way or the other always been tagged rivals, this creates a bond and helps you connect as friends nor just mere siblings plus it increases the love you get from your YouTube audience who gets to know more about your sibling love.

List of Best Sister Tag Questions

  1. If you were not sisters, would you make best friends
  2. Who would your greatest wish be to each one of you
  3. What do you cherish more about each other
  4. What are your nicknames for each other
  5. Who’s the only person you can trust to tell a secret
  6. In your friendly graces, would you make each other’s top 5
  7. Friends or Siblings
  8. What are your hobbies
  9. What do you hate most about each other’s mannerism
  10. Have you ever thought of what you’ll miss about when gone
  11. What is it you dear most
  12. Who is your crush
  13. Tell at least his name
  14. What vexes you more than anything else
  15. How do you like your hair, style to be made
  16. What cooks best
  17. Who takes longer to get ready?
  18. Heels or flats?
  19. Last thing you talked about?
  20. Are you close?
  21. Who is more fashion inclined
  22. Who complains more
  23. Who’s more loquacious
  24. Who’s shyer
  25. Who do you think would make the best mom of you two
  26. Who’s more grumpy
  27. Who’s more bossy
  28. Who’s more nosy
  29. Who reads more
  30. Who’s more enterprising
  31. Who more optimistic
  32. Who’s more futuristic
  33. Who’s more the live in the mom type
  34. Believe in fairy tale ending
  35. Who doubts more
  36. Who sleeps more
  37. Who holds more grudge and bottle her feelings
  38. Fate or Not
  39. What’s the earliest memory you have of your sister
  40. What can you do that she can’t
  41. What can she do that your can’t
  42. What would you say you have proudly done for your sister before
  43. Have you ever given her a gift before
  44. Who shows gratitude more
  45. Pink or Red
  46. Your kind of guy
  47. From what you know of your sister, her kind of guy
  48. What do you and your sister have in common?
  49. What’s her pastime
  50. How often does she talk to you
  51. Are you close
  52. Who’s the youngest
  53. Who loves sport more
  54. What have you always admired about her
  55. If you could take something from her body member, what part would you wish
  56. Who dresses best
  57. Who has the best cloth collection
  58. Who has the best shoe collection
  59. Who’s more fun loving
  60. Who spurs the other more
  61. What would you change about her
  62. If there’s any you wish you could do for her, what would it be
  63. How many times have you seen her cry
  64. What do you do to make her feel better
  65. Who had her first kiss first
  66. Who makes a better dish
  67. When is the proudest you’ve been of her
  68. Have you ever promised and failed her before
  69. What is her best traits
  70. What is her worst trait
  71. Do you like her friends
  72. Who has more male friends
  73. Who dances better
  74. Who speaks more language than the other
  75. Who eats more
  76. Her best color
  77. Half filled or Half empty
  78. Who is more jovial
  79. Her pastime
  80. On a scale of 10, how much does you know her
  81. On a scale of 10, how much does she know you
  82. How often do you go out together
  83. Would you rather go shopping with friends or her
  84. On a scale of 10, how has she impacted your life
  85. Good or Bad
  86. If you could sum your sister with one Holly actress, which would she be
  87. Happy ending or Sad
  88. Favorite movie
  89. Favorite food
  90. Who spends more time on the phone
  91. Who spends more time on the internet
  92. Instagram or Snapchat
  93. Who has more friends
  94. What is the best thing she ever did for you
  95. When was the most recent quarrel you had
  96. How did you sort it out
  97. How do you make up after a fight
  98. What was the one thing you both earned in common
  99. What do you like about her choice of friends
  100. How do you feel around her friends
  101. What is the most recent playful mischief both of you did together
I’m sure you loved every minute of perusing these sister tag questions for siblings.
You could also add to it, makes it better as we cannot run the whole gamut of emotions possible enough in one go. But yours will be highly welcomed because we pride ourselves to help empathize and suss the emotions rife with humans as is common to all of us too.

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