Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women – Our February Review

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women

Walking is a great form of exercise which people tend to neglect nowadays and fitness experts have also disclosed that walking is as important as jogging and running as it also comes with its own advantages and benefits. There is a clear fact that come people go for walks and there are people who don’t believe in going for walks.

Walking is very good for the body as it aids proper circulation of blood, strengthens the muscle, supports joints, eliminates body fats and also keep the body and mind sharp.

A Complete Guide On Selecting a Comfortable Walking Shoe for Women

most comfortable walking shoes for women

However, one lingering problem is people still make use of running shoes when taking a walk and this has raised some concerns recently. To help you get the clear picture of what we are saying, we bring you this ultimate most comfortable walking shoes for women.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women To Buy with Reviews

1. New Balance WW185 Walking Shoes

One of the world’s leading shoe brand is the famous New World and when it comes to quality and impressive sportswear, they are the ones you can trust to get you something of value and quality. One fact that the new balance is known for is their attentiveness towards criticism as they see it as an option of improving and getting better.

The New balance WW185 walking shoe has less criticism but features lots of positive feedbacks. Some of these feedbacks include being lightweight, durable as it is made out of synthetic materials, affordable and would also enables one to work for a longer period of time without causing pain.

However its downside that is most talked about is the fact that it has low airflow, soft outsole which tends to poke the feet while its arch isn’t as high as most people thought it would be.

2. New Balance WW928 Laced Walking Shoe

The WW928 Women’s laced walking shoe is another impressive shoe from the New Balance brand and we just talked about how New Balance is the world’s leading brand in the production of high quality sportswear.

Being able to fit the feet and also ensuring that the feet stays cool due to the even distribution of air is what stands this product out from similar brands and durability is also another factor to look at as it is made using original leather fabric that doesn’t just make this shoe last long but also ensures you can go on long walks with it such as hikes and long walks.

Its heavy price tag is one price tag that most customers are not cool with and there is this ongoing confusion as to where this shoe was made. On its label it states it was made in Vietnam but on the company’s website, it states it was made in the United states of America.

3. Saucony ProGrid ST2 Walking Shoes

One footwear brand that is gently taking the world of footwear by shock and surprise is the Saucony brand and even though they are yet to have the fame and recognition that the New Balance brand has, they are considered as one of the viable company’s capable of posing as a threat to New Balance’s top spot.

These shoe is inexpensive and despite being inexpensive, it is not of low quality and people with low arches would benefit more by wearing this shoe as it would provide them with adequate stability, not just for low arched but also for neutral arched people.

It keeps a check on shock as it comes with an additional padding which tends to minimize shock. The major downside of the shoe is if you have a high arched feet then this isn’t ideal for you and this shoe also isn’t lightweight as it weighed about two pounds when weighed on a scale.

4. Women’s Orthaheel Walking Shoes

Having an affordable price and also featuring an intricate design is one major highlight or feature of the Women’s Orthaheel walking shoe and if you want a shoe capable of resisting shock then here is a good option for you as it features an interior padding which helps to fight back shock.

This contributes to why this shoe is ideal for shock resistant therapy and no matter the type of arch you have, you have nothing to be bothered about as this shoe would provide the feet with stability and balance.

Going through several reviews online showed that customers weren’t pleased with the fact that this shoe weighed more than expected and it also failed in providing the feet with a good fit.

All walking shoes should be able to walk smoothly and freely across all surfaces but that isn’t the case with this shoe as there are certain surfaces it isn’t advised to walk on.

5. Skechers Microburst One Comfortable Sneakers

One brand famous for the production of comfortable walking shoes is the Skechers brand and the Microburst one comfortable sneakers is a good example of what comfort is all about.

Walking about nine miles or more is what this shoe could do and also having a great padding and providing comfort is the sole reason why one would be able to walk several miles while wearing this shoe.

Whether you intend going on a jean or leggings, there is a great assurance that this shoe would definitely look good on it and give you that classy look.

Asides from the fact that this shoe offers the feet optimal comfort, users would also find it extremely easy to wipe clean while its breathable mesh design enables one wear this shoe for long and keeping the feet cool or warm. It is the best in delivering comfort and a top class performance.

6. Superga Cotu Grey Lace up Sneakers

Most people would definitely agree that this shoe is also another one that delivers topnotch performance and high degree of comfort while walking and if you want any shoe you can trust when embarking on any adventure then you just found the right choice.

It is also important to note that this shoe is only for women who don’t need arch support or who do not have any issues with their foot.

This shoe would stay relevant for years to come thanks to its classic design and support is also one benefit this shoe is good at giving as it comes with a quality and tough rubber sole that would provide adequate support for the feet.

7. Superga 2210 Navy Slip-on

This is another top selling product from the Superga brand and customers are grateful to its easy slip on design which makes wearing this shoe a simple and easy process and also its versatility.

This shoe is also stylish and cute which would help in earning good remarks and comments and with this shoe, one would confidently walked for many miles and several hours without being worried about if the feet feels sore or hot and this is as a result of the level of comfort that this shoe brings.

This shoe can also be worn with a designer romper dress or even with a jean or leggings.

8. Merrel MQM Waterproof Walking Shoes

There are shoes that are meant to be worn under certain conditions but if you desire to have a shoe that you can wear irrespective of the condition then the Merrel MQM waterproof walking shoe is the best choice for you.

It is one that has the task of keeping the feet dry at all times regardless if you are walking under the rain or walking through stream thanks to its waterproof membrane. Even in hot climatic conditions, the feet will also feel comfortable and dry as this shoe also features breathable material design that encourages the flow of air.

Safety is another top feature of this shoe as it comes with a bellow tongue which is effective in blocking out debris from going into this shoe.

This is also very important as it goes a long way in making sure you do not step on stone or any harmful object while walking.

9. Salomon Outline GTX W

When walking on mud trails, the Salomon Outline GTX W shoe is one you can trust to provide you with firm grip and when walking this shoe is tasked with keeping pains and aches away from the feet using its ortholite foam and heel cushioning.

Protection is also another feature that this shoe knows how to deliver thanks to its toe cap box which helps in providing additional protection at the toe region.

The balance of strength and stability is also another exceptional feature of this shoe and even though this shoe might not have toggle based, speed lace lacing system, that shouldn’t put you off from buying this product as it is very easy to maintain the conventional laces that this shoe comes with.

10. Mammut Hueco Mid GTX

This quality walking and hiking shoe comes with Michelin, mega grip rubber which is friendly with wet weather conditions and also provides a firm grip.

Walking over even surfaces would be extremely steady thanks to its TPU stabilizer while the stitching of its insole and outer leather material tends to provide adequate support for the feet.

Having a good balance of support and stability are what makes this shoe different and above the rest and you don’t have to be worried about ankle rolls, stumbles and slips as this shoe has the required stiffness to prevent that.

The major downside of this shoe is its huge price tag as most customers believes this shoe costs more than other shoes in its category.

11. Ryka Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes

Having feminine and flowing seamless overlays are what makes this walking shoe for ladies spectacular and it is one that would look attractive to the eye and charming too as it features a beautiful and breathable mesh with a gradient print design.

Being breathable alone signifies that this shoe encourages the even flow of air so as to make sure the feet feels cool and comfortable while walking.

Every step taken comes with a great level of comfort and support and this is all as a result of the combination of an in-built cushion, comfortable collar, lycra tongue and an active foam.

12. TIOSEBON Athletic Women

If you want a shoe that is filled with novelty, romantic and a happy feeling then this is just about the shoe you should settle for as it is aimed to help provide the feet with a comfortable, natural, simple and fashionable environment.

The selection of premium materials in its build makes it not only durable but also ensures that there is safety while walking. It is one that fits the casual purpose as it can be worn with cropped jeans, shorts, jean skirts or any casual dress.

It also comes with a durable outsole which stays resistant to unnecessary slipping and makes it suitable to walk on most surfaces.

13. WW411V2 Women’s New Balance

There are several shoes which could serve various purposes whether it is for walking, hiking, sports or going on adventure but how about finding one that would help in achieving your aims and reaching your goals.

The New Balance women’s WW411v2 is one of the reliable and trusted shoes which would help every athlete to reach his or her go and this shoe isn’t just restricted to just athletic purposes but can also be called upon when taking walks.

This shoe delivers a nice and perfect fit and a rubber sole also ensures that one is able to walk on any surface as it would provide better traction and resist slipping.

14. Aosifu Lightweight Tennis Shoes

The Aosifu brand is one that isn’t as popular as New Balance or Saucony but all of its products so far have proved to be of great quality.

This lightweight shoe is one that would enable the feet to breathe as it features Flyknit mesh upper design which ensures adequate flow of air to certain areas. This however makes the feet feel comfortable at all times.

No matter the occasion, you can confidently wear this shoe to any event or occasion as it is designed to be suited for driving, camping, shopping, jogging, running, playing tennis, cycling, climbing and many more. Its durable sole also ensures that there are no cases of slipping which is also another way of preventing injuries.

15. Women’s Romy Walking Shoes

Making the feet feel comfortable is what the Easy Spirit Romy walking shoe is all about and this brand is one that is dedicated to living up to expectation as it features an advanced technology which makes it quite superior to several other walking shoes available on the market.

Its updated and classic styling is what makes it the perfect choice for weekends, work and for any casual occasion.

Its quality material build also contributes to its long lifespan and having a durable outsole takes away every fear that comes with walking on most surfaces as this shoe provides adequate traction and a firm grip so it can walk conveniently and comfortably on most surfaces.

16. Saucony Women’s Cohesion 11

The Saucony women’s cohesion 11 running shoe isn’t just meant for running activities but its versatility makes it suitable for other outdoor events like jogging, walking and more.

It is suited for use every day and it is one that will check every box and eventually go on to be your go-to shoe. Featuring the best technology, this shoe has what it takes to take you through workout sessions, and thanks to its aesthetic styling, you can also wear this shoe on casual events.

Durability is a feature that most shoes lack nowadays but that isn’t the case with the Saucony brand as this shoe features premium synthetic and textile materials which makes it last long and also helps in withstanding outdoor elements.

It also comes with a durable rubber sole capable of offering the foot good traction to run or walk on any surface or terrain.

17. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk

Breathability is what makes this shoe stand out above other walking shoes on the market as it comes with an original mesh design that ensures free flow of air inside the shoe to fight off sweat and keep the feet dry.

It is very lightweight which means you can simply walk for long distances without feeling any form of pain and thanks to its high rebound new GOGA foot bed, every step taken with this shoe will certainly be energized.

The presence of a seamless construction ensures this shoe has a perfect and proper fit on the foot and unlike in other poor walking shoes that gives off bad odors, this Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk shoe comes with foot bed lined with bamboo that is effective in controlling odor caused by bacteria.

18. Jellypop Women’s Dallas Sneaker

This shoe brand isn’t so popular but one thing you can be sure of is their few products available on the market are all of top quality and also have excellent features that makes them quite different and unique in their own way.

The combination of fashion and comfort is what sets this shoe apart from other low quality shoes and users would enjoy a flexible mobility combined with a unique lightweight feeling thanks to its injected bottom design and an upper design made using soft material.

Its lace up closure however makes sure this shoe stays secure and also fits perfectly when walking and you would be able to walk on most surfaces confidently as coming with a durable rubber outsole means there would be provision of the right amount of traction and a firm grip to prevent unwanted slipping.

19. Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Run

This shoe is extremely practical and also quite sturdy and if you want a walk shoe that would not only look good but would also provide extra support when walking then you should look closely at this shoe from Skechers as it is able to provide all your foot needs.

This shoe would keep the foot massaged for as long as you wear using its well cushioned, full length insole and what makes this shoe spectacular is its well cushioned outsole combined with rubber traction pads that makes this shoe the best option for walking, fitness sessions and also running.

Its comfort and durability are also other features that tends to entice or attract customers and people who have tried out this shoe attested to the fact that it last longer than most shoes on the market. Its side knit panel and heel overlay is also effective in providing extra support for the foot.

20. Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz

This shoe has all it takes to make the foot feel very comfortable in it and if you are a woman with an active lifestyle or you just need something you would be comfortable in then this loafer slip on shoe from Clarks wouldn’t be a bad choice for you as it comes packed with several features that makes it reliable and easy going.

It is built to be lightweight which enables users to walk with this shoe for lengthy periods without feeling any form of discomfort and some of its interesting attributes are an outsole that absorbs shock, an ortholite foot bed, removable cushion and fabric lining which is very soft.

Final Words:

People ought to know now that even though walking isn’t a recognized form of exercise, manufacturers have thought it wise to make shoes that would be suitable for walking. It has a lot of benefit and for every woman out there who partakes in this form of exercise, you have this well detailed list to guide you and aid you in making a good choice.

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