100 Q And A Questions To Get A Conversation Going

Q And A Questions

Most times it gets hard trying to start a new conversation without the awkwardness or hackneyed bits of normal dialogue but most times also the little details of life could be a simple way to start one.

Q And A Questions

List Of Fun Messages To Start A Conversation

1) How did you get up today, grumpy or optimistic

2) What are you doing right now

3) How many times have you said Okay today even though you are not

4) Have you done anything today that to you made sense but you but couldn’t just seem sensible to others

5) What would you rather be doing right now

6) What are you wearing and why did you choose that

7) Are you a fantasy kind of person

8) What kinds of scenery do you prefer

9) Is there anytime you ever felt the world owes you something

10) What was the lady thing you said before we started this conversation

11) What was the first thing you did before we started this conversation

12) Who’s your celebrity crush

13) Do you believe in corporeal punishment or scolding

14) Have you ever embarrassed yourself publicity before

15) Have you ever type your name on the internet to check if you’ll famously pop up

16) What would you do if you were given the cold shoulder over someone you really like

17) Have you ever thought maybe your whole existence was nothing more than a dream

18) Did you feel an urge to do something stupid today

19) The hen or the Chick… Which comes first

20) Have you ever felt lust.

21) What will you change if you could change the hands of time

22) Have you ever been to prison

23) Been in a frustrating queue today

24) What makes you happy

25) What makes you sad

26) Urge or Will

27) If sex was not a question, will you still marry

28) Have you ever asked the reason for kisses, why with the mouth?

29) Have a tattoo

30) What did you inscribe

31) Reason

32) How many times have you darned someone in your mind today but smile to them outside

33) Do you believe in hell

34) Do you often think about death

35) Have you had to fake your smile today

36) Why

37) What inspires you

38) Do you believe in ghosts

39) Do you believe in reincarnations

40) How many times have you told a white lie today

41) Can you go a day without the tiniest bit of lie

42) Try tomorrow without telling a lie

43) Tell me how hard it was to not have to lie

44) How do you see the world

45) If it was up to you too model the world, how would it look like

46) Tell me about your dreams

47) Have you ever seen a scary movie

48) You love fairy tale endings or sad ones

49) Who’s your most recent crush

50) How many time have you taken a selfie today

51) Do you think you are not living your life to the fullest

52) How are you

53) How did you think you’ll be tomorrow

54) Have you coined any words for yourself before

55) Do you believe in dreams

56) Who is God to you

57) Do you think the dead watches over us

58) Have you ever been lost for words with someone you were trying to impress before

59) What would happen wished to be called

60) Do you believe that name matters in someone’s life

61) Do you think you could kill if your life depended on it

62) If you were given unlimited cash now, would you remain in the streets you live

63) How do you see your siblings

64) Have you ever flossed your teeth

65) Have you ever been embarrassed by your breath

66) Have you ever sleep walked

67) How do you see mercy killing

68) However do you see abortion

69) Is there anything you would rather be now

What is the one thing that bother you more

70) How do you think you would have lived in the fifties

71) Is there a pattern to you or spontaneity

73) How many times have you purposely missed a call

74) Have you tipped a waiter today

75) Tell me something interesting about you

76) What do you detest most

77) Hedonistic or Solemn

78) Do you think you would thrive better if you with your childhood fantasies

79) What do you fear the most

79) Do you fear the elevator

80) Are you claustrophobic

81) What do you find alluring

82) Define you in one word

83) Do you believe in things other than what meets the eye

84) How would you conceptualize the aftermath of death

85) Half filled or Full

86) Have you visited any other country before

87) How was it like

88) Which country would you like to visit now

89) How many languages can you speak

90) Do you think you have what it takes to be a good parent

91) Can you last three hours with a book

92) How many days can you last without a bath if you were promised anything in the world

93) Have you bought something you don’t really need today

94) How many times have you gone to the market with a certain nerd but overspent

95) Morning or Night person

96) What do you do weekends

97) How many times have you gone on a date that never worked out well

98) Define perfect in your own eyes

99) What puts you off

100) Where do you go for safe haven and why


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