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If you are searching for some true and helpful quotes to keep you away from destructive attitude then our Self Harm Quotes That Can Help You Feel Better would help you overcome the pain and self resentment.

While it is immanent in teenagers the most, self-harm rears it’s ugly head emotionally and physically to its sufferer. We live in an age of globalization and cyber bullying and other forms are unfortunate corollary to that but to name a few which as jocular it may seem may result in distress and emotional malaise to those at the receiving end.

Teenagers tend to stack up emotions most times even when the obverse should be the case and given the circumstances of rapid changing hormones, mood swings and other vicissitudes that comes up at this frail stage in their lives.

Self Harm Quotes That Can Help You Feel Better

When something bad happens to them, it only compounds their woes for worst, example such as failure in exams, break-up with lover or they are bullied by someone, they start considering themselves guilty and to hurt their own selves seems a solution to them sometimes.

This self-destructive mannerism which could stem from the clichéd rubric “pressure”, in them is one process that leads to an inevitable suicidal disposition because they tend to want to pour out their fury on themselves as they see themselves as the wellspring of their misfortune.

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In such case, the only prescription is medical assistance or psychological counseling to deal with their trauma issues.

When people don’t have someone to share their worries, they indulge in self-harm and may find satisfaction in it. Depression takes fount mostly from those with a jaundiced viewing of life which itself could have sprung from their experiences or background and when people feel alone or have an inimical approach towards life they feel distracted from their problems by hurting themselves.

Self Harm Quotes That Can Help You Feel Better

  1. No one really cares until something dramatic happens.
  2. If only I could stop the bleeding in my mind because I don’t know if I can survive it
  3. I don’t know if I’m getting better or just used to the pain.
  4. I’ve said a thousand “in fine” today but didn’t mean one of them
  5. Everyone has scars that they don’t want to talk about. Mine are just on my body as well as in my head.
  6. I do know which is better hell or earth as myself
  7. My outward shows I’m fine but inwardly no one knows I’m dying
  8. Everyday there seem to be a difference, say from night, it’s all just a gloomy darkness in my life
  9. I don’t know if it’s the same with the world and everyone is just pretending but I’m tired of being this way
  10. She cuts herself. Never too deep, never enough to die. But enough to feel the pain. Enough to feel the scream inside.
  11. If wallowing in my pain is penance then I’ve paid my price of hell
  12. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I’m sick and tired of today
  13. I can feel the hurt. There’s something good about it. Mostly it makes me stop remembering.”
    *Albert Borris*
  14. I don’t know if there’s a world out there but this one’s just made of barb wires and wrecking balls
  15. My scars are a reminder that I’m a fighter
  16. When the going gets tough in reminded that my scars are tougher
  17. I’m tired of hearing the same questions, “how are you”, when no one really cares for an answer
  18. I’m tired of living this life, tired of living this lie
  19. If there’s solace from pain then I guess it doesn’t know my name
  20. I just feel so many bruises in my heart even my body is perfectly fine
  21. I know we believe the lies we all tell each other all the time but I wish when I say I’m fine, it is not one of those lies that you believe
  22. I wouldn’t have asked to know life before I was born if this is what life is
  23. In case you didn’t know, dead people don’t bleed. If you can bleed-see it, feel it-then you know you’re alive. It’s irrefutable, undeniable proof. Sometimes I just need a little reminder.
    *Amy Efaw*
  24. Don’t expect cloud nine with me because all you get are clouds and scars
  25. You might imagine that a person would resort to self-mutilation only under extremes of duress, but once I’d crossed that line the first time, taken that fateful step off the precipice, then almost any reason was a good enough reason, almost any provocation was provocation enough. Cutting was my all-purpose solution.
    *Caroline Kettlewell*
  26. Other times, I look at my scars and see something else: a girl who was trying to cope with something horrible that she should never have had to live through at all. My scars show pain and suffering, but they also show my will to survive. They’re part of my history that’ll always be there.
    *Cheryl Rainfield*
  27. I hide my scars so that you may be well, I die inside so that you may live just fine
  28. Self-harm – the world will come at you with knives anyway. You do not need to beat them to it.*Caitlin Moran*
  29. My scars show all my suffering and pain but they also show that I had the will to survive.
  30. These scars are permanent, always there to remind me that I need to keep living.
  31. I wish the void in my heart was plain as my face you see and fake like everything’s just fine
  32. Most people just want the happy endings, but the truth is fairy tales are the biggest lie ever told
  33. We are just suicidal kids telling suicidal kids, suicide isn’t the answer
  34. I don’t want your pity just that you see how I a dying
  35. I draw butterflies on my skin, if life will not give me one, I might as well make one
  36. The pressure to fulfill your fantasy of me is deafening.
    I just want to end it
  37. Like an edifice hiding a hideous room, that’s how I am but then no one knows
  38. They all say how much they are living the dream, nobody is saying how much it’s weighing on them
  39. The world has left him broken so he makes himself bleed that he may take the pain he feels inside, out to lessen the cloud in his soul.
Hope you liked the afore mentioned self harm quotes. The intellect behind these quotes is not to fuel your already frail estate but that you should after perusal, acknowledge your self harm disposition and take to change if you are a sufferer or share them on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.
Send it to your loved ones to help them and take them out of the trauma they are facing or a way to tell anyone how you are suffering that they may understand. You can also update your status with these self harm quotes to make others know of your condition or realize someone what you are going through.

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