50 Silly Love Quotes For Him: (25th Is My Favorite)

You will find over 50 Silly Love Quotes For Him (your boyfriend or lover), cute funny love quotes for him and also some silly quotes about love. Enjoy as you read it!

You would think for something so ubiquitous, so immanent, prevalent, divine and beautiful, love would seem the very flaw-free, amazing and hitch free ride one would possibly ever imagine.

But the thing is there is nothing more intriguing than having to go through all those turpsy-turvy times and still come out the better for it because it only forbore auspiciousness as having to go through the tough times together makes the both of you feel there’s nothing that you cannot overcome.

But mostly people are dissuaded into thinking love is that platitudinous “happy ever after” but it is not wrong if we are quick to apprise our inner self that it is not so in the face of something different as love does not come in the Jew of roses or even if so, roses themselves have thorns.

Silly Love Quotes For Him

Now to help with the friction that ofttimes come with the love affair between couples are the ability to create time to have that simple yet curative moment of laughter and that simplistic and less pressured moment of calm and that beautiful time where you just relax and just let each other be themselves and enjoy the little things and moment, the happy times and rest.

The mushy feelings of love when coupled with the bliss cannot be rivaled and this is why love for ages will remain as a god that will never die. Quotes like this can actually help create a streamlined effect on helping you build that kind of feeling as it induce a sense of humor and also relaxing atmospheric that should be present in every lasting relationship.

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50 Silly Quotes About Love For Him

  1. Hey there I promise you can fall, in love I’ll catch you but make sure it’s not beyond a storey
  2. If Time stood still for us in a minute, there is only you I’d want to spend forever in a minute with after I robbed some banks that is
  3. Seven billion smile I’m the world and I love yours second best because mine is the best
  4. I love you with a percentage more than the bars in my battery which always points to 1%
  5. My love for you will hit a ten on a Richter
  6. I love you much more than you pant stick to your ass when you sit
  7. I love you more than a one hit wonder from the 90’s
  8. I hate to see you say goodbye but I sure like the wayside your backside say hell when you do
  9. Every body said you were nothing more than a voluptuous girl but when I saw I saw for me, my future and my past
  10. Truth is I don’t mind winter so long as you my summer gives me the heat I need
  11. You are the apple of my eyes, better yet, the honey of my soul
  12. I love you from like a fat child loves his chocolate
  13. They say nothing last forever but my love for you will so long as we have formalin
  14. Nothing can buy your love from me unless if it’s a million dollars
  15. There’s only one but in my love for you and it’s your butt
  16. If they lock us away I’ll be behind bars with you.
    Yes, at the other side of the bar
  17. United, I’ll be your man forever cos I’m a Man United forever
  18. For you I’ll walk through hell and back so long as you got my back
  19. I want to be the reason you forget to take your breakfast every morning
  20. I want to be the one who will love you more than you do your coffee
  21. I can live without you but not without you kisses
  22. When I lie with you I like above all too steal your warmth
  23. I love being married. It’s so great to find one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
  24. To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful
  25. You wanna know who I’m in love with?
    Read the first word again.
  26. Forget the butterflies, I feel the entire zoo in my stomach when I’m with you.
  27. A friend is like a push-up bra, supportive and close to the heart.
  28. I’ll flirt with you every day.
  29. One day, we’ll never have to say goodbye, just good night.
  30. There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy –her heart.
  31. Tell me your dreams, and I’ll make them happen.
  32. You must as well love to live as live to love
  33. Hey baby, I’ll choose you anytime any day over everything else but don’t ask me to choose you over some well sauced Saturday barbecue
  34. Seven billion smile in the world and I love yours second best because mine is the best
  35. Even if you were a Chinese twin girl, I’ll still choose you
  36. I love you like a diver loves the ocean only this case, I’m the diver and you the ocean and I will never tire of diving into you
  37. If live had an instruction and one of them is hating you then I would rather tell life to shove his gift up his ass
  38. I love you so much only second to your butt
  39. I hate to see you go but love to watch you leave
  40. I always thought you were made too good for me but then if not me then you couldn’t find a better suitor
  41. Guitar has strings
    Flutes have air and I have undying love for you
  42. You are the apple of my eyes without whom I’ll go bananas
  43. I love you from my head tomatoes
  44. The love I have for you unlike math has no complications
  45. If butt had mouth they’ll say how much they want me
  46. I love you with all of my heart and even more with my butt
  47. I love you than words can describe and you should know I talk much too
  48. You my love I will go against even the whole world for
  49. Life is beautiful when I’m with you
  50. I want to be the reason you forget to take your breakfast ever

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