Sister in Law Quotes – 26 Beautiful, Cute & Heart Touching Quotes

We have compiled a list of our favourite sister in law quotes below for the best sis in law. Be sure to forward your favourite quote to your sister and maybe even buy her a sister in law gift.

Beautiful, Cute & Heart Touching Sister in Law Quotes

1. I must confess I was afraid not of your brother, my husband, but the family wholly especially if you would not approve of me but getting to know you I can happily say I misjudged you and I’m happy that we now are best of friends.

2. To me you are more than a sister in law, you are a sister.

3. I may not have had certain privileges having a sister of my own but with you I’m happy that I’ve found one.

4. They say friends are better than siblings but you are better than both because you are both to me.

5. Nights out with the girls with you is so special even at par with time out with my husband. (between us though don’t tell him, lest he be jealous).

6. I’m so happy you made it so easy for me to fall in love with your brother more. Thank you for being the kind of sister in law I had hoped.

7. Having known you sometimes I doubt if we are not real sisters ourselves because you’ll pass for my blood sister if people don’t know.

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8. I don’t know if it was my prayer to God to bless me that I may find your kind of sister in law or just your personality of being the perfect one, either one or the other or both, I thank God still because you are to me more than a sister in law.

9. Thanks for nights out with you, they are so beautiful every time. Looking forward to more of that.

10. Learning about you everyday I dare not see reasons not to like you because you are just beyond my expectations. Dear sister in law.

11. Sister in law wouldn’t cut it because you are like my blood sister.

12. Being the only girl in my family, you are to me more than what five sisters could be, thank you for being the sister I never had.

13. You should win the award for the best sister in law because you deserve it.

14. Between me and you, your are the best thing to happen to me even more than your brother, to whom I am married (LoL) because without you and my family in law there would not have been me and my husband .

15. I look forward to spending more time with you before those babies come and start choking my time, dear sister in law because time with you are always special.

16. As you made my dream come true by being the best of sister in law to me, I pray you find one in matrimony too.

17. You are the friend I would be proud to call a friend any day, dear sister in law.

18. If anything at all you’ve made me happy to be part of your family even bringing me closer to the rest of the family and that have consequently led to me having a streamlined relationship with my husband. Thanks so much my sister in law.

19. Change is constant but can be scary but I’m happy for you made the change less scary for me.especially being part of your family now.

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20. You truly are a gem and I say that with a gladdened heart even though I came to snatch your brother(LOL) from you.

21. You have not just been spectacular, you’ve been unbelievably so, sometimes I even ask myself how lucky I have been having you as a sister in law.

22. No one relationships is without it’s share of problems but with you I’ve seen a sister ready to form a bond with me with all trueness of heart. Thanks dear sister in law.

23. Thanks for being being a good listener and also giving me more tips on your brother and my husband. I am so thankful to God for you.

24. I couldn’t have had a better person to call a sister in law than you, thanks for being my accomplice, my sister, my friend and my back up. Love you dear sister in law.

25. They say heartfelt prayers never go unheeded and to think that I despaired on that line when I prayed for a sister being the only born child, now though years later, you, my sister in law are God’s response to that prayer.

26. I may not have been the most expectant knowing how many a relationship crashed cause of external influences but with you, I can’t say how much you’ve made me happy, thank you for being the most flawless sister in law ever.

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