10 Best 5×7 Speakers 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Top 10 Best 5x7 Speakers Reviews

Quite different from regular car factory speakers, 5 x 7 inch speakers deliver fuller, louder and clearer sounds that’ll match your listening quality and despite providing exceptional sounds for your listening pleasure, the 5×7 inch speakers last longer, handle more power and distort less.

Top 10 Best 5x7 Speakers Reviews

For better and improved performance, match your 5×7 speaker with a quality amplifier or car stereo also helps to deliver remarkable and high quality sound.  Our 10 best 5×7 speakers review is aimed at upgrading your listening pleasure and make shopping for one less difficult.

10 Best 5×7 Speakers Reviews

10. Kenwood Performance Series  Speaker

Kenwood KFCC5794PS Performance Series

Making use of this 3-way speaker set guarantees exceptional and loud sound thanks to its Diamond array with a urethane foam surround design and a carbon propylene hybrid cone. The Kenwood 3-way Performance series speakers are well designed to handle 4 ohms of impedance, 75 watts of watt power.

Another remarkable feature of this Kenwood speaker set is it offers a frequency response range of 63Hz – 21,000 KHz. Other features of this speaker include a woof mounting depth, ½” ceramic tweeter and 1-3/16” water resistant paper cone tweeter.

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9. Infinty Two Way Car Audio

 Infinty KAPPA 682.11cf Peak Power

Coming with injected carbon glass matrix frames simply means this 5×7 speaker would endure tough attacks from environmental conditions when used in a car. It has one feature which is found lacking in most 5×7 speakers and this feature is its unique frequency dispersion rate and having a soft dome edge fabric design is another remarkable feature of each speaker.

These speakers are powered using 25 – 300 watts amplifier while its 682.11cf coaxial speakers deliver exceptional and clear sounds from a head unit.

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8. Polk Audio Coax Speaker

Polk Audio AA2571-A 5 x 7 Coax Speaker

This speaker features neodymium magnets which guarantee exceptional strength ratio thereby ensuring that this speaker don weigh your car down and its lightweight carbon composite basket features an attractive look and won’t break during peaks.

Making use of this speaker guarantees a remarkable performance thanks to its Klippel optimized components which works for suspension, voice coil alignment and excellent woofer motor structure while its 30mm voice coils drivers guarantees power handling capacity and boosts reliability.

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7. JBL 5×7 inches Co-axial Speaker

 JBL GTO939 Premium 5x7 inches Co-axial Speaker

This speaker makes use of a 3-ohms voice coil which makes sure the speaker functions efficiently at about 4-ohms after being powered thereby helping them make use of every watt power your 4-ohm amplifier or head unit produces. These speakers make use of thermal-capable voice coil which works for dissipation of heat and higher power handling thereby leading to fatigue free and smooth highs.

Playing your favorite songs on these speakers is such a pleasurable experience as they feature wide frequency responses while its edge-driven speaker cones guarantees remarkable sound quality with the same amount of power.

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6. Dual Multi-Fit 4-Way Speakers

Dual DLS574 5 x 7-inch / 6 x 8-inch Multi-Fit 4-Way Speakers

This is a well sized and quality speaker that will perfectly fit into your car and guarantee excellent tunes and sounds for your ride. This speaker is well designed to deliver accurate mid-range, superior bass response and remarkable clear-high sound reproduction. Its rubber surround material is effective in repelling moisture and heat of a tough automotive environment.

Making use of this speaker guarantees unique high frequency sound thanks to its 15mm Piezo tweeters and it also comes along with mounting hardware so you won’t have a difficult with installing this speaker. Another unique feature of this speaker is its injection molded polypropylene woofer cone which provides long term reliability and remarkable bass response while its 35mm Mylar midrange helps to deliver high volume output and voice clarity.

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5. JL Audio 2-Way Car Audio Speakers

JL Audio C2-570x 5x7 2-Way Car Audio Speakers

This is a high technology speaker as it comes with every necessary accessory needed to function properly such as mounting hardware, terminal wires and drilling templates and it is also a speaker that has earned good remarks from customers as it delivers amazing highs and mids.

Enjoying crystal clear and high fidelity sounds combined with deep thumping bass sounds are all benefits of settling for this innovative speaker. It is also designed to run on an RMS power of 60 Watts, maximum power of one hundred watts and also 4 ohms impedance. Its frequency response range ranges from 53 – 22,000Hz while its mounting hardware makes installation quick and less stressful.

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4. Alpine 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker

Alpine SPS-517 5” X 7” 2-Way Type-S Series Coaxial Car Speaker

This speaker comes in different sizes to fit any vehicle and using this speaker guarantees incredible and loud sound for your ride. The Alpine three-way speaker set is well designed to handle 230 watts RMS power and 460 watts MAX power with 4 ohms of impedance. And using this speaker helps to boost sound quality and output of your vehicle at a very affordable price.

One advantage of purchasing this speaker is that aside from its exceptional clear and loud sound quality, this speaker also looks good in any vehicle and can easily fit into any stock speaker location.

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3. Lanzar MX573 Max Series Speakers

 Lanzar MX573 Max Series 5-inch x 7-inch 440-Watt 3-Way Coaxial Speakers

The Lanzar 3-way coaxial speakers guarantees about 440-watt of 3-way sound as it features 15 oz robust magnet structure while its non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround and top class injection cones helps to create a strong and powerful foundation.

Thanks to its 1-inch temperature aluminum voice coils, this speaker delivers fuller sound range while its 2-inch titanium cone delivers excellent rich mids as well as remarkable piezo tweeters for excellent highs.

This product however comes housed in a black coated glossy steel basket and other additional features include installation hardware, wires, wire-mesh and grills.

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2. Kenwood  5 x 7 Inches 320W Speakers

 Kenwood KFC-C5795PS 5 x 7 Inches 3-Way 320W Speakers

The Kenwood 3-way Performance series speakers are well designed to handle 4 ohms of impedance, 320 watts of peak power with 80W RMS power and another remarkable feature of this Kenwood speaker set is it offers a frequency response range of 80Hz – 20,000 KHz.

Making use of this 3-way speaker set guarantees exceptional and loud sound as it features a Diamond array design and they are specially designed for use in your Mazda and Ford vehicles.

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1. Infinity Reference 5 x 7-inch Loudspeaker

Infinity Reference 6832cf 6 x 8/5 x 7-inch Loudspeaker

Making use of the Infinity Reference 2-way loudspeaker guarantees maximum efficiency and improved bass response thanks to its durable rubber surrounds and plus one cones. Another remarkable feature of the Infinity Reference loudspeaker is its swivel positioning and tweeter adjustment design which is necessary for enhancing stereo and sound details.

Another important use of its edge-driven textile dome tweeters is that they are responsible for reducing distortion at high output levels as well as for improving power handling and it comes with a 1-year warranty when purchased.

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