Top 10 Best Desk Lamps 2018: Unbiased Review

Top 10 Best Desk Lamps 2017: Unbiased Review

A good amount of light is very important when reading, studying or working especially in areas with low light as working, studying or reading in dark areas tends to cause damage to the eyes.

Top 10 Best Desk Lamps 2017: Unbiased Review

Desk lamps are the perfect accessory you need to get these tasks done and they are preferred to other types of lamps as they deliver light which do not damage the eye as well as consuming less amount of energy.

Desk lamps are very affordable but before you purchase one today, we recommend that you take a look at this review which will show you the best desk lamps available today so you won’t find it challenging when shopping for the best.

Top 10 Best Desk Lamps Reviews

10. Newhouse Lighting 6W LED Desk Lamp

Newhouse Lighting 6W LED Desk Lamp

Well designed to produce three thousand bright warm color and 400 lumens, the Newhouse LED desk lamp is highly recommended for college students who love to study and read and this is an energy efficient LED light which will serve you for up to 23 years.

Perfect for use on counters, reading stands, workspace and tables, this desk lamp boasts of a cool, modern and sleek design with a desk footprint which ensures it sits perfectly on any desk and you can also make use of it at the office or at home.

Suitable for everyone, the Newhouse LED desk lamp comes with a charging station where you can charge your tablets, Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, digital camera, iPad, iPhone, Android phones among others.

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9. LE Swing Desk Table Lamp with Flexible Arm

LE Swing Desk Table Lamp with Flexible Arm

Get this desk lamp today and worry less about moving your books towards the light as it flexible design and spring loaded arm allows you turn and swing its lamp head freely and it also comes with a c-clamp design which makes it possible to place this lamp conveniently such as clamping it on a bedrail, chair, shelf or any other suitable place.

This lamp features an elegant body which gives it a remarkable and beautiful style and clamping this lamp will not leave unwanted marks as its clamp is a screw on type and not a tension type.

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8. TaoTronics Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Desk Lamp

This jaw dropping LED desk lamp features the combination of technology, sleek minimalistic design and style which makes it one of the most sought-after desk lamps today and not only is this lamp designed to produce bright light but it also helps to keep your devices within reach as well as powering up other devices thanks to its in-built iSmart USB charging port.

Purchasing this desk lamp guarantee that you will get bright light and its LED generates a strain-free beam light as well as reflecting sideways which helps to prevent the eye from getting damaged.

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7. LED Desk Lamp Fugetek

LED Desk Lamp Fugetek

This Fugetek LED desk lamp is well designed to provide illumination for your offices and homes which makes it ideal for studying, reading or even working.

This desk lamp comes with five brightness levels, four different lighting mode and a touch dimmer which provides you with a lot of lighting options and it is one of the desk lamps available today that has a long LED lifespan as its LED will last up to twenty-five years.

You can also charge your phone with this desk lamp using its USB charging port and it generates a natural light which won’t cause any damage to the eyes.

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6. TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamps

TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamps

This is a newly designed desk lamp which will last you for years as it is made using durable metal material while its multi-angle arm and head adjustment allows you turn and rotate this lamp conveniently.

Six brightness levels and five color modes are some of the features that come with this desk lamp and you don’t have to worry about your eyes as this lamp reflects sideways which ensures a glare-free illumination.

Some notable features include; 60 minute timer, memory function, bedroom desk lamp, office desk lamp and 2A/5V iSmart USB port.

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5. TaoTronics Dimmable LED Table Lamp

TaoTronics Dimmable LED Table Lamp

Made using eco-friendly materials, this TaoTronics LED desk lamp is an energy-saving product which is well designed to provide bright light for your piano, dormitory, home and office.

You can make use of this lamp at the office and also at home while purchasing this product also comes with a 12-month TaoTronics worry-free warranty, 30-day money back guarantee, quick user manual and an AC adapter.

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4. TaoTronics Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

TaoTronics Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

Suitable for lighting up your homes and offices, this quality desk lamp helps to save up to seventy-five percent on electricity unlike other low quality desk lamps and it also produces a ghost-free and flicker-free light which will not cause fatigue to the eyes.

Its control panel allows you select your preferred level of brightness and lighting levels and this lamp boasts of a minimalistic design which allows it fit perfectly on any desk.

Its exterior is made using a durable hard shell and you can also adjust this lamp to any angle that would be convenient for you.

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3. LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Black

The LAMPAT dimmable LED desk lamp comes with four lighting modes and five levels of brightness so you can have different lighting options to select from to match your mood. One advantage that comes with purchasing this LED desk lamp is it helps to keep the eyes fully protected as it produces a natural bright light which won’t damage the eyes unlike other low quality products.

Its USB charging port ensures that you charge your mobile phones and it also comes with a one-hour automatic shut-off design which turns off this lamp whenever you fall asleep and this in turn helps to save cost on electricity.

The LAMPAT LED desk lamp makes use of an LED light bulb which has a lifespan of about twenty-five years and you can make use of this lamp in your office or at home.

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2. TaoTronics Eye-Caring Table Lamp

TaoTronics Eye-Caring Table Lamp

Featuring a natural modern design which allows it fit any part of your home whether it is the bedroom or even an office and this lamp is an energy sufficient lamp which helps to limit energy cost up to seventy-five percent.

One benefit that comes with making use of this desk lamp is it doesn’t irritate the eye thanks to its flicker-free lighting which allows you study, work or even read with this lamp and purchasing this product comes with a cleaning cloth, user manual and power adapter.

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1. TaoTronics Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

 TaoTronics Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

This quality desk lamp is perfect for relaxing, reading, studying and working as it comes with five personalized levels of brightness and four amazing lights which will match any purpose and you can easily rotate this lamp to any angle conveniently thanks to its multi-angle adjustment design.

This lamp features memory function and touch controls which ensures this light responds whenever you operate it while its one hour timer helps to turn off this lamp if you fall asleep and this in turn helps to save cost of electricity.

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