Top 10 Best Diaper Pail 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Best Diaper Pail

Your baby’s diaper need to be changed and having about 25 diapers in a trash bag will certainly pollute a nursery or any environment and in order to avoid perceiving offensive smells, it is important you get a diaper pail.

Diaper pails are a little bit expensive but you are guaranteed to keep using them as long as your child remains in diapers and into toddler-hood.

Best Diaper Pail

Here is a review of the ten best diaper pail mothers and babies will definitely get the most out of;

Top 10 Best Diaper Pail 2018

10. Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail

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The dimensions of the product includes; 11.38 inch L × 11.38 inch W × 14.25 inch H and this odorless 7 gallon diaper pail is considered to be amongst the best diaper pails available and it is most eco-friendly too.

This product is manufactured from recycled plastic and this product is becoming familiar amongst daddies, babies and mommies everywhere. It is amongst the few diaper pails with wide opening that is guaranteed to hold cloth diapers and it also features odor free carbon filters which helps to fight against odors as well as a durable lid that is held firmly by two side handles.

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9. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

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This standard diaper pail measures 27 inch H × 12 inch D and it also features an easy to use foot pedal and a stylish modern aesthetic that fits any nursery as well as having a best-in-class odor control system.

This diaper pail works together with seal, snap and toss refill bags including two refill rings and in order to get rid of the stink, the diaper pail features a well designed self sealing and a Lavender-scented arm and hammer baking soda technology that traps odors as the lid closes.

This diaper pail also offers a munchkin Lavender-scented PUCK which tends to absorb smile when the diaper pail isn’t in use and this helps to give your nursery a sweet smell.

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8. Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail

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The tommee tippee simple diaper pail ensures your baby’s room is odor free and clean and it has this stylish, simple and also saves space. This diaper pail features a small seal lid as well as a multi layered film which consists of antibacterial materials capable of killing 99% of germs that helps to trap offensive odors and this also saves you the energy of taking countless trips to the outside trash bin.

This diaper pail can also be used in disposing wipes, cotton wool, diaper and other trash. This pail is guaranteed to contain about eighteen diapers at one time and one of the advantages of this diaper is that it also comes with four refill cartridge.

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7. Dekor Classic Hands Free Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail guarantees to make disposing of dirty diapers very easy and you don’t have to bend over to dispose diapers but with this diaper pail all you have to do is just step on the foot pedal and dispose the dirty diaper through the trap door. This doesn’t involve twisting, cramming or squishing.

The Dekor classic hands free diaper pail also features a childproof lock which helps to prevent curious toddlers from it and it’s continuous liners ensures you can empty the pail at any time, using as much refill as needed.

All you have to do is cut the refill with a kid safe cutter that lies inside the access door, discard then you tie a new knot in the bag left. This product features an effective triple odor control that helps to fight bad smell and the refillable liner also eliminates bad odors thanks to its baby powder scent.

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6. Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail features an aluminum and steel construction so it doesn’t absorb odors like in plastic diaper pails but it has an airtight lid which helps to trap odors. This diaper pail is easy to use and its advanced design ensures that bad smells are contained inside even when disposing off the trash.

Additional flexible and strong rubber seal helps to fight against leaks and keep odors trapped inside. The ergonomic lid and a taller base design make this pail easy to access and it can also contain up to 50 percent of diaper because of its larger size expensive because this diaper pail uses standard size can liners and its unique design makes it suitable to also be used as a regular trash can.

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5. Dekor Plus Hands Free Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail features a total hands free method and when you want to dispose diapers, all you need to do is step on the foot pedal and discard the diaper and this product is considered as the most cost effective diaper pail refill system available in the market.

This diaper pail features an effective triple odor control that helps to trap bad odors in the pail and it also features a closed cell ABS plastic which doesn’t absorb odors just like in metal diaper pails. This product is also great for disposing cloth diapers and can be converted to a regular trash can because of its unique design.

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4. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail features a patented self sealing system and baking powder power which helps to eliminate odors while baking soda is sprinkled any time the lid shuts thanks to the pre-filled vented baking soda dispenser which also eliminates and absorbs odors continually even when this diaper pail isn’t in use.

The bag seals automatically when the lid is closed and when the lid is reopened the bag remains sealed thanks to the patented self sealing system and this diaper pail features refill bags which can contain about 25 diapers each. This refill bags are shut tight with a snap and they can also be tossed and replaced easily with tying or cutting.

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3. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail offers you a neat, clean and easy way to dispose your dirty diapers. This odorless diaper pail ensures that the bad smells of the diapers are trapped inside keeping your nursery clean and fresh and it only requires one step to dispose your diapers and that includes just drop the diaper in the pail and go unlike other diaper pails which involves turning and twisting. This diaper pail uses standard plastic bags and it also comes with a Dorizer disc.

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2. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor Lock Technology – Gray

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This diaper pail features a stylish look and it has an ultimate lock system designed to give your nursery a sweeter smell. It also comes with a 7 layer refill bag, new front tilt which helps in disposing diapers, Air-Tite clamp which fights to keep odors away from your nursery and built in activated carbon filters.

This diaper pail is designed to trap and absorb odors helping your nursery stay fresh and clean and this diaper pail also guarantees an easy and quick method to dispose diapers thanks to the foot pedals allowing for hands free opening and this in return helps to trap odors unlike a plastic bag or ordinary pail.

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1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

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This diaper pail is designed to give you high odor control as it is made from powder coated steel and it also features rubber seals designed strategically to trap odors while the sliding lid keeps the smell inside the pail and reduces air disruption.

This diaper pail also gives you the value and convenience of using a reusable cloth liner or a standard trash bag and this in return offers you the easiest way to dispose diapers. The Ubbi diaper pail features a childproof lock that comes in various colors and this pail also features an improved design of a bag holder that prevents breakage.

This improved design includes a covered rim that prevents the bag from tearing open together with a better insertion mechanism that helps prevent the rubber gasket from falling.

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