Top 10 Best Fuel Injector (System) Cleaner 2018

Anyone who owns a vehicle will definitely love to take good care of them but the problem is not everyone has the finances or technical know-how for professional mechanic work.

If you own a vehicle that is exhibiting signs of low performance or bad fuel mileage then you should get a fuel injector cleaner to keep the engine in good condition.

Best Fuel Injector (System) Cleaner

To make this task easy for you, we have compiled a list of the ten best fuel injector cleaners to help eliminate contaminants from your engine and help your engine regain its lost performance.

10 Best Fuel Injector (System) Cleaner

10. 12 FPPF Total Power Fuel Injector Detergent Cleaner

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This product features a super combination of polar power, Cetane 8+, injector cleaner and can also be used as a lubricity additive and all this works to improve your engine components.

This product also features wax dispersal, Anti-gel, fuel power, cleaner detergents, lubricity improves and wax seed crystal modifiers. This total fuel injector detergent cleaner is alcohol free and also works to clean injectors.

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9. BG244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

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This product is a trust worthy diesel fuel system cleaner. Diesel engines are very sensitive to deposits formed throughout the fuel system and even little quantity of these deposits can cause heavy reductions in engine performance or may even cause diminished performance, engine clatter, reduced fuel efficiency and other issues.

But this BG244 diesel fuel system cleaner is designed to eliminate deposits from the injectors, combustion chamber and the whole fuel system. It also helps to reduce exhaust emissions, avoid costly repairs, smooths idle and restore fuel flow.

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8. Lucas Oil 10512 

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This product is blended with a specific carrier fluid and an exclusive Lucas additive package that is free from no diesel, kerosene, fuel or any material that can cause damage to your engine.

This product also works to eliminate the need for higher octane fuel, helps to reduce nitrous oxide emissions and cleans deep the combustion chamber and the whole fuel system. One of the advantages of using this product is that it increase performance and mileage and totally eradicates pinging and knocking.

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7. STP 78577 

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This fuel additive product helps to fight against engine problems like stalling, poor acceleration, stumbling and it also works to improve engine fuel efficiency. This product also features well designed fuel additive bottles which are a perfect fit with cap-less fuel tanks and this STP super concentrated fuel injector cleaner works to dissolve and eliminate gum, deposits and harmful carbon in fuel injectors.

Deposits creates rough idling, poor acceleration and can also lead to hard starts but this product is guaranteed to get rid of deposits because of its top quality active ingredients.

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6. Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment

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This product comes in an easy to use kit and it works to treat fuel, diesel fuel as well as gasoline LPG and this product is tested and declared free from kerosene, alcohol, diesel fuel and solvents.

It is designed to increase mileage, lubricate pumps, valves, carburetors, injectors and it also helps to lubricate cylinder walls and rings which ensures longer engine life. The additional feature of this product is that it helps to lubricate and clean the fuel system as well as neutralizing low sulfur fuel issues.

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5. Liqui Molly 2007 

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The liquid molly 2007 jectron gasoline fuel injection cleaner is designed to remove carbon deposits, clean contaminated petrol injection systems, removes deposits from inlet and injection valves, fuel distributor as well as fuel pipes.

This product ensures no lean surging and no starting problems and it also provides good throttle response, environmental combustion compatibility, low pollution and smoother idling. Using this product helps to reduce fuel consumption, helps your engine return to its original performance and it is also recommended for engines with catalytic converters.

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4. Lucas 10003 

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Using this product helps to lubricate and clean the fuel system as well as increasing power and miles per gallon through burning excess exhaust emissions and also neutralizing low sulfur problems.

It also works to increase the life of injectors and pumps and it is recommended for both diesel and gasoline engines. This product offers your engine a blend additives and super slick oils which has a high detergent action that ensures that your engine functions at maximum efficiency.

One of the unique features of this product is that it can also be used in vehicles that need leaded fuel as it can replace the benefits of lead in gasoline without creating dangerous and harmful emissions.

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3. Red Line (60103) 

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This product features a detergent based and concentrated fuel additive that works to eliminate deposits from carburetors, injectors, combustion chambers and valves and this product is made from a blend of the most powerful low temperature and high temperature detergents available.

Using this product helps to reduce the need for octane by up to two points and it also contains a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant. It is advised to use a bottle per tank which guarantees effective treatment for neglected vehicles and it also cleans almost 100% efficiency in just one treatment.

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2. Royal Purple 11722 

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The max clean fuel system cleaner and stabilizer works to restore fuel economy, clean injectors and reduces tail pipe emissions as well as engine build up. This product is designed to work effectively in the combustion chamber and the intake system and it also works effectively in the entire fuel system of engines on the road regardless if they are diesel or gasoline, old or new, turbocharged, naturally aspirated or supercharged.

Using this product also helps to prevent stalling, hesitation and rough idle and it also helps to avoid engine pinging and knocking, premature spark plug fouling. This product also ensures that your engine regains its performance and restores lost fuel economy.

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1. Chevron 65740

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This product restores, protects and cleans the entire fuel system which includes intake valves, carburetors, combustion chambers and fuel injectors. The Chevron techron concentrated fuel system cleaner also works to restore lost fuel economy, lost power, operation of the fuel gauge sensor and acceleration and it also reduces spark plug fouling, engine surge, rough idle and hesitation.

The chevron 65740 improves fuel stability for about a year and also improves cold start performance and it also features a patented polyether amine technology that is designed to remove deposits from the carburetors, intake valves, combustion chambers and fuel injectors of engines.

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