Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeve 2018: Unbiased Review

Caseling Neoprene Sleeve Pouch Case

It is necessary to own a laptop sleeve as they provide your device with maximum protection against dust, scrapes, scratches and any other form of damage. There are various laptop sleeves available today and before purchasing any, it is advisable you go through their different features to help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeve Reviews

With this view, we recommend you go through our Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeves of 2018 as it will walk you through the best laptop sleeves and their unique features to help you select the best.

Top 10 Best Laptop Sleeve Reviews

10. Lavievert Gray Felt Case Bag Sleeve

Lavievert Gray Felt Case Bag Sleeve

This laptop sleeve is made with eco-friendly and soft materials which ensure that this product offers your device maximum protection against accidental scratches, dirt, light drops and dust.  It comes with a front pocket that has a zipper closure where you can store your adapters, pen, notebook, iPad mini, cell phones and other valuable items.

This sleeve has a triangle leather design which gives it a fashionable look and it also features a magnetic button which helps to securely hold your device and prevent it from dropping. This is a lightweight and slim product that you can easily slide into any backpack, briefcase or any other bag.

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9. Evershop Water Resistant LaptopEvershop 13-13.3 inch Water Resistant Laptop

This is a fashionable and top quality laptop sleeve as it is made with authentic premium material and this product is also lightweight,slim, soft when felt. You can also use this bag for traveling, business, school and other outdoor activities.

This product comes with foam padding layer and a neoprene waterproof material which fights against scratches shocks, dust and bumps while its front pocket design helps you store your mouse, cable, diary and other important items.

You can also slide this sleeve easily into any backpack, briefcase or luggage because of its lightweight feature and it is compatible with Samsung, Acer, Dell, ASUS, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo and several others.

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8. Kayond Canvas Water Resistant

Kayond Canvas Water Resistant

This product comes with a fluffy plush lining and soft neoprene material which provides double protection for your device from shock and collision and it also features an extra zip which makes sure your charge your device anywhere you go.

This product features a lightweight and slim design which makes sure you carry this sleeve easily or slide it into any other bag while its inner bag design helps you store important items like cell phones, cables, adapters, notepads, pen and several others. This water resistant neoprene material used in making this sleeve also ensures that your device is protected from scratches, scrapes, shock, dust, bumps and spills.

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7. Inatek 15-15.4 inch MacBook Pro

Inatek 15-15.4 inch MacBook Pro

This product is made with biodegradable, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly material and its inner lining material is resistant to mold and wear as well as preventing your device from scratching. It also helps to absorb shock and protect your device form scrapes, scratches, dust and bumps.

This product comes with two back pockets with flannel lining and one main compartment that allows you store your wallet, earphones and cell phones and it also comes with a synthetic Velcro leather closure which provides extra security.

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6. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

This product features an ultra-soft and authentic padding compartment which helps to accommodate your 18-inch laptop and one of its exciting feature is it comes with a gaming console sleeve.

This product features a unique button system which you can open full or partially so you can easily get access to the compartment while its hip pockets helps you get access to your important items like mobile phones, media players or even your keys without taking this bag off from your back.

It also comes with a dual hand carry design which allows you lift this bag easily while its 5-point balance strap design helps for even distribution of weight which provides comfort when carrying this bag.

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5. Lavievert Case Leather SleeveLavievert Gray Felt Case Leather

This bag has a vintage look and it is made with top quality and eco-friendly material which helps this bag protect your device from bumps, scratches and accidentals scuffs while its PU leather arch shaped design makes sure your device fits perfectly into this bag.

It also comes with a magnetic button which ensures that your laptop stays perfectly secured to prevent accidental dropping and it is ideal for use for ultrabook, most popular 13-13.3 inches laptop, notebook and 13-13.3” MacBook.

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4. Snugg Leather Sleeve for Apple MacBook

Snugg Leather Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro

Purchasing this product comes with a lifetime warranty and it is made with premium PU leather which has an interior made of nubuck soft fibre which helps to protect your device from scrapes and scratches. One unique feature of this product is that it is splash-proof meaning you can hurry to work under the rain without worrying about your device getting damaged.

This stylish product features an in-built card holder which allows you store your business cards while the addition of a magnetic soft element helps you shut this sleeve to prevent accidental falling and keep your device secured.

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3. Caseling Neoprene Sleeve Pouch Case

Caseling Neoprene Sleeve Pouch Case

This Casing sleeve pouch is made with a durable, soft and top quality material and it also comes with a zipper closure which allows you put in and remove your device with ease.

The sleeve is well designed to fight against dust, scratches and scrapes from your laptop and you can carry this sleeve with your hand or place it in any of your favorite bags because of its lightweight feature.

This sleeve features a trendy and fashionable look and color which makes it attractive to the eyes. It is ideal for use with all laptops, MacBook Pro, ZenBook, Ultrabook, MacBook 14-inches, MacBook Air, Transformer Book, Lenovo Thinkpad Edge, Samsung and Elitebook.

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2. Case Logic LAPS 116 15 – 16-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Case Logic LAPS 116 15 – 16-Inch Laptop Sleeve

This product features a woven webbing design together with a subtle texture gives this sleeve a fashionable look and it comes with an impact foam padding design which helps to provide protection to your device from top to bottom.

This laptop sleeve comes with an envelope design which grants you easy access to remove or place your device in this bag while its slim-lined feature ensures that you carry this sleeve alone or put it into any other briefcase, tote, backpack or any other bag.

This traditional and subtly detailed laptop sleeve features a streamlined design which ensures that this sleeve fits into anybody comfort’s zone while the addition of a wrap construction also provides extra security for your device.

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1. AmazonBasics 13.3-inch Laptop Sleeve-Black

AmazonBasics 13.3-inch Laptop Sleeve-Black

This laptop sleeve is stylishly deigned to offer your notebook and laptop maximum protection against scratches, bumps, debris and accidents.

It also proves to be the ideal storage for your device when going on business trips or any other activity as this padded sleeve comes with a top loading zipper which ensures that your notebook or laptop are held securely and preventing it from falling off.

The Amazon Basics laptop sleeve features a lightweight design which allows you place it into any of your favorite bag or even carry it with your hands.

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