Top 10 Best Mirrorless Camera 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Best Mirrorless Camera

With Mirrorless cameras, you have lots of advantage compared to when working with a DSLR camera as mirrorless cameras have ideal sizes and are well developed to take faster shots as well as framing images on the rear screen.

Mirroless cameras features electronic Viewfinders which are considered to be the ideal replacement for optical eye-pieces. They are well designed to give you clearer and higher resolution images so if you need to upgrade your images.

Best Mirrorless Camera

Here is ten of the best mirrorless camera reviews available together with their distinctive features:

10 Best Mirrorless Camera To Buy With Reviews

10. Samsung NX500 28 MP

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The Samsung NX500 wireless and mirrorless camera comes with a BSI CMOS sensor and a 28.2MP and this camera is also designed to deliver about nine frames every second with intense and bright colors as well as sharp images.

It also features a unique 4k/UKD video and a large sensor which is perfect for developing detailed images. This camera also comes with a quick shutter speed which is well designed to capture objects in motion with unique precision and it also comes with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity as well as other manual controls.

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9. Samsung NX Mini 20.5 CMOS Smart Wi-Fi 

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This mirrorless camera comes with a 1080p HD video that is ideal for recording videos and it also features a BSI CMOS, 20.5MP sensor which provides clear colors with exceptional resolution as well as producing top quality details.

This mirrorless camera comes is lightweight and stylishly slim as it weighs 158 grams and is about 22.5mm and with this camera you can share your best moments with your friends and family as its NFC and in-built Wi-Fi allows you share photos.

Some other smart features of this camera includes DirectLink, PC Auto-backup, Social Media upload, Photo beam, E-mail, AllShare, Remote Viewfinder pro, MobileLink and Baby Monitoring.

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8. Samsung NX3000 

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This is a light and compact mirrorless digital camera which comes with interchangeable lens that works to give you great color and top quality images and its 20.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor provides you with exceptional details even in areas with low light.

This camera features a stylish look as its retro and touch of analogue design makes it exquisitely modern and with this camera you can share photos with your family and friends and it comes with Wi-Fi options. This camera also features a flip-up mode which is ideal for taking selfies while its Smart mode settings help you capture quality images with a variety of settings.

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7. Sony Alpha a5000 

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The Sony alpha a5000 mirrorless camera comes with a screen that tilts up to 180 degree and a friendly self-portrait zoom lever which allows you see shots before capturing them. Its 20.1MP allows you capture remarkable and unique images thereby making quality photography an easy task.

This camera also features NFC connectivity which allows you upload your best images to your social media accounts and also to your family and friends through the Wi-Fi option and this camera also features an interchangeable and compact camera lens system.

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6. Olympus PEN E-PL1 12.3MP 

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This camera allows you capture high quality images and top quality HD videos as it comes with f/3.5-5.6 14-42 digital zoom lens with a built-in flashlight. And its 12.3 MP interchangeable camera lens system ensures that you capture exceptional and precise images.

This Olympus mirrorless digital camera comes with an exclusive ‘direct button’ which allows for easy video recording and it also features Continous Auto-Focus tracking system as well as 2.7 hyper Crystal LCD that has live view options.

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5. Olympus OM-D E-M10 

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This mirrorless digital camera boasts of an interactive and large Viewfinder, TruePic VII image processor that allows capturing excellent color rendition and high quality resolution, Wi-Fi, built-in flash and a warp speed AF system which gives way for sequential shooting and lots more. This camera also comes with fast Autofocus which allows you capture quick quality images while its image stabilization option also provides crisp photos.

This camera features Wi-Fi option which allows you share photos and videos and it is also compact and lightweight which gives you easy portability. It also comes with a zoom lens of 14-42mm which allows you capture landscape, street shooting and quality family pictures.

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This revolutionary and new mirrorless camera features a compact and exceptionally light figure which allows you carry it anywhere you go and it also comes with an electronic Viewfinder which allows you check art filter effects, white balance and exposure levels. Using this camera guarantees clear quality images with its 16.1MP CMOS and it also delivers continuous shooting of about nine frames every second.

You can also record clear videos with its 1080 HD video and it also comes with a 35-area contrast detect AF. One additional feature of this camera is that it is compatible with flash hot shoe and Olympus RC flash wireless system and it body is weather sealed.


3. Sony a3000 

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Using this camera guarantees that you can capture professional type of images as it features a 20 megapixel lens which allows you take high resolution photos effortlessly and you can also record HD videos, capture remarkable and frame worthy details with this simple Sony a3000 mirrorless digital camera.

This camera comes with top speed and quality DSLR option which allows you take fast action images and it is also lightweight which ensures that you can take this beautiful camera anywhere you go so you don’t miss out on the fun.

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2. Sony Alpha a6000 – 55-210mm Power Zoom Lenses

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This mirrorless camera is unique as it features eleven frames each second, 179 AF points and the fastest auto-focus of about 0.06 seconds which ensures that you don’t miss out on the fun. With this camera, you can capture high resolution images with its APS-C sensor 24MP which works effectively even in low light.

This camera offers you instant sharing options like NFC and Wi-Fi and it also features intuitive and easy controls as well as an in-built LED Viewfinder which guarantees that you can capture images like a professional.

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1. Sony Alpha a6000 – 16-50mm Power Zoom Lens

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This camera comes with a 24MP CMOS APS-C sensor that is perfect for capturing high resolution details and this Sony alpha mirrorless digital camera is Sony E mount lenses compatible. It also features NFC and Wi-Fi options which allow you share images with your friends and family and this camera is well designed to give you a continuous shooting of eleven frames per second.

This camera also features hybrid AF with 25 contrast detect points and 179-point focal plane phase detection and it also comes with an electronic OLED Viewfinder that offers 100 percent coverage. Other additional features of this camera includes Pro HG Duo Memory/memory stick Pro Duo and a 3-inch tilting LCD option.

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