Top 10 Best Oil Filters 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Best Oil Filters review

Nowadays, cars are put to tough tests in poor road conditions and harsh weathers and to make your car run effectively you need to get quality engine oil that will best suit your car and you also need a quality engine oil filter which will help the oil remain free from harmful contaminants.

The spin-on or enclosed canister filters and the cartridge filters are two popular types of oil filters but the type of car you have will determine the right type of oil filter for you because getting the wrong oil filter can cause low oil pressure, oil leaks and poor oil filtration.

Best Oil Filters review

Here is a list of the ten best oil filters we have put together for you to select from;

10 Best Oil Filters To Buy with Reviews

10. Toyota Genuine Parts 90915 – YZZF1

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This oil filter is a direct fit as it is considered as the original equipment manufacturer part that your car came with. This oil filter is designed to remove harmful contaminants effectively and also guarantees quality engine effectiveness.

This oil filter can be used together with other motor oil brands and it is highly recommended for use in Toyota motor oil products.

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9. Fram XG4967

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This oil filter features a synthetic, dual layered, cellulose media which is reinforced with a metal screen to hold back 99% of contaminants while its silicone anti-drain back valve is added to hold oil which guarantees engine protection and safe engine start up for up to 15,000 miles.

This oil filter has a non slip sure grip outer shell which remains fixed even in severe slippery conditions and installation of this oil filter is quite easy.

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8. Bosch 3323

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This product is made from high FILTECH media technology which helps to get rid of harmful contaminants and also ensures greater engine protection. This Bosch premium oil filter features a high lubricity gasket design that has an easy to remove but yet tight seal and it also has a double locked rolled seam which provides a leak free canister.

This oil filtering area is about 42 percent larger than other conventional oil filters while its filter media is about 30 percent thicker unlike other conventional filters. This product features a silicone anti drain back valve which guarantees a high supply of clean oil in your car.

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7. Mobil 1 M1 – 102

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This product has filter traps designed in a way to trap and get rid of dirt unlike other filters and this product also offers cartridge oil filters, Spin on and also helps in providing more than 97 percentage vehicles in operation (V.I.O) coverage.

This product is guaranteed to provide long lasting performance for every day longer drain intervals and it is designed to withstand 9× operating pressure of any normal system. This oil filter helps to fight against dry starts through elimination of internal leakage during shutdown and it does this through the use of a silicone anti drain back valve.

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6. Bosch 3330

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This Bosch 3330 premium FILTECH oil filter guarantees quality oil filtration which also provides extra protection for engines and it also features a blend of synthetic and natural materials which also offers quality oil filtration that enhances engine wear protection.

This oil filter is designed in such a way that it can trap up to 14 grams of dirt in its filter media and it also provides housing and strong steel base plates which prevent warpage, poor fits and leaks.

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5. Mann Filter HU 718/5 

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The Mann filter oil filter is free from metals and this product is manufactured from one material and also doesn’t form ash when disposed of through a thermal process. This oil filter features a high filter surface area which helps to filter off high amount of dirt and also guarantees maximum protection for your engine.

This product has a pleat structuring which ensures that the filter surface works effectively throughout the operating time and it also offers consistent high separation efficiency as well as ensuring fast replacement through the use of wrench removal tools.

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4. Mann Filter HU 816

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This product features a new washer for the oil drain plug and it also comes with new gaskets for the filter. This oil filter allows you change the oil yourself which will help you save some money and installation is quite easy. All you have to do unscrew the oil cap filter and take out the old filter.

Fix in the new filter and replace the tiny gasket with a new one at the bottom and also replace the larger gasket at the top then you screw tightly. This oil filter will definitely offer your engine optimum protection and it also features a pleat structuring which ensures that the filter surface area works effectively during the operating time.

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3. Pennzoil 550038331

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This oil is manufactured with pure plus technology and it regularly has lower viscosity at low temperatures (-13 degree Fahrenheit to -40 degree Fahrenheit) and this ensures that the engine doesn’t require much effort to pump oil at temperatures.

This oil filter allows you drive on average at an added 550 miles per year and it also helps to fight against loss of power in your engine. This product protects the engine in extreme heat and also gives faster low temperature oil flow and better viscosity control is attained even under tough oxidative test conditions unlike other III base and API group oils.

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2. Mobil 1 M1 – 110

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This oil filter removes contaminants effectively through 99.6% multi pass efficiency rating together with an advanced blend of synthetic fiber media. It ensures long life performance for longer drain intervals and it has 28.0 grams total capacity which is designed to trap twice the contaminants unlike other filters.

This oil filter is guaranteed to last up to a year which makes it very economical and for higher performance you are advised to use this Mobil 1 M1 oil filter with Mobil 1 extended or Mobil 1 performance motor oils.

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1. K&N KN – 171C

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This oil filter is designed to give your engine ultimate flow with a less drop in pressure thanks to the use of a modern synthetic fiber and it also guarantees optimum filtration. This oil filter comes with a heavy duty metal can and most of these cans consist of a 17mm nut attached to the end of the can which serves for easy removal and installation.

This 17mm nut is cross drilled to allow racers safety wire the filter to their bikes. This oil filter features a resin impregnated filter media trap which is designed to hold 99% of contaminants and it also serves as a replacement oil filters for SUV cars, ATV’s, Motorcycles and trucks.

The addition of an Anti drain back valve helps to prevent oil from draining into the crank case and it also fights against dry starts.

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