Top 10 Best Slide Projectors 2018: Unbiased Review

ViewSonic PJD5353LS 3200 Lumens XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

Everyone loves having fun and entertaining themselves anywhere they go because it is a sure way of being happy and feeling so much joy but it is also necessary for you and your family to share the fun and peaceful moments even during camping or when relaxing at home and one way of achieving that is buy getting a slide projector.

Top 10 Best Slide Projectors 2017: Unbiased Review

This review will show you the top rated slide projectors that will guarantee better sound quality, improved image quality, high efficiency as well as offering you multiple inputs for better connectivity so you and your family can share memorable moments together.

Top 10 Best Slide Projectors Reviews

10. AMAZ-PLAY Video Gaming Projectors

AMAZ-PLAY Mobile DLP Pico Projector Portable Mini Pocket Size Multimedia Video Gaming Projectors with 120” Display, 20,000-Hour LED, 12omin, Built-in Battery

Using this projector device guarantees excellent visual experience and you can also use this AMAZ-PLAY pocket size projector as a gift for your friends, family or even as a graduation present.

It is actually quite easy to operate as it comes with blue touch keys that shine brightly in dark rooms or at time and they help to improve user-friendly experience as well as simplifying operations and it also comes with Airplay and Miracast designs which connects with this projector which helps to enhance viewing experience even on small screens.

Also, this projector is recommended for candlelight dinner for you and your lover and it comes with 3.5mm audio output with an in-built speaker which provides an enjoyable experience when listening to audios and watching videos.

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9. LED 1500 Lumens Video Projector

 LED Projector, Dinyl 1500 Lumens Video Projector

Making use of this LED projector allows you connect easily with your laptop, DVD player or your PC so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies or videos and it also features in-built stereo sound double speakers which ensures you enjoy listening to quality and crystal clear sounds.

These in-built speakers are however perfect for use with your video games and home theater systems and you can also connect your video games to this projector so you can have an enjoyable gaming experience but in order to extend this projector’s working life, it is necessary you shut it down after 3-4 hours of use to prevent overheating.

Purchasing this product comes with a 1-year warranty and other essential features that come along with it include an authentic multi chip coated optical lens which ensures improved temperature resistance, transmittance and color reproduction.

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8. Wi-Fi Wireless LED Projector Mini

Wi-Fi Wireless LED Projector Mini Portable Multimedia

The Wi-Fi wireless LED projector offers you several connection options as it comes with HDMI, VGA, SD, and USB inputs which allow you watch your favorite programs on this 120-inch screen.

Using this projector guarantees you would connect with your DVD player, laptop and PC so you can enjoy watching your videos or movies and you can also connect to your Playstation games for better gaming experience on a bigger screen.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi technology, you can stream media from your Android, iPhone, Mac and iPad devices and its 1200 lumens brightness makes this projector shine bright especially in dark environments.

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7. Optoma Home Theater Projector

Optoma HD131Xe 1080p 2500 Lumen Full 3D DLP Home Theater

The Optoma home theater projector is well designed to give you exceptional and high video quality with remarkable sharp detail and excellent color accuracy and this helps to create the most memorable, enjoyable and fantastic experience right from the comfort of your home.

You will enjoy seamless compatibility with your gaming consoles, Apple TV, Blu-Ray 3D player using this Optoma projector and other unique features of this projector include quiet operation and energy saving design which offers you top quality and performance for you and your family.

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6. DBPOWER Lumens LCD Mini Projector

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector

Making use of this device guarantees up to 50 percent extra brightness which makes it perfect for home use and for better performance it is recommended you make use of this projector in dark environments and one key feature of this projector is its innovative sound and fan system which the fan works effectively in dispersing heat while the sound system works effectively to reduce the fan sound thanks to its noise suppression design.

Purchasing this product comes with a 3-year warranty and it also allows you connect with your Smartphone and iPad using the HDMI cable so you can enjoy watching your favorite videos on these devices.

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5. Multimedia Portable Video Projector

Portable Video Projector Game Home Cinema Theater

The Xinda portable projector features projection size of 60-90-inches, distance of 5-7FT and image size of 34-130-inches which helps you enjoy user experience and thanks to its HDMI, SD card, AV and USB inputs, you can connect easily with your PC, USB disk, DVD player and laptops so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and videos.

One unique attribute of this projector is its well engineered LED lamp which functions for more than 20,00 hours thereby ensuring crisp and clear images while its portable and compact design allows you travel and move about with it conveniently thereby making it ideal for camping and even outdoor movies.

To avoid breakdown, it is necessary you turn off this projector after 3-4 hours of use to preventing overheating and damage and this projector isn’t recommended for business presentation, Excel, Word and PPT.

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4. Abdtech  Mini LED Home Theatre Projector

Abdtech 1200 Lumens Mini LED Multimedia Home Theatre

Featuring maximum screen size of 120 inches and minimum screen size of 32 inches, the Abdtech multimedia home theatre projector ensures you and your family would enjoy cinema-like experience from the comfort of your home and one advantage of purchasing this projector product is it gives you control of picture size on your projector just by moving the projector or screen.

One outstanding feature of this product is it comes with an effective cooling system that helps in dispersing heat while the sound of the fan is also reduced thanks to its noise suppression design. Making use of this projector guarantees high fidelity pictures and it also comes with HDMI, SD, USB, VGA and AV inputs so you can connect with other compatible devices for gaming or watching movies.

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3. Optoma 3D Gaming Projector

Optoma GT 1080 1080P 3D Gaming Projector

You will enjoy watching movies and gaming like never before using the Optoma projector which is specially designed for gamers. This projector allows you grab information easily as well as creating an accurate and faster response needed in defeating your opponent. You will also enjoy using this projector for gaming as it comes with 2800 bright lumens, 25000:1 contrast ratio with excellent color accuracy which delivers enhanced visibility and top quality image detail.

Other remarkable features of this projector include a quite operation, remarkable 10-watt audio, 6500 amp life and 12v output necessary for a worry-free gaming experience.

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2. Crenova LED Video Projector Home

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector Home Projector with Free HDMI Support 1080p for Home Cinema Theatre TV Laptop Game SD iPad iPhone Android Smartphone – White

This projector is perfect for use in every home especially in dark rooms as it delivers up to 20 percent added brightness unlike other projector products and it also comes with a quality HDMI cable which allows you connect to your Smartphone and iPad so you can enjoy viewing on your projector conveniently while you and your family enjoy cinema-like experience right from your living room.

This projector also comes with a fan which works effectively in the dispersion of heat and with low temperature this fan will make no noise. Purchasing this product also offers you a professional customer service warranty as well as a product warranty of 12 months.

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1. ViewSonic  XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

ViewSonic PJD5353LS 3200 Lumens XGA HDMI Short Throw Projector

The Viewsonic is rated as the best in this review as it makes use of a powerful Eco technology which works to reduce up to 70 percent of power consumption and this same technology helps to boost lamp life with an additional 10,000 hours.

You will enjoy making use of this ViewSonic projector whether in small business environments or even for educational use as it offers reliable connectivity options likewise improved audiovisual features and it also comes with VGA and HDMI ports for better connectivity.

This projector however comes in a white, sleek and user friendly design and one unique feature of this device is its SuperColor Technology  which provides numerous color range required for true-to-life image projection and it also features Sonic Expert sound enhancement technology makes use of a 2W speaker which provides remarkable audible and clear sounds.

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