Top 10 Best Stopwatches 2018: Unbiased Review

Top 10 Best Stopwatches 2017: Unbiased Review

If you are a sport lover or into athletics then you would need a stopwatch as it helps to track time and unlike regular wristwatches and mobile phones, stopwatches are hard accessories which will deliver accurate results in any environment whether rainy or sunny weather conditions.

Top 10 Best Stopwatches 2017: Unbiased Review

However, the rise in poorly built stopwatches makes it difficult for most individuals to purchase the best and if you intend purchasing one anytime soon, we recommend you take a look at this review which will make it less challenging and difficult when shopping for one.

Top 10 Best Stopwatches Reviews

10. Oslo Robic M427 All Purpose Stopwatch

Oslo Robic M427 All Purpose Stopwatch

Specially designed for timing of outdoor activities, recreational events and athletic events, the Oslo Robic all purpose stopwatch provides you with accurate timing and this watch is very easy to use as it comes with a large LCD display extra large buttons which makes it easy to read and also easy to operate.

Backed with a 1-year warranty, this watch is made to last as it features durable material production while other notable features include lanyard, alarm, calendar and time.

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9. Timex T5K491 Stopwatch

Timex T5K491 Stopwatch

This easy to read stopwatch is well designed to fit the hand and it comes with a twenty-four hour chronograph with speed, pace and stroke rate calculation. Making use of this stopwatch ensures you get accurate records of your average lap or best lap using its 100-lap workout design and it is also well designed to resist water which makes it suitable for extreme outdoor use.

You can also wear this stopwatch around your neck as it comes with a lanyard while other notable features include countdown linkage, countdown stop, countdown timer, Alarm with total segment time designs.

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8. Interval Timer, Digital Sports Stopwatch

Interval Timer, Digital Sports Stopwatch

Get this digital stopwatch today which is ideal for cross-fit training, weightlifting, boxing, yoga, running and other types of trainings and it comes with impressive features like power off function with vibration an alarm which helps you get the best out of your workout sessions.

Making use of this stopwatch allows you measure several events accurately and you can also get the measurement of time of a hundredth of one second using its 1/100 second split timing design.

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7. Timex Ironman Rugged 30 Mid-Size Watch

Timex Ironman Rugged 30 Mid-Size Watch

This Timex Ironman mid-size watch is rated as the ideal watch for training as it comes with alarms, timers and can also be used as a stopwatch which helps to improve your workout or training.

One impressive feature of this watch is its durable design which allows you withstand vigorous use all through the day and it comes backed with a two-year warranty as it is made using durable materials which guarantees long lasting use.

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6. Travelwey Digital Stopwatch

Travelwey Digital Stopwatch

This stopwatch comes with less number of keys which makes it very easy to operate and it is made using plastic materials which makes it ideal and lightweight when handled. Some of its important features include in-built alarm, date, time and a hourly chime which you can easily turn off and on and it also requires LR1130 button cell battery or LR44 batteries or operation.

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5. Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Some of the modes that come with this heart rate monitor watch include; pulse mode, daily alarm mode, chronograph mode, exercise mode and time mode and it also boasts of an exercise counter which features a manual and automatic override calorie counter which helps in calculating the amount of burnt calories.

One advantage of making use of this device is it helps to get rid of stress and it makes use of 1X CR2032 battery which ensures it works efficiently. This heart rate monitor watch is well designed to calculate the amount of burnt calories based on sex, weight and age and it is also used in calculating heart rate.

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4. ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor A601X Stopwatch

Backed with a 5-year warranty, this quality watch will last for a long time as it features durable material production and it is also well designed to be shockproof and water resistant which makes it the ideal watch for any outdoor adventure.

Get this watch today which helps to handle your basic timing need and one impressive design of this watch is it also works on 2.5 WOS operating system.

You can easily view details on this watch thanks to its magnum extra large display while other features include even time out, month and date, release/split action, 24 hour timing range amongst others.

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3. Timex Men’s Alarm Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men’s Alarm Resin Strap Watch

This Times Men’s expedition strap watch is a durable and sporty watch which is recommended for outdoor use and it comes with a dial and 43mm case which gives you a stylish and sleek appearance.

Another attractive design of this strap watch is its black resin band which is sure to catch the eye while its digital display comes with a high quality movement.

You can use this watch as a countdown timer and as a stopwatch and another intriguing feature of this watch is its water-resistant design which makes it suitable for snorkeling, swimming but not diving.

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2. Timex Men’s Ironman Classic Watch

Timex Men’s Ironman Classic Watch

Featuring 99-lap counter, split times, 100 hour chronograph, split recall, total time, average lap, stop and repeat with a 100 hour countdown timer, the Timex Men’s Ironman is considered as the ideal outdoor sports watch as it also comes with visible screws and a sporty resin band which gives it an attractive look.

This watch boasts of a Flix technology which turns on its night light by flicking the wrist and you can also use this watch for swimming and snorkeling but not for diving.

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1. Timex Ironman Sleek Mid-Size Watch

Timex Ironman Sleek Mid-Size Watch

Specially designed for women who have what it takes to explore the outdoor world, the Timex classic mid-size watch is tough, breathable and also lightweight as it boasts of a sweat proof and high endurance design which makes it perfect for any outdoor adventure.

You will certainly fall in love with this watch as it comes with sharp and bright colors, interval workout modes as well as run timers while its buckle closure and resin strap helps it stay firmly and secured on the wrist.

You can also make use of this quality watch for swimming and snorkeling but not diving thanks to its water-resistant design.

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