Top 10 Best Travel Pillow 2018: Unbiased Review

Top 10 Best Travel Pillows Reviews

Most people enjoy resting or sleeping when traveling. And if you fall into such category then it is advisable you get a quality and comfortable travel pillow which helps to get rid of neck pain, back pain and other forms of discomfort.

 Top 10 Best Travel Pillow Reviews

This travel pillows are can be inflated and deflated and they are perfect for train, cars, flights and bus trips and that’s why we have put together this article to walk you through the Top 10 Best Travel Pillows.

 Top 10 Best Travel Pillow Reviews

10. Purefly Inflatable Soft   Travel Pillow

Purefly Inflatable Soft Velvet Neck Support Travel Pillow

The Purefly travel pillow features an innovative design which provides you with maximum comfort and also allowing your neck maintain proper alignment as well as holding your head upright.

It comes with an inflation button which you can press repeatedly to get the desired size and you can also release the air by pressing the air valve button.

This pillow can be folded and stored easily in a beautiful pack-sack and this product is made with a top quality micro-velvet soft fabric. This pillow is ideal for use when sleeping in the office or even when watching a movie.

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9. Andake Inflatable Travel Pillow

Andake Inflatable Pillow Suitable as Travel Pillow

This pillow is well designed to offer you maximum comfort as it works effectively to fight against side to side swaying. And also providing support for your head even in vertical positions. Its adjustable closure makes sure this pillow stays fit on your neck.

It comes with an air valve at the base which works to deflate or inflate this pillow and using this pillow offers maximum comfort and support either in back and front positions.

The Andake inflatable is made with eco-friendly materials and its flocking fabric gives this pillow a soft touch as well as fighting against the building up of heat.

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8. My Best Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

My Best Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow


This product is made with 100 percent cotton and it comes with a wrap design which helps to maintain and improve body positioning. This is an easy to inflate travel nursing pillow and it also comes with a diaper purse or bag that serves for storage when not in use and it is perfect for use at overnights or in airplanes. It is the ideal travel pillow for nursing mom and their babies.

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7. Skyrest Travel Pillow

Skyrest Travel Pillow

This is a highly recommended travel pillow that has already matched the needs of over 1000 customers and it is a lightweight pillow that weighs 20 ounces.

This pillow is an easy to deflate and inflate as it comes with an inflation valve which fights against air loss and removing this valve easily deflates this travel pillow when not in use. It is ideal for use in airplanes, buses, trains or even for home use.

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6. Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

This is a high quality travel pillow well designed to provide maximum support. It comes with ventilation holes which makes sure that the memory foam stays warm as well as improving air flow which gives you a satisfactory sleeping experience.

You can make use of this product in trains, buses, airplanes and also while watching your favorite TV stations at home and you can also make use of it at the beach and pool.

Purchasing this product comes with a free portable bag which allows you carry this lightweight pillow as well as for carrying other important items and you can use this pillow as a gift for valentines, birthdays, graduations, wedding and many more.

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5. Comfortable Travel Pillow

Comfortable Travel Pillow

Using this travel pillow helps to get rid of neck pain and discomfort as it has been tested scientifically and approved for people with upper back, shoulder or chronic neck pain.

This pillow is ideal for use in trains, cars, airplanes and buses making your trip a comfortable and relaxing one and one extra advantage of this pillow is you can make use of it at home for sleeping or just relaxing.

This travel pillow is made with premium thermo sensitive foam memory which provides maximum comfort and helping this pillow stay fit to your neck and kit also features removable soft velour cover.

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4. Cabeau Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam

The Cabeau evolution travel neck pillow comes with memory foam ear plugs and a travel bag that is resistant to water which allows you enjoy an undisturbed and comfortable rest and this travel pillow is perfect for train, bus and road trips.

This pillow is highly recommended as it also fights against neck pain thanks to its flat back cushion and raised side supports and it is also easy to clean as it comes with a washable soft velour cover.

One notable feature of this travel pillow is it compresses down to ¼ of its original size which allows you attach it to your bag or luggage.

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3. TRTL Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

TRTL Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow, Grey

The TRTL soft neck travel pillow is a scientifically proven product that eliminates neck pain caused by long flights. And it works effectively to hold your neck in a comfortable position when at rest. This travel pillow compresses for easy attachment to your bag or luggage and it is highly recommended than other U-shaped memory foam travel pillows as it fights against sore shoulder and stiff neck.

This pillow comes with an internal support system together with a hypoallergenic and super soft polyester fabric which allows for maximum comfort and warmth during rest.

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2. Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

This is regarded as the only travel pillow that offers your upper body full lateral support which easily helps you fall asleep, relax and sleep for a long period of time and it also works effectively to promote good neck and head alignment.

This pillow is also recommended for chronic back pain sufferers and you can easily deflate and inflate this pillow while it comfortable design fights against neck strain and tension.

You can attach this travel pillow to airline seats or wear across your body like a messenger bag and it is ideal for use in buses, cars, trains, airplanes, wheelchairs, camping, watching TV or at airport terminals.

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1. J-Pillow – Head, Chin and Neck Support

J-Pillow Travel Pillow – Head, Chin and Neck Support

This travel pillow is the best-selling product for over three years and it has received the British invention award in 2013. This pillow is ideal for everyone as it helps you fall asleep in cramped trains, planes, buses and cars and it is also for use at home whether you are watching TV or reading as book.

This pillow comes with a snap loop handy fastener which helps you attach this to your luggage and you can also squeeze down this pillow as it is more compact than other U-shaped travel pillows. You can wash this pillow and its cover for proper maintenance and you can air dry or tumble dry.

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