5 Top Rated Smoke Detectors: Great As Carbon Monoxide Detector

Top Rated Smoke Detectors

Top Rated Smoke DetectorsRecent statistics have shown that fire incidents and smoke incidents have resulted to the death of about three thousand people since 2014. Smoke alarms today are easy and convenient to install as well as being less expensive to purchase.

Maintaining a smoke detector is also less expensive as all it requires is for you to check the batteries just once every month. It also guarantees that you and your household stay fully protected.

In order not to waste your time, let’s go straight to the best five top rated smoke detectors on Amazon today.

Reviewing The 5 Top Rated Smoke Detectors

#5. Honeywell 5808W3 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detector

Honeywell 5808W3 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Heat Detector

You will find the Honeywell 5808W3 smoke detector quite convenient and easy to install as it comes with a sturdy mounting base which ensures it is easily installed on any surface.

It comes with added LED indicators with two colors which tells you of abnormal and normal conditions. One of the impressive features of this Honeywell smoke detector is its smoothing algorithm that helps to get rid of nuisance alarms as well as getting rid of smoke and dust.

It boasts of an in-built, restorable and fixed temperature thermal detector which is also designed to sense a pre-freezing condition.


  • True Honeywell quality as it works as advertised
  • Quite easy to install and also comes with a powerful sensor
  • Easy to program also


#4. Fire Sentry i9040E Smoke Alarm

Fire Sentry i9040E Smoke Alarm

This Fire Sentry i9040E smoke alarm is one of the best smoke detectors, it offers a sensing technology that detects a smoke or fire emergency and its 4-inch design gives it a discreet and hidden design.

You will find the Fire Sentry smoke alarm quite effective and easy to install while its test button helps you tell if this smoke detector works as advertised. You will also find this product very easy to use and long lasting so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new one anytime soon.


  • Acts as a basic detector as it doesn’t come with whistles or bells and also easy to install
  • Having this smoke detector helps you feel safe at home thanks to its effectiveness


  • Poor quality as it doesn’t last long


#3. First Alert SA303CN3 Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

First Alert SA303CN3 Battery Powered Smoke Alarm

Using the smoke Alarm SA303CN3 alarm system ensures you move your family outside if there’s a fire emergency. You will love its silence button which ensures you put its unit functionality to test as well as silencing a non-threatening alarm.

One notable feature of this smoke alarm is its side battery drawer which you can open easily when it is time to change the battery.

It comes with a power indicator that blinks so you can stay informed of the working condition of the smoke alarm system. It comes backed with a 5-year warranty thanks to its durable material construction and it can also be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.


  • Looks quite good and is also very easy to install
  • Product works as advertised


  • Cover tends to fall off easily with any little movement around it


#2. First Alert CO400 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

First Alert CO400 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The first alert CO400 carbon monoxide alarm is well designed to detect carbon monoxide and it is well designed to fit spaces that lose constant electricity or has no source of electricity.

The First Alert CO400 carbon monoxide alarm system has 85 decibel siren with indicator lights that informs you when the batteries go low and needs to be replaced.

It boasts of an electro-chemical CO sensor that senses or detects carbon monoxide and thanks to its battery operated design, this detector can work anywhere it is placed.


  • Ensures that your family is protected thanks to its high efficient design


  • Comes with a dead battery which makes it difficult to test unit
  • Battery compartment is quite difficult to close or open
  • Comes with poor mounting holes


#1. First Alert 9120B6CP 120-Volt Wire-In With Battery Backup Smoke Alarm

First Alert 9120B6CP 120-Volt Wire-In With Battery Backup Smoke Alarm

This First Alert smoke alarm is well designed to be better than previous models, smarter than most alarms available on the market. It is very easy to install and it also features a wide opening inside its mounting bracket so it can easily access wires during installation.

You will not regret purchasing this smoke detector as it boasts of a Quick Connect design which allows for connection of the AC adaptor and some key benefits that comes with making use of this smoke detector is it saves money, time and eliminates nuisance.

Other notable features include; 6 smoke detectors, doesn’t require batteries for operation, dust covers and more.


  • Easy to install and hard wire
  • Quite easy to replace
  • Works perfectly as advertised


  • Takes long to arrive



The above mentioned smoke detectors are the best models you would find on Amazon today and looking at this review, you will find out what each of them can do, the advanced technologies involved in their production, where they can be placed and many more. Make sure you go for any of the smoke detectors mentioned in this review as they will meet any of your requirements.

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