What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like? Here Is What You Need To Know

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

While pregnancy has its many issues ranging from hormonal changes, cravings, feeding malaise and the likes, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy also termed “morning sickness”.

Though on the plus side it doesn’t predispose the baby in any way, it is quite a malady to the mother which begin from the first trimester as attested by many pregnant women but the feeling often wane with time around the 12th week.

Morning sickness which can ensue at any time of the day tends to plague the mother in many different ways with a number of symptoms which may be mistaken for normal pregnancy symptoms.

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like

Signs Of Morning Sickness

#1. Retch

Try thinking of the toilet as your living room, then you get a feel of it, sometimes you get to feel the need to vomit only for you to not do so while other times it’s just an endless bout of vomiting.

There is the bouts of dry retching which varies between mothers and in accrual lead to the occasional vomiting due to the changes inside the mother, though this seems to be in the constant typicalities of pregnancies but it surely escalates during the earliest months of pregnancy (usually worst in the morning) and may make less enticing, the mother being able to gorge on meals.

But you can ease this even though it’s beyond curbing by eating dry meals in little amounts way before sipping on water

#2. Hangover Feeling

Pregnant women have always described the feeling of nauseousness and vomiting with the analogy of a worse hangover first thing in the morning.

While those who drink can pay testament to that fact, those that do not will describe it as their head spinning, being unable to bear to eat or smell much and the feeling of giddiness. This one you’ll just have to go through and wait it out and for some, waiting means a lot of time

#3. Mistaken Appetite

The feeling where you mistake the curmurings of your belly for hunger and then after a seemingly allaying meal, you still get the self-same feeling just to find out it wasn’t hunger in the first place. There is like a rumble of bubbles and gastrointestinal acids in the stomach is thought to be the cause

#4. Exhaustion

Exhaustion and the general feeling of listlessness could spring up from the first trimester which would surely hamper the normal daily routine

#5. Repulsion

While it is known that there could be an over sensitivity to random odors during pregnancy, this increase might stimulate normal nausea triggering a constant repulsion.

Random things ranging from the smell of some particular food, smoke, perfumes, or by just brushing your teeth which may culminate in vomit or seem like vomit being held at the back of your throat and being unable to swallow it back down.

While other time it’s just a horrible taste that seems to never go which maybe accompanied by being unable to keep fluids down because of severe vomiting. Very severe forms are called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.



Here are some Morning sickness cures that work

While it is a somewhat inevitability in pregnancy, it can be dealt with by:

1. Taking lots of rest can be helpful especially to allay the feeling of fatigue first thing in the morning especially if you can spend some time on the bed and solely getting ready for the day in lieu of a quick jolt from your repose.

2. It’s also been said that ginger helps in some ways and could be added to tea, or something liquid to help ingest it and while it may be true, it has not been reported to have a false effect so trying it out cannot be exempted especially for curative measures for the constant nausea.

3. Changes in the diet and daily routine which is expedient are one measures to be greeted with all seriousness but if your nausea and vomiting persists then an anti-sickness measures is a way, some doctors have also recommended using pressure on certain part of your body as this will induce the brain to counter that while releasing a chemical that could help allay the nausea.

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