Sweet & Amazing Words to Describe Someone You Love

Thinking of expressing your love for someone without having some Amazing Words to Describe Someone You Love? Checkout these words to describe someone special in your life.

Nothing beats the feeling of loving another person and being loved in return. In fact, love remains the biggest reason why we choose to fight and move on with our lives each day. Now, describing how you feel about the one you love comes in many forms.

It could be through gestures, gifts or words. If you are looking for Words to Describe Someone You Love then you are in the right place. In this article, we will teach you how you can use different words to describe someone special that you love and we assure you that they will feel more loved than ever.

Saying “I love you” is very important to validate how you feel towards the person you love however, have you ever felt that I love yous are not enough? If so then you can always express how you feel through the words listed below.

Words to Describe Someone You Love


50 Sweet Words to Describe Someone You Love

  1. You are very special to me.
  2. You are an important person in my life and I would like to spend forever with you.
  3. I feel truly blessed that I get to spend my time with you.
  4. You give me goosebumps whenever I am with you.
  5. You are my secret keeper.
  6. I understand you more than anyone else.
  7. I accept you just the way you are.
  8. I feel safe knowing that I can share my secrets with you.
  9. I always have a great time whenever I get to spend time with you.
  10. I want to hold your hand forever.
  11. You have inspired me in so many ways.
  12. I appreciate your presence.
  13. I am very thankful that you are in my life.
  14. I value everything that you do for me.
  15. You are my everything
  16. I will always treasure your kindness.
  17. I am happy whenever I am with you.
  18. I feel secured and happy with you.
  19. Seeing you brightens up my day in so many ways.
  20. The most romantic gifts for someone you love.

  21. I appreciate the fact that you make my days brighter.
  22. My heart is full of joy whenever I am near you.
  23. If I could only sing the song that my heart sings whenever you are near then you would understand how I feel.
  24. Your presence in my life is very important.
  25. I could sit next to you and I am totally at peace with everything.
  26. You have helped me tremendously.
  27. I am so thankful that you are a part of me
  28. I could go anywhere and be anyone I want to be when I am with you.
  29. I trust you with all my heart.
  30. I know that you are doing something good for me even when I don’t understand some of your reasons.
  31. You are my comfort zone.
  32. You are my safe haven.
  33. Whenever I am with you, I have the courage to do anything.
  34. This world is less scary knowing that I am with you.
  35. I appreciate your efforts.
  36. I can lose all concept of time but I know I am not lost when I am with you.
  37. You are my soul mate, my very own kindred spirit.
  38. I appreciate the fact that you have supported me even through my deepest trials.
  39. I love how you make sure that I have everything I need.
  40. I love hearing your voice.
  41. I feel so connected with you even when we are not together.
  42. Your kind words and wisdom has saved me more than you will ever know.
  43. Your sight is a breath of fresh air.
  44. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  45. I love the fact that you consider my feelings before yours.
  46. I am happy when you are happy.
  47. Your happiness makes me smile.
  48. I want you to be a part of my life; the past, present and future.
  49. I can be myself whenever I am with you.
  50. I would like to thank fate for allowing our paths to cross.
  51. I love you very much.

If you haven’t let that person know about how you feel about them often then it’s time that you do. All you have to do is use these words to describe someone you love that is special and you are off to a blissful relationship.

Start practicing the act of love through words today and you will have a better, stronger and more secured relationship in the future.

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